A+E Line - Pinata Party

Jesus, some people are gonna really hate this band. My guess is that they'll divide audiences right down the middle just like the sparkler-groined Blackie Lawless did in the 1980's. That the cool kids will 'get it' while the McMorons don't will only make things more interesting for this band. Those with a passion for musical mavericks, rock 'n' roll rogues and people who generally don't give a toss will have a lot of fun with the deathly dark humour peddled by this terror trio from Bournemouth, UK. Those that don't can carry on with their moribund lives until IQ tests are installed under the golden arches of McDonald's and the mouth breathers simply starve to death.........

Book-ended by the erotically charged 'Dr Baloriums Titty Emporium', 'Pinata Party' is a crazed chimera of dark synth pop and heavy guitar. Imagine Mindless Self Indulgence before the punk-paparazzi pleasing wedding of the year playing the theme from Rentaghost, with the accompanying music video directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. That only one song scrapes past the two minute mark is proof in itself that this band are masters of the musical version of the one inch punch. 'Laura Medina' is probably the disc's most accessible moment, and that is the aural equivalent of a ram raid. 'VI Wives Of Henry VIII' goosesteps alongside a dead ringer for the riff to 'On A Rope' and almost steals the best song title award from 'Woooergh'. 'Trousersfulloflegs' is as good as the much-fancied (in many ways) My Passion but will obviously suffer from the distinct lack of a clothing line and a legion of teenage girl fans.......but that doesn't make it right, does it?

Equally blessed and cursed with a sense of humour blacker than Johnny Cash's underpants, A+E Line are deserving of bigger things, for sure. It probably won't happen because people, in general, are as thick as fuck. That, though, should not stop these unsound minds from continuing to produce music that sounds however the fuck they like.

by Gaz E.

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