7Inch Giants - 5 Track EP

7inch Giants are a four-piece metal/rock band hailing from Bargoed, Wales. The Giants were formed in 2004 when Jim, Matt, Greg got together with bassist Elliot with a mission in mind to play the music that they wanted to play. Thank God they did!
7inch Giants already have one 4 track self-financed EP to their name, 'Empty Stage', and this demo represents the newer songs, I Guess.
The songs on offer here are 'Same', Song 54', Parasite', 'Mistake' and 'Hello'. Where as the bands sound does sound familiar, I honestly can't think of anyone that they sound like! They count Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Metallica, Incubus, Police, Chilli Peppers, Glen Miller and his Orchestra amongst their influences and this might go some way to explaining the high quality of their song writing (with such an eclectic inspirational pool to draw from).
What you get here are some razor sharp melodies, blistering guitars and a 'thumping back line'.
The stand out songs here are 'Parasite' and 'Hello', but it really is hard to choose standouts, as they're all of such great quality!

Apparently these guys are amazing live, full of energy and talent, and maybe that's the best way to describe this demo/EP.

You should definitely check these guys out, I'm so glad that I did!!

Rating 9/10 (with tons of promise!)

by Barry Gennard

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