Art of Dying - Advance Promo CD

The record kicks off with 'Get Through This', an anthemic track that you cant help chanting along to. Gorgeously guttural vocals with bass heavy guitars produce an ass kickin' start to this promo. You cant help but notice the start of 'You Don't Know Me', a heavier, punkier track with some seriously crunchy guitar work and filthily gravely vocals that will leave you feeling dirtier than a behind the bike-shed fumble but hey, that's no bad thing! A fantastic display of the appropriate use of variation in vocal range and intensity, combined with the professional use of rhythm changes, create an interesting and diverse musical arrangement.

The beautiful 'I Will Be There', is a stunning blend of passion and sentiment. It is so easy for a rock ballad to sound wet and overly sentimental, but this one certainly wouldn't break any hosepipe bans. Wonderfully harmonious with enough guts for it to remain rocky, I defy anyone to try not to sing along! 'Fits Of Clarity' is a remarkable display of the blended use of variation in rhythm and vocal style, to create an interesting and strikingly melodic piece of musicianship. Great lyrics and the effective use of instrumentation breaks make this an unforgettable track.

The haunting opening vocals of 'Inside Its Raining', with bass and drum heavy instrumentation, giving way to heavy guitars and layered vocals, display an awareness of composition and arrangement, beyond that of some far more experienced bands. Sudden brutal, bass heavy guitars, herald the start of 'Completely'. An altogether chunkier track, with intense drums and gritty vocals, while still managing to remain stunningly melodic, bring this truly enchanting promo to an all too premature end.

If you have had the pleasure of hearing these guys play you will understand my ranting, if not, all I can say is that you have been missing out. Grasp the opportunity to see Art of Dying live now, before you end up having to pay four times the list price for tickets from touts on ebay, because soon they'll join the list of bands that sell out in the first five minutes. There is nothing left to say except that, as this advance promo is more addictive than Ben & Jerrys Phish Food Ice-cream, I feel that it is my duty to warn all of the dangers involved in consuming the full record upon its release... I need more!

by Talia Kane

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