American Heartbreak - You Will Not Be Getting Paid $

Generally speaking, there are three types of albums I tend to despise… Live Albums, Acoustic Releases and Re-mix Albums. As a result, I was shocked when, not only did I not loathe American Heartbreak's 'You Will Not Be Getting Paid $', but that I actually found it to be an incredibly entertaining release.

The live portion (1st five tracks) avoids poor sound that can tend to sink such efforts while retaining a solid and genuine rawness. The true jewels of the CD are the acoustic tracks, which showcase the band's immense talent. Classics 'Another Wasted Day', 'Dead At 17' and 'Postcards From Hell' translate well to acoustic while new track 'Come On' is perhaps the best song on the disc. The remix section, a re-release of 1997's debut EP 'What You Deserve' (minus the cover of Generation X's 'Kleenex'), cleans up the production a bit over the original and improves on the overall sound.

The three faces of 'You Will Not Be Getting Paid $' serve as a great introduction to American Heartbreak for the uninitiated while remaining interesting enough for anyone who might already have most of these songs. Get this one now.

by Lycan Davis

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