High-School Motherfuckers - Want Some?!

If you're going to call yourselves the un-promotable 'High-School Motherfuckers' then anything goes, I guess. If only that were the case, because, not a lot goes anywhere, and what follows, is as musically homogeneous as the demo's artwork is contrived (supine Lolita clutching a phone with one hand and her essence with the other).

Optimistically speaking, HSMF are reminiscent of Uncle Sam. 'Rock 'n' Roll U' explodes out of the traps, and the guitars/production (for a demo CD) sound great, until the vocals and/or melodic rhythm guitar kicks in, as both are quickly subsumed into the mix. Alas, it stops us listening to what campus-based shenanigans the singer is wailing about.

And if it only was more like Uncle Sam. The CD contains 5 tracks and, unfortunately, there's nothing really of note, if only because it never really lets up. The sole reprieve is penultimate track 'Spider', a cheerfully pop-punk little ditty, but one which has been heard a million times before - not that that affected the band who were responsible for HSMF's final track in any way... HSMF aptly polish things off with 'Blitzkrieg Bop'.

It's loud, it's brash, it's probably coming to annoy a Godforsaken college near you soon.

by Deviant D.

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