FuoriUso - 6 Track Promo

Formed in '96, Fuori Uso are veterans of a flourishing Italian rock scene. The band play sleazy, hard rock with unique vocals and plenty of attitude.

The promo starts out like a ball of fire with "Big Shot Tokyo", a no frills rocker, followed by, in my opinion, the best song on the disc, "Dancin' in my Fire"; a great straight ahead rock song with punk-like vocals. The demo continues with the somewhat oxymoronic "Goin' Fast", as they slow it down a bit on this cool, moody song, with a nice mid-tempo feel throughout.

The last three songs lose my interest a bit, as they fell off the torrid pace they had set with the first trio of tunes. "Sticky Man" stood out as the best of the latter three, however, by this time they seem to have fallen into a rut. Fuori Uso definitely shows promise with the first half of this promo, and is well worth checking out

by Dan Earley

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