All the Way Rider - The Eagles Revenge

A bit of an odd one this. Opener "Fort Dodge Police" starts this off in a spritely manner, good riffs and memorable enough to have you jumping along with it at the right points and after that it all goes... well a bit odd really. Fourth track "Let the Eagles" is a brief almost ambient instrumental and the whole album veers off down a far more studied path. Everything slows down and the vocalist starts to sing rather than shout the lyrics.

I'm loving "Shovel Off, Friend". The guitar riff and vocals in the chorus are perfect, adding life to an otherwise laid back track and managing to lodge it firmly under your skin. Similarly, "Starting to Warble" just smoulders until the last couple of minutes when it ignites into a flurry of off kilter guitar riffs in a Janes Addiction kind of way. Indeed, if you want a reference point Janes Addiction are about as close as I can get but I'd count it as an influence in sound rather than a direct lift.

Without listening to the lyrics in any great detail this could almost be a concept album it's got that kind of feel. Certainly, I wouldn't judge it on one listen and picking just one track would not do it justice. On first listen, I was rather underwhelmed but kept finding little sections here and there that really piqued my interest prompting me to keep going back and re-listening. A couple of listens later and have to say that this is an album I'd come back to over and over again. So, not one to play for a quick energy fix before a night out, but definitely one when you've got the time for something far more satisfying. Well worth tracking down.

by Phil T.

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