Amys Ashes - EP

As the first song on Swedish Amy's Ashes' self-released EP starts, the comparison between them and H.I.M. is beyond evident. This could easily pass as the long lost first EP of the love metal lords - obviously with slightly less powerful vocals and sex appeal.

Saying this, the first track on the EP, "Everlasting", has a way of latching onto your brain and not letting go after the third or fourth listen. With a chorus complete with mopey lyrics, gloomy keyboard and timely "whoas", it's obvious that the band are a blend of goth and rock, with a sprinkling of electronica. Following in the footsteps of bands such as Kill Hannah and the Rasmus, this is purely music to make mascara run.

The second song, "Restless", is definitely the standout track on the EP. Combining eyeliner-splattered guitar wails, dramatic keyboard chords and breathy vocals, to the point where you start to wonder if the entire band keep a little shrine of Ville Valo at home. And again they throw in an infectious chorus that crawls into your brain and sets up camp.

Although they slot comfortably into the goth 'n' roll genre, Amy's Ashes are probably only registered as a minuscule blip on the love metal radar, finding it hard to fight their way through the millions of copycat bands to make it to the top and knock His Infernal Majesty off the throne.
The only question is, even if they find a way of being distinct and standing out, is it worth it if this excruciatingly fashionable genre potentially has a sell-by date?

by Becki K.

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