In this issue of G&G: Mister Manic; The Mistakes; Jailhouse; The Loving Dead; Mother Mercy; Gilby Clarke; Starry Eyes; Spitkiss and Shotgun Messiah

Mister Manic      8 track demo tape

The Glam scene used to be concentrated to Los Angeles with maybe the exception of New York. All bands from other locations with any potential, packed their make-up bags and caught the Greyhound to Tinseltown. Today the picture is way different. Eventhough the Sunset Strip still has got the biggest scene there are plenty of others, making a mark with their lipstick. One of those places is Detroit, the hometown of Mister Manic.

Mister Manic's 8 song demotape offers some great glam, coming across like a punkier Motley Crue. Lead vocalist Wayne Malice has got a cocky voice reminding me of Vince Neil or Jim Gillette without the falsetto.

"Tippin' the bottle" is excellent glamour punk, Mister Manic's the perfect party injection. I've
used this particular song for that purpose myself as I was almost down and out. "Step Away" is featured on Delinquent Records "Pink and Black" album. Shout-it-out-loud vocals in the vein of early Motley Crue. "Fool in You" is sleazy as hell, this is probably how Faster Pussycat would have sounded today.

"Hate club" is more simple punk, similar to some of Ramones' songs. The following gems "3rd & Suburban", "Sinking Ship", "Hard to be Happy" and "Disfunctional" are all good eventhough they're a bit weakier than the previous.

Mister Manic has got a huge potential and a thrilling upside. The downside is that the demo has got too many songs on it and that their image isn't as b as their music. Well that's much better than the other way around, isn't it? Mister Manic is one of the most promising unsigned glambands of today. Fans of Crue and Pussycat must check 'em out!

The Mistakes   "Angry Youth"

Todd Wiltse, formely of legendary The Zeros but better off alone, has formed one of the most outrageous punkbands since the immortal Glamour Punks. Together with Jaime Fonte on drums (ex. Tuff) and Chris on bass, these Mistakes won't be corrected.

"Angry Youth" sets the pace for the rest of the record. Aggressive punk with touches of glitter and chanting choruses. "Tomorrow" was featured on the "All that Glitters" compilation where it stood out as one of the best songs, melodic punk at it finest. "Blood on the face" is political without being preaching. "Accused" is shut-the-fuck-up punk while "Freak" is the poppiest moment on the album, it actually reminds me of some old Twisted Sister material.

"Board" is stomping punk out of Glamour Punks' notebook. "Getting By" starts acoustic but soon shifts character into a more aggressive anthem. The Mistakes can deliver their goods in many different ways. The closing Twisted Sister cover "I'll never grow up" from the re-released "Under The Blade" album, is totally awesome and leaves you wanting more!

The Mistakes has got the tools and toolbox as well. Looks, attitude and songs is all there like an A-bomb waiting to blow. I don't know if they'll attract the true punks but glitterpunks, as myself, loves Mistakes. It's significant for our way of life.

You've been warned...

Jailhouse   "S/T"

Why this CD finally sees the light of day almost ten years after the bands peak, is a mystery to me. Jailhouse was a typical late eighties melodic sleazeband, not a million miles away from bands like Julliet, Wild Boyz or Slaughter. The Band was a five-piece of vocalist Danny Simon; Guitarist and songwriter Michael Raphael; guitarist Amir Derakh; bassist Matt Thorne and drummer David Alford. Derakh, Thorne and Alford formerly played with L.A. sleaze/hr band Rough Cutt. Jailhouse released a disappointing live-EP in the early nineties, "Alive in the Mad World", and I thought that was it.

1998 when melodic music is coming back and this jailers have been on parole for quite some time, Jailhouse's material is finally released. Almost everyone of their old democlassics is featured eventhough I miss "The Same, the Same" and "No one can". "Please come back" and "Sweet Angel" are highlights and proves that this band had the potential to break through the bars. "Love Me" and the acoustic "Stand Up" still rocks me as they used to several years ago. Opener "Religion", the radiostomp of "Long Way Up" and the touching "I Believe", are competent hard rock performed well with plenty of melody and hooks for days.

This 16 song CD also contains four livesongs of which three is from "Alive in a Mad World". It is a good sum up of a great band that never quite made it during their active career. If you're starving for melodic hard rock with some sleaze you should visit the Jailhouse.

The Loving Dead    "S/T"

The Loving Dead is a brand new glamband from Vancouver. These Zombies got together just a year ago and recently released their debutcd. Pieces of the band formerly played in the Kiss tribute band Black Diamond that did a quite amazing full recreation of "The Love Gun" concert.

One should best describe The Loving Dead as a gothic glitterband with plenty of influences from Kiss, New York Dolls and The Cult. "Witchcraft" starts the awakening in an impressive style. Next song "Lady Juice" is not as good and by far the weakest song on the album. "Rewind" is cool and catchy, impressive stuff from such a new band. "Nowhere Going" is a gothic glamhit, I'm thrilled to hear bands like this again, that are natural and write good tunes as if there was no effort!

"My Rocket" is glitter with psychedelic elements but it's the closer "I Want More" that is the pick on this release. Excellent gothic but yet romantic glamrock. Actually quite comparable to the late Big Bang Babies.

This is an impressive release from a rising star on the gothic glamscene, the near future
decides how bright the star will shine.

