Any Given Day - Never Backin Down

Any Given Day are a "Punk'n'roll" band from Warwickshire, England, who got together in Summer '01. The 'now' 3 piece group released their debut EP 'The Great Central Bootleg just six months later. 2003 saw the release of the album 'Perverts and Pornstars' and the band have extensive tours of Germany and England, most recently 'The Bulldog Bash, 2005', under their belts.

'Never Backin Down' kicks off with 'Baby Chaos' and I have to confess to being put off almost immediately by female vocals, but I'm determined to give it chance. I soon realize that this has the potential to be one of the shortest CD reviews ever. It is difficult to tell where one-track ends and the next starts, if it hadn't been for the short pause and the track list on my computer telling me, I'm not sure I would have noticed. Before I know it 'Sucker In Love' is playing and I'd got to track 4 without really noticing. That said, the sound is good, the beat is very old school punk and the classic rock n roll influence is clear. Catchy guitar and drum work, however, did not make up for vocals, which sounded far to middle class to feel punk (when swearing sounds contrived there is definitely something wrong!)

Any Given Day are talented musicians and on the whole have a great sound, although I cannot help but feel that they are let down by the vocals. I have to say that after the rave reviews following the release of 'Perverts and Pornstars', I was sadly disappointed by an EP, which is supposed to capture the bands "raw live sound". I'm not sure about it being raw; it was more like under-cooked! I would like to see them play live, I hope that they are one of those bands that you just have to see them doing it to feel it, and I have a feeling that they may well be.

by Talia Kane

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