44 Caliber - Can You Handle...

Track Listing:
01. Little Miss Trouble
02. Cure
03. Armageddon
04. Sunday Morning 8am
05. Walls of Silence
06. Fake
07. Too Many Lies
08. Miles Away
09. Point of View
10. All These Wasted Years

Can You Handle is the debut offering from five-piece Swedish glam metal band, 44 Caliber. Their 10 tracks of solid rock arrived with me last night with no information other than the instruction to listen and review. The CD went into my car stereo this morning and pounded my brain while I was driving to work.

The music made me thing of big hair, bandanas, tight jeans, spandex pants and spiky healed boots. 44 Caliber is 80’s style glam, sleaze, hair metal that’s not really grown up at all.

Replete with catchy sounds and tales of young, tempting good girls gone bad and wasted boys wanting some fun, these songs are most certainly influenced by bands such as Motley Crue and Guns ‘N’ Roses, amongst others.

The vocals are deep and earthy, unlike the higher pitched stylings of Axl Rose and his counterparts. Some of the vocals could be a bit tighter, there are some backing vocals which are definitely sung in the key of “off”, however this didn’t detract from the solid, meaty sound of pounding rock emanating from my speakers.

Finger-tapping, head-nodding enjoyment on a little disk. I suspect we will be hearing more from these guys in future.

by Toni Glitz

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