HIM - Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights

I was drawn to this CD immediately by the intense hypnotic opening track 'Salt In Our Wounds'. Downright seductive and entrancing vocals pulled me back to realisation to take a closer listen, one which I might add, I will be listening to for some time to come.

The production is amazingly tight and the instrumentation is exceptionally orchestrated. A favourite song of mine 'Pretending' is laced with emotion and some very fancy fingerwork (ala the gorgeous guitar solo) not forgetting the beautiful harmonies that grace the entire track.

HIM slightly reminds me of a band called 'The Church' that I have long admired. Each song on 'Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights' drips with intensity and wraps you in a blanket of soothing sounds and comfortable warmth. A must have CD for anyone who wants depth added to their collection. HIM scores high points in my book!

by Noele Shannon

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