In this issue of G&G: Foxy Roxx; Forbidden Planet; Swank Deluxe; Coyote Shivers; 69 Eyes; Sledgehammer Ledge and D'Molls

Foxy Roxx 2 track promo

I recently received this promotape of Foxy roxx's forthcoming album "Mixed up world". This is the first songs I've heard since their 95 album "Shake the foundation" and belive me, I've been starving for new material.!

The Title track opens this tape with a blast! Simply the best song I've ever heard, that may be an overstatement but right now it feels that way, similiar to their "Do you like it" but rawer and far better. A major major song with great backvocals. This is GLAM and it can't get any better than this.
"Hangin' out" is a bit slower and more melodic. Great guitars all throughout the verse and an astonishing sing-along refrain. This song remind me of "Saturday night" and "Everything's alright" from "Shake the Foundation", the lyrics are all over glam as well.

It's difficult to give any prophecies on Foxy Roxx's forthcoming album based on this two-track tape alone but it's very tempting to claim that "Mixed up world" will be one of the best glamalbums of all time or at least of the decade. Time will tell if I'll have to eat my words.

Forbidden Planet "S/T" cd

Known as Beautyqueen Killerz, their tapes caused quite a buzz among underground fans a couple of years ago. Now they have changed their name to Forbidden Planet and they're ready to take on the world with their brand new debutcd.

Hits off with "Babysitter" a very catchy glittersong which should earn them the airwaves. "I found you", "Animal" and "Runaway train" are old demofaves that sound even better and fresher this time around.

"Do what I want" sounds like something Sweet could've penned 25 years ago. Their excellent and odd cover of Sabrina's (an italian bimbo who seem to wear nothing but tight bathing-suit ten years ago, for those who didn't know) "Boys" is a higlight, another potential hitsingle. My favourite track though is "Out of my head" with a verse most bands would kill for. Glitter-/bubblegumrock at it's best.

There are tendencies that glamrock will take another approach towards the new decade. The Pretty-boy look may change into a glitter/punk image. If that's the case, Forbidden Planet will be on top because this album is very impressive. Check out the interview

Swank Deluxe "An Acceptable level of decadence" 7 song cd

After a couple of poor years, bluesy sleazerock is on it's way back. How should one otherwise interpret all they great bands that are emerging right now? Last issue I reviewed Davinci's Cradle and this time the bluesfans will be fed with Swank deluxe, a talented four-piece out of Texas (where else?).

This is rollin' rock in a way only a southstate band can accomplish. "The Ten foot pole" remind me of the almighty Salty dog while "If I had a gun" leans more towards Quireboys (usin' some classic bands as references). "Ringmaker" is maybe the the most commercial song on the cd, a beautyful mid-tempo affair. The Titletrack closes the album in fine style, this song is more 70's glamrock. A worthy closer of a very good album.

I've had the opportunity to listen to some new material and its breaths the same quality. This is a promising band and they're supposed to be even better live!

Coyote Shivers "S/T" cd

May I introduce you to the glittergod of the seventies, Coyote Shivers. In the tradition of Iggy pop, Johnny Thunders or Joey Ramone on a bubblegum diet, this is glitterrock and powerpop in a dynamic combination.

"Leather jacket weather" sounds like early Billy idol, just better. "Pay per view" will get your feet moving just as "Bisexual girl" will get your head bangin' and "Happiness is a warm bong" will get your heart cryin'.

"Guilty" and "Sugarhigh" will get your eyes to twinkle as the stars on Coyote shivers' body. The Latter was featured in the movie Empire records in which Mr Shivers has a minor role. This album isn't just straight ahead rock and roll though, there are also several more moody songs.

Just as Forbidden planet Coyote Shivers is glitter/punk/pop that has much more in common with the bands from the seventies then from the eighties. Maybe that's the path to stardom?

69 Eyes "Wrap your troubles in dreams"

After a couple of albums, "Wrap your troubles in dreams" is the album that's supposed to establish the 69 Eyes as a major band. It's served with an impressive and mindblowing package but is it good enough?

69 Eyes sound like a glampunk band from the seventies that has become acclimatized to the nineties, usin' some of this decades industrial techniques. So they pick up the best from two decades and the result is a slap in the face.

Starts with "Call me" a cover of the Blondie classic, this is the first single and a very good one too. "Broken man" is a lot more mellow, the most melodic song on the album. "Get around" will restore the order though, as sleazy as the drunk in the cheapest bar of town. "Sore loser" is a heavy-as-hell and grinding piece of metal. "Skanky man" is my favourite song though, it'll get your money worth.

All in all, this should be the big one for the 69 Eyes.

Sledgehammer Ledge "S/T"

Sledgehammer ledge made a name for themselves as Legs up in the early nineties. They were one of the most promising unsigned acts in the US whose demotapes were filled with quality material. I still raise my fist and yell to songs like "Wrong side of town", "She's a bomb (Bang bang)", "Love or money", "Liar", "All alone" and "Sleaze, booze and more bad news". Unfortunately only one song from this era, "Lock your door", has made it into the album and it's hardly one of their best.

1994 Legs up changed their name to Sledgehammer ledge which was more appropriate with the heavier and more metallic direction they were taking. Looking like a bunch of sleazebucks but closer to the sound of W.A.S.P., this is swing-your-fist and shout-it-out-loud type of hard rock. Eventhough Sledgehammer Ledge has better material that they left off the album, the songs that made it are very good.

"Wake the dead" is phenomenal. "On and on" and "Fire in the hole" will blow you away. "Psycho city" and "The Window" are some of the heaviest pieces I've ever heard while "No heart at all shows the bands softer side, a classy ballad.

Legs up/Sleadgehammer ledge was one of my favourite unsigned acts, therefore I was a bit disappointed on the included songs. They shouldn't be penelized for their choices though, for being too good! This is their debutcd and it's a helluva album" Recommended for headbangers!


As the release of "Beyond the valley of D'molls" is approaching (read the newsbits to find out how to order) I couldn't help but dusting off the D'molls debutcd from 1988. This also marks as a beginning of new feature in Glam & Glitzine. I will in the future review some older but excellent glam/sleaze albums which should be easy to find as bargains in your local recordstore.

First out is D'molls with their debut which was highly critically acclaimed at the time. Predicted as the new Aerosmith, D'molls have stood the test of time. "All I want", "All night long" and "A-C-T-I-O-N" sound as great today as they did 10 years ago. Major glamsongs all the way.

D'Molls were ahead of the pack because they were original. "D'stroll" is almost jazzy while the single "777" manages to stay away from all the cliches. Highlight is "Hi 'n lo" though, an out-of-the-ordinary ballad.

It was cocky, groovy, fun, shocking and rocking. Everything glam stands for, unfortunately their second album "Warped" was much weakier and D'molls faded away. Ten years after, they're back as Delinquen records has decided to release some previously unreleased material. D'molls will reunite and tour to support the album.