Kristy Krash Majors - The Devil In Me

From Pretty Boy Floyd to head honcho at L.A. Booking Agency 'Artists Worldwide', Kristy has definitely remained true to his musical roots. I received a copy of his first solo CD, entitled 'The Devil In Me' not too long ago and I must say; it holds more than enough party tunes to keep your toes tappin and a crowd entertained.

The opener 'Devil In Me', is laced with energy and fancy finger work, shortly followed by 'Over the Edge' which simply brims with juicy guitar riffs and a sugar coated chorus that sets the tempo for the rest of the CD. 'Kiss Me Deadly', is one highly rated song and it's great to see it covered by a guy! Kristy definitely lends a new twist to the track, but keeps the track a good timer with all the great hooks any party anthem is deserving of.

'End of the World', 'Love Me Hate Me' and 'Rock City On the Radio' all cry "Play me at the party!" I couldn't recommend a CD more highly for a social event… each song is deserving of its own praise and recognition, but you really need to hear it for yourself to pick out your own "precious gems". In a world full of musical mayhem, this CD reminds me of times long forgotten and reassures me it's okay to let my hair down and have fun every Saturday night!

by Noele Shannon

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