The Apers - Teenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand

Wow! This album takes me back to the day I bought THE QUEERS' "Lovesongs for the Retarded" (actually I borrowed it from a friend of mine). "Teenage Drama Every Kid will Understand" is easily the best album I've heard this year. Vocalist Kevin Aper has the best voice in punkrock. I'm gonna steal his vocal cords next time he passes out. The Production could be a bit better, especially the drums, but the songs rock so d*** hard!

THE APERS is bubblegumpunk which will turn anyone into a jukebox junkie. Opener "RocketGun" will blast your speakers like a... yeah you know what. It reminds me a bit of CANDYCANE LANE/ROCK STARS KILL. "Bend Over Backwards" is a hit of the same caliber as Queer's "Debra Jean" but it's the third song "Better Off" (download Mp3) that totally steals the show! This is my favorite song at the moment. Probably the best song ever written. "Come on little girl, come on let's go. We're gonna go down to a movieshow. You can sit there baby, just hold my hand and later on, you'll be my girlfriend... The Movie's playing, it's half past three but you haven't even glanced at me.". Could it get any better than that? The Line "I'm gonna buy you popcorn" sums it up perfectly.

"Centerfold" is a punkpop masterpiece. "Jodie" is the sweetest summerlove story ever written. Closer "Wanna Go" contains some of the best backvocals I've heard in quite awhile. "Shut Up" and "Shake Hands" are a bit weaker than the rest but still make this album the most promising album I've heard in ages.

Though I'm no teenager, I totally understand the Apers. Buy! Buy! Buy! By the way, I still have that QUEERS album. It's too good to give back!

by Andreas Persson

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