Joey C. Jones and the Gloryhounds - S/T

There's a number of great bands that have come along over the years, released one gem and bid the world farewell before their sound got stale. While the list of artists who fall under this category is extensive, one of the most impressive of the number is Joey C. Jones and the Gloryhounds, whose self-titled CD ranks among the better CDs of the early nineties.

The release is a tragically overlooked collection of twelve tunes, with Jones' high pitched yet restrained wail soaring over alien melodies. Tracks like 'She Loves', 'Hello', 'Thinkin' Bout You' and the Robin Zander/Rick Nielson penned 'Wait All Night' are classic examples of a beauty and power combination that the band was able to summon and present in every single song. The breath-stopping 'Castles in the Sky' is an immaculate crystal palace that ends an impressive chapter in the brief story that was Joey C. Jones and the Gloryhounds. Regardless of where the band has gone, the magic found with Joey C. Jones and the Gloryhounds is certainly a treasure worth seeking out.

by Lycan Davis

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