In this issue of G&G: Voodoo Lovecats; Indie-pendence Day; Kingsize; Slingshot Kitty; Detox Darlings; Da Vinci's cradle & Pretty Boy Floyd

"Children shouldn't play with dead things" cd

This cd-ep from Aussie punks VOODOO LOVECATS didn't sound the way I expected. I've been following this band for the last couple of years, I really liked their previous demos "Desperate + Dateless" and "Punk & Disorder". VOODOO LOVECATS represented great glampunk with an outrageous glamimage. When I saw the new photo of the band I realized that something had changed, VOODOO LOVECATS still looked outrageous but more punk than glam. When I listened to the promotape of "Children shouldn't play with dead things" I heard that the music had followed the same path, towards punk with touches of industry. I usually hate this kind of progression but VOODOO LOVECATS still are a great band and their new songs is actually better than their old eventhough the genre is less appealing, to these ears.

"Dance of the fishhogs" is a suitable intro, with some bombastic guitars! The following two songs "That's what I believe" and "Killed her in St. Kilda", is actually close to the sound of their glampunk days. Great sing-along melodies served with the raw energy of punk.

"Give it to me", "Stop the rot" and "Knife or gun" are more classic punk, similiar to SEX PISTOLS and others. The ep also contains two bonustracks.

VOODOO LOVECATS anno 97 is a different band than I expected but also a better. A living proof that a band can, belive it or not, be better after leaving glam than before. Order it from M. Beers, c/o Lovecat Promotions, P.O. Box 82, Rosanna 3084, Victoria, Australia. The cd is $ 13.00 in the USA and $ 18.00 (Australian dollars) in the rest of the world. Read the article on Voodoo Lovecats. Check out their website


VARIOUS ARTISTS "Indie-pendence Day"

"Indie-Pendence Day" is the third compilation cd from Delinquent Records. It contains 16 bands which varies from glam (D'MOLLS) to old-fashioned hard rock (NIGHTSHADE) and more progressive metal (GREND LE'SLUCKY DAY). All bands sound really competitive, professional and with a great potential.

Since this being a fanzine dedicated to glam/sleaze, it's natural to focus on those genres representatives on the cd.

First out is D'MOLLS with "The Answer" from their until recently unreleased debutalbum "Beyond the valley of D'MOLLS". D'MOLLS is a major glamband eventhough this song is hardly one of their best, a strange pick.

SUICIDE ALLEY's contribution to the cd is "Nothin' to Lose". SUICIDE ALLEY is the remaining parts of L.A. glampunks DARLING DEAD and DARLING DIED SUICIDE. They're sleazier and hevier than before, reminding me of early MOTLEY CRUE. Anyway this is a great song and I have the highest expectations on the forthcoming album. LISTEN to "Nothing to Lose"

MORPHINE ANGEL is a gothic gutter band, just as their image and name intimate. Great stuff, gothic fans should check 'em out.

LITTLE REBEL is back! Their "20th century boy" is the first song I've heard with their new vocalist Raelp. It shows that they're an even more dynamic force than before. LITTLE REBEL guarantees quality sleazerock and it'll be very interesting to finally hear their forthcoming "Full Metal Jacket" cd which should be out in October. LISTEN to "20th century boy"

KELLY, THE BRASS and DEADLOCK are other sleazeoriented bands which hopefully will get your attention in the near future.

Support indiebands, explore tomorrow's stars. The 100% rating is for the admirable initiativ to put this cd out and because of all the potential that's kept inside it. Delinquent records

KINGSIZE "Litium & Bubblegum"

KINGSIZE stands for good garagepop. Imagine 11 popsongs with plenty of power, recorded in an untidy garage. The Lyrics is competent as well.

This isn't my territory in the wonderful world of music but I know when I'm listenin' to a good album. That's what I'm doin right now, KINGSIZE "Bubblegum & Lithium" that is. Check 'em out!

