The Quireboys - This Is Rock n' Roll

'Timeless' is an over used term in critical circles, yet one which is more than an adequate description for 'This Is Rock n' Roll', the 2002 release by the London Quireboys. The band, that gave us classics such as, 'Hey You' and '7 o'clock' are back with yet another serving of blues inflected, bar smelling cheer.

On 'This Is Rock n' Roll', the veteran band staggers from the title track to 'Six Degrees' and 'Cold Harbour Lane', not trying to make pretences of who and what they are. Spike, once again is a perfect ringleader for the proceedings as he growls with 'Rod Stewart gargling with razor blade' precision. Toss in minimalist guitars, tinkling pianos, and great tunesmanship and you have a CD that could hold its own regardless of what decade it was created.

by Lycan Davis

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