Peppermint Creeps - Animatron X

It wouldn't be a huge stretch of the imagination to say that 'Animatron X' is the most eagerly anticipated release of the last several years. A follow-up to the Creepshow EP, Animatron X finds the band as a quartet with the addition of Eddie Electra on vocals and rhythm guitar. The result is an impressive effort by one of the top bands in the scene.

While the disc kicks off with a cryptic introduction, the songs don't follow suit, instead it features snappy, bratty melodies delivered with solid rhythm and intense hooks. Lyrically speaking, the band has become more serious than their sound might indicate, hitting the listener over the head with dark prose on 'Lisa shot her family', 'Fuck off and die' and 'Murdered Mary Ann', making for an interesting dichotomy. The disc ends on an interesting note, interjecting horns and a swingy rhythm into 'Red Lights'.

'Animatron X' is proof that good things come to those who wait. The scary thing is, I have a feeling that these tunes go over a lot better live. That said, I'd recommend checking out Peppermint Creeps on the road and then pick up 'Animatron X'. If you can't catch their show, just pick it up anyway, this is one you won't want to miss.

by Lycan Davis

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