Order the cd from Beluga records P.O box 146751, Chicago, 60614 USA. Website & E-mail


SLINGSHOT KITTY is a typical american sleaze/hr band but those bands are far and few between these days. SLINGSHOT KITTY certainly has an empty spot to fill, sounding like a hardrock version of FASTER PUSSYCAT

11 songs which will make you rock, performed with great riffs and barb-wire vocals. The Kitties never slow down, even "The Ballad" is a pacy rocker!

In the late eighties you could not hide from bands similiar to SLINGSHOT KITTY, they were everywhere! Today is a totally different situation, SLINGSHOT KITTY is as rare and precious as gold. Listen to Slingshot Kitty!
Get a piece of the pie.

DETOX DARLINGS 97 3 song demotape

" Faster than a speedball, cooler than Stoli on the ice, able to leap tall barmaids in a single bound, look up on the stage, it's absurd, it's aflame it's DETOX DARLINGS!" (Twirl)

DETOX DARLINGS are another promising glamband from the rising NY-scene. Dressed to thrill and with an attitude as cocky and humorous as their looks. They are equivalent to another NY glamband, YOUNG & FABULOUS!, in both sound and image.

This demo contains 3 songs, "Zombie Doll", "Roses over Manhattan" and "Pretty little Junkie". The First one is the best but the other two prove that this band has ability to write good songs. Write: DETOX DARLINGS 225W. 25th St. Suite 1D, NYC 10001 USA. Call: (212) 887-0913. E-mail


DA VINCI'S CRADLE 96 4 song demo

DA VINCI'S CRADLE was formed in 1995 and has opened to such well-know acts as ENUFF ZNUFF and PSYCHO DRAMA. This demo was recorded in March 96. It contains 4 very good songs, "Date Rape", "Understanding Women", Grooped" and "Arithmatic".

"Understanding Women" is a touching ballad, the other three are powerful pieces which will rock- and roll you in the most pleasant way.

If bluesy energetic sleazerock is right up your alley, then DA VINCI'S CRADLE will keep you completely satisfied. It's not often you hear quality material like on this tape, it remains to be seen if DA VINCI'S CRADLE has got enough songs of this caliber to fill an album. Their forthcoming "Poor Beautiful You" cd will decide how bright DA VINCI'S CRADLE's future will shine. The impression of this tape though is a very promising band that should get some major recognition very soon. Contact: P.O Box 8297, Colo Sprgs, 80933-8297, USA or check out their website

3 song 97 demo

I've raved about this band for almost a decade. I was certain that their 1989 masterpiece "Leather boyz with Electric Toyz" would make them worldwide superstars but I was wrong. The Musicscene went the other way and I was wonderin' how the world could miss a shockwave of glamour like PRETTY BOY FLOYD. Unfortunately PRETTY BOY FLOYD broke up, just before the release of their second album. Now, 8 years later, they're back and maybe the time is right - this time.

This 3 track demo kicks off with "Saturday night" a great glamrock tune, they way it used to be. PRETTY BOY FLOYD hasn't changed, they still sing 'bout teenager's in love, romanticize in yesteday. This is a great song, eventhough it's far from one of their best. You'll get chills down your spine just by hearing that they're actually back!

Next song "Summer Love" remind me of their unreleased "Can't change tomorrow", a great ballad 'bout a summertime romance. It's as sweet and innocent as their classics "I wanna be with you" and "The Last kiss", that's is stiff competition! Steve Summers has a very emotional voice which suits this particular song very well. He is one of the best vocalists around.

"Good girl gone bad" is the closer and the weakest song on the demo. A good one anyway, PRETTY BOY FLOYD doesn't do bad stuff. They've got the Midas touch, everything they touch becomes gold.

A friend of mine told me that PRETTY BOY FLOYD has recorded about 60 songs over the years so they've got quite a few to pick from when it comes to choose a setlist or to record an album. It's amazing that these close-to-30-year olds can sing 'bout high school parties and teenage loveaffairs, still sounding 100% convincing.

The World hasn't been the same the last couple of years but that will change with this remarkable reunion. Hey, I'm ready to grow young again!