Aesthesia - Take It As a Last Chance Ride

The worst thing about doing this job is that sometimes you just have to criticize people who are probably decent folk but who need a kick up the arse when it comes to knowing the difference between good and bad music.

This has got to be one of the poorest demos I've had the misfortune to hear. What the hell is lead singer Nico Marlyn on? Imagine if you will the odd recognisable word of English thrown in between what is just made up garbage at least I assume it is because basically this could not be a language. I know these guys are from France but that's no excuse for not singing proper words and while I'm still on the subject of the vocals, I'm sorry but they are awful.

Can the rest of the band not work this out for themselves?

The music itself is pretty bad too, it's bland, poorly mixed and the songs are uninspiring. I really can't say a lot more or care to expand, I think you get the picture. The dictionary meaning of Aesthesia is 'the ability to feel or experience through the senses' and my senses tell me that I doubt that we'll ever hear big things from Aesthesia. Enough said.

by Grant W.

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