Any Given Day - Perverts and Pornstars

Sleazy, gritty unabashed punk tinged rock n' roll at its best.

Any Given Day demand attention from the very first track 'Generation Breakdown' off their 'Perverts and Pornstars' CD. High octane tunes from this 5 piece easily sets the stage for a night of fun and debauchery, while leaving you craving for more by the time this disc reaches its end.

In a generation that is slowly starting to see the resurgence of 'in your face rock' bands, there is hope for an act such as AGD. Notable songs include: 'So Pretty' (for its bubblegum appeal), 'Get the Hell Out of Here' and 'This is my Rock n' Roll' (for its sassy lyrics), although I must say the song that struck me most was 'All in your Head' because of its bluesy tinged harmonica solo and acoustic guitar flavoring.

Any Given Day prove they are a band who are willing to bring back the 'balls to the wall' rock show, and provide the kick in the pants the music world is looking for.

by Noele Shannon

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