A Day Called Desire - Vital Signs

I have one major issue with this four track CD from Birmingham five-piece 'A Day Called Desire' - the vocals. Yes, the guy can hold a tune and yes, you can hear the words clearly but that high pitched whine goes through me like nails on a blackboard. He's no better or worse than many similar vocalists, it's just a style that drives me nuts. I guess it's like the death grunts and growls of Death/Black metal, if you hate it, you hate it but it's part and parcel of the genre.

Even putting that to one side, these four tracks are excellent examples of what would send me scurrying to the bar or switching radio stations. It's not that they're bad, far from it. The band clearly knows how to write songs and play their instruments and they do vaguely remind me of 'Coheed and Cambria' who the band claims to be one of their influences. So if you like them there's a good chance you'll like this. There's nothing here that grabs my interest or makes me want to do anything other than hit the eject button and repeated plays didn't help.

by Phil T.

Editors Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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