American Hi-Fi - Hearts On Parade

I loved American Hi-Fi's self titled first CD. The style was 80's rock/metal. The first video "Flavor of the Weak" was an inspired take on the movie Heavy Metal Parking Lot. The original was filmed in the 80's in the parking lot of a Judas Priest concert. The entire album rocked from beginning to end. The only thing I could find to disagree with was their post-grunge, shop at the gap, boy next door image.

On the 2nd CD, the Art of Losing we got a more punk rock American Hi-Fi. The poppy punk single "Art of Losing" seemed to point them in a direction that agreed more with the popular trends in today's music. But with its old school Ramones "Hey, Ho" chorus and marching drumbeat, it was much better than the usual pop/punk FM radio drivel.

Ironically the only thing consistent about American Hi-Fi seems to be change. Their third release Hearts on Parade starts with the 80's pop sounding "Maybe Won't Do", and continues in that direction. It kind of reminds me of what I have heard of the latest Good Charlotte release. It has a little bit of Duran Duran and new wave influence. All in all, this one is not really my cup of tea, but if you miss the poppy early 80's MTV vibe, pick this one up.

by Greg Scott

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