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REBEL REBEL "Lifestyle of the sick and famous"

Hollywood's most outrageous cyberpunx finally relase their debutcd. It certifies that these kings of noise will lead the sick generation of rock n' roll.

"Lifestyles.." will blow you away. REBEL REBEL has a unique sound, mixing their glitterpunk with cool computereffects. "Everybody loves a saturdaynight" is the best song, RAMONES of the 2000 century. "The Party never ends", "Turn me on" and "#1 with a bullet" are all great gems provin that REBEL REBEL is a force to be reckon with. I must admit though that I miss "Tonite's your nite to rock n' roll" and "Livin' in the city" which easily should have made it into the album.

Cyberpunk is maybe the next thing in rock n' roll. I used to say, when I first heard REBEL REBEL in the early nineties, that this band had a special sound but it's still correct. REBEL REBEL is entertaining, unique and an adrenalin overdose!

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E-mail: Snailmail: REBEL REBEL, 909.875.9521, 7510 Sunset blvd. #174, Hollywood, Ca 90046, USA

"Red badge of discourage"

This is the BEAT ANGELS' second cd and it should put this Arizona guys on the map! BEAT ANGELS play sleaze/glitterpop with touches of teenage bubblegumrock, like a hybrid of ELECTRIC ANGELS and BAY CITY ROLLERS.

Every song is so damn good that it is almost scary. They've got it all: melody, energy, attutude, great lyrics and hit potential. If BEAT ANGELS aren't the next big thing then there's no justice on earth (but we already know that there isn't, don't we?).

Some glam/sleaze bands seem to be stuck in the pretty-boy-trap of the eighties but BEAT ANGELS are so 97 that they should attract all fans of rock/pop. Buy this album or regret you didn't for the rest of your life! "Red badge of discourage" is together with ELECTRIC ANGELS, LOVELESS, SPIRAL FETISH, WILDHEARTS and HEART THROB MOB (plus a dozen I've forgotten) the best album of the nineties. Contact: E-mail or website

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This is ex. LOVEMAKER vocalist/guitarist Kriss teen's new band. LOVEMAKER was a great band, a pity they broke up. KRISSTEEN make the loss easier to bear though.

Their debut cd contains 10 songs which are located in the territory between glam and gothic. "Marquis of the underground" and "Goatsucker" are fine pieces of gothic metal while "Loving you" and "Saucerboy" are more glam.

Anyway Kriss teen has obviously moved towards a more gothic sound since the LOVEMAKER era and he's accomplished quite an album with his new band. The sleeve is ugly though.

"The Building up and breaking down of matter"

WILLOW WISP is music for the doomed generation, it is a journey through the dark side of romance, hatred and death. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you feel anger. WILLOW WISP won't leave you indifferent.

This 66 songs cd (only 11 "real" songs though) varies from gothic- to death metal and pure horror songs. I prefer the gothic style which WILLOW WISP perform very well in songs like "The Hurting"

"The Building up and breaking down of matter" takes time to understand. This is not your odinary band but if you like gothic rock/metal then WILLOW WISP is certainly worth the time.

Order the cd: $ 12.00 + $ 2.00 in shipping/handling. Checks money orders payable to Glenn Davis. WILLOW WISP fan club, P.O box 1352, North Hollywood, Ca 91609-1352, USA E-mail

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BALLROOM ZOMBIES, named after a drink, hail from Winnipeg in Canada. They have changed a bit musicwise since their demotape which made it into my playlist a couple of years ago. Their demo was glam with some Beatlesinfluences but their cd is more glam/punk with an alternativ twist. This may be the right direction to make glam a major musical force again.

BALLROOM ZOMBIES have turned down the pretty boy-image they once had for a 70's psychedelic image which fit their music very well. Usually I dislike this kind of progression (or should it be regression?) but BALLROOM ZOMBIES has actually emerged as a better band!

"Jo Jo" is a very impressive 6 song affair. Great songs and Robin Black's voice is awesome! "Naked" and "Face of fashion" stand out as the best songs on the cd. "Jo Jo" is a bit old but still hot and worth it's spot!
Contact: BALLROOM ZOMBIES, 112 Stockdale Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3R 2G6, Canada

IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES "God save the queens"

NEW YORK DOLLS upset the masses, dressing up in women's clothes, in the early seventies. Now, 25 years later, IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES carry on the tradition. IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES is the best dragband ever, as far as I'm concerned, combining an over-the-top image with great songs. They are perverted punks and they're proud of it, balancing on the edge of distastefulness. In fact crossing it several times.

Anyway, this is good but extreme. IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES are not for sensitive persons who get easily offended. If you have an open mind on sex, into outrageous glam/drag rock with a flirt of perverted sexuality, you should check these dragqueens out!

For information contact:website or another site or E-mail
mailing address: The Snake Pit 695 North Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308
mailing address: Mike Danger, PO Box 11802, Pensacola, Florida, USA 32524
24 hour hotline-(904) 477-0853

"Three minute Hercules"

NIRVANA gone bubblegum??!! ... was the first thought that popped up in my head when I listened to TUBETOP's debutalbum "Three minute Hercules". I instantly realized that it was not the case, since Kurt Cobain is dead and everything, but TUBETOP's sound sometimes comes close to their Seattle neighbours. TUBETOP is a lot poppier though, like BEATLES meet NIRVANA meet BAY CITY ROLLERS.

"Three minute Hercules" is filled with some excellent popsongs, some good popsongs and some not so good popsongs. Opener "Full bloom" may be the best one and should earn these powerpoppers some airplay

Overall a nice contribution to the powerpop revival.

Contact: TUBETOP: P.O box 19731 Seattle, WASH. 98119, USA or website or E-mail to record company