Accept - The Abyss EP

Track listing:
01 - The Abyss
02 - Teutonic Terror

ACCEPT make a triumphant return to recording with THE ABYSS EP.
OK this is probably a little heavier than most Glitzine reviews but there's nothing wrong with a little variety, eh?
Failing that I'll go for the tenuous link that TT Quick (remember them?) vocalist Mark Tornillo is now handling the vocal duties!

Accept without Udo Dirckschneider is a weird concept but Mr Tornillo does them proud even if he does sounds pretty similar to the great man himself at times. The music still cuts it though and both tracks on offer here are exactly what you would expect from Accept. Heavy rhythms, their disctinctive guitar sound and screaming vocals.

Bring on the new album!

Standout tracks:
Teutonic Terror (just because they have a chanting bit *grin*)

by K.T.Glitz

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