One Nine Hundred - S/T

To say Canada's 'One Nine Hundred' know the meaning of variety would be an understatement. Here on their third album they have managed to successfully combine various musical styles into one neatly packaged commercially friendly rock roller coaster.

In their mellower moments they are a steroid pumped version of 'Rooster' and in their darker sinful moments they resemble 'Spineshank' riding the Nemesis. Polished musicians with wicked riffs, and having poster friendly faces doesn't do any harm either, does it?

It's hard to find a point to criticise during listening to the whole album, fourteen dynamic tracks, all with equal qualities. There certainly is something on here for everyone, and when laid against say 'Linkin Park', 'Papa Roach' and the like, 'One Nine Hundred' certainly deserve the same recognition. Life isn't always that fair, unfortunately.

'Giving up the Ghost' of course is a belter, a raucous full on typical band anthem. Listen to 'Make up X' and tell me you don't immediately think you already know it. Such a familiar pop rock melody, reminds me of a certain 'Rasmus' album track (let's not even go any further with how I know that!) Despite the last comment it really is a feel good song, take a long hard listen to the lyrics too for some extra excitement. Vocalist Jacen Ekstrom has a versatile and magnificent voice, and manages to deliver it will full emotion throughout. Charming during the ballads and acoustic tracks, 'Hear Me Out' is an excellent example of this.

by Sharron Grainger

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