American Sugar Bitch - Work Sucks

The new 8 song release from Philly area rockers American Sugar Bitch, which features former CBS recording artist (Roughhouse) Dave Weakley, and current Perris Records recording artist (Sinn) Tommy Krash.

The CD starts out a lil slow with 'Man', but then it never looks back. With a mixture of 70's glam, 80's hard rock, 90's grunge and the new millennium's pop punk ASB, covers all the bases.

'Go' is an in your face rocker, while the title track has two versions, one clean and one uncensored. This is a continuance of 'We're Not Gonna Take It' where as teens we rebelled with Twisted Sister, 20 years later we now will be cranking this song everyday on the way home from work in are car stereo to make us feel a lil better.

'4' can be a single on any modern rock radio station, someone needs to give this band a big budget for a full length CD, so they get a chance to prove themselves with the big boys.

Only thing left to say is yes Work Sucks, but this CD doesn't.

Breez's rating
4 out of 5

by Bay Breez

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