Mother Mercy "Love at First Bite"

Some people claim that glam lost it's metal touch during the late 80's. That the "Pretty-Boy-look" of Poison and Pretty Boy Floyd etc, was a sellout and that glam's more darker side got disappeared in the mess of lipgloss. Mother Mercy is a band with the ambition to bring the more heavy metal injected glam back.

Their Long-awaited debutcd, "Love at First Bite", is set to establish Mother Mercy as California's most metallic glamact and to bring back the days when bad boys in black ruled the night. Ken Anthony raved about "Love at First Bite" several years ago but it got stuck in some legal helter skelter. Anyway, now it's out and it was worth waiting for.

"She's Wild" personifies all that Mother Mercy stands for, metal guitars and shout-it-out-loud vocals. "Gimme a scratch" is more street sleaze in the vein of Alleycat scratch. "Goodbye to you" is a typical powerballad quite romantic but the titletrack get right back on track.

"Helltrain" is the heaviest piece of metal on this album, containing some pumping doublebass drums. "Bad Boyz in Black" sticks out as the best song, proving the Mother Mercy could be Motley Crue's successors.

This is an impressive CD all the way. Mother Mercy has find an own niche, playing glammetal. There's a risk though that glamfans will pass them on as they try to label themselves as a heavy metal band. That would be a pity cause this release really smokes!

Starry Eyes      "You and I"    single

Italy may very well be the most glittering country in Europe at the moment. Lots of fans, fanzines and bands of which Jolly Power, Smelly Boggs and Starry Eyes are the biggest. Starry Eyes' slogan "Clown for a Day, Star for a Lifetime" describes pretty good what every glamfan has gone through the last couple of years. Some lost their faith along the way but most of us stuck to our guns.

"You and I" is Starry Eyes' new single and shows a dramatic development in the right direction. It's much better and competent than their previous material which I slagged off. This is an excellent song in the vein of late eighties glam. Early Tuff, Ruby Slippers and Poison just to name a few comparisons. This particular song is featured on Delinquent Records' "Pink and Black" glam/gothic compilation. It should earn Starry Eyes some well earned recognition.

Gilby Clarke "The Hangover"

This is ex.Candy/Kill For Thrills/Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke follow-up to his first 1994 soloalbum "Pawnshop Guitars". Clarke had announced that this CD would be much
more glam/glitter than the previous and it is obvious from the first to the last chord, that he spoke the truth.

"Wasn't yesterday great?" is a nostalgic piece of rock 'n' roll in the fashion of seventies glam. Yeah, yesterday was great but tomorrow will be even better if Gilby Clarkes' development follows in this direction. "It's good enough for Rock 'n' Roll" is a bit more soul. By the way, this CD contains plenty of piano! Piano is long forgotten and inconceivable  underrated within the music of today.

"Zip Gun" is throw-away punky sleaze while "Higher" is a psychedelic gem of glam. "Mickey Marmalade" reminds me of T-Rex with it's stomping boogie influences eventhough Clarke's voice is millions miles away from Marc Bolans.

"The Hangover" is a great album and a tribute to the glitterbands from the seventies. Bands such as Sweet, T-Rex, New York Dolls, Slade and David Bowie. I think that the last couple of years have been quite a hangover from the glitzy days in the late eighties. This is another release that strengthen the glitterrevival.

Spitkiss    "Not for human Consumption"

This 6 song CD is the first I've heard from California's Spitkiss. Imagewise one can do plenty of comparisons to 70's larger-than-life glambands, Kiss and Alice Copper come to my mind. The music though is much much heavier, morbid industry and death metal all in one. Grinding, thundering, thrashing as the hard-core version of Type of Negative.

"Darkside" and "T.L.F" are highlights, the latter containing some cool vocal distortion. "Respect" combine metal and melody while "From the Heart" is the moodiest song on this release.

All in all quite impressive. Ministry opened a lot of doors for this kind of metal, Marylyn Manson blew away any threshold. Spitkiss is together with Willow Wisp, one of few
bands with potential to be the next one.

Shotgun Messiah         "S/T"

This one is pretty special to me. A Swedish glam/sleazeband that actually were good, something we wasn't exactly spoiled with in the late eighties. Started out in Skövde as Shylock but later modified into Kingpin (after a comic character in Spiderman). This bands was so outrageous that very few in narrow-minded Sweden took them seriously. The line-up was guitarist extra-ordinaire Harry Code, bazztard Tim Tim and Stixx Galore on drums. Ex. Easy Action vocalist Zinny.J.Zan arrived just before the release of their debutalbum on CMM records, a record company known for their popular schlager- and popartists. Kingpin was the stray dog among Siameses.

This CD was first released under the Kingpin moniker as "Welcome to Bop City" with a mix of which some parts were censored on the international version. The album sold about 10000 copies I think, it should have hit the top-ten but the time and, even more obvious, the place wasn't right. Kingpin changed their name to Shotgun Messiah which was much better for their nasty type of glam/sleaze image. The album was then internationally released on Relatively Records and Shotgun Messiah emerged as one of the leading bands of the late eighties glam wave. Their Motley Crue/Hanoi Rocks influenced music has certainly stood the test of time. I often put their selftitled debut in my CD.

"Bop City" is Shotgun Messiah's "Welcome to the Jungle" a great opener, sleazy with a great refrain. I used to play this song at my school, getting everyone to mosh around the room. (well almost...). "Don't care 'bout nothin" is early Motley Crue, the chorus is heaven for headbangers. "Shout it out" was the single and the video actually scored on MTV. It's a very original sleazesong with a rapverse, great bridge, back-up vocals and Na na na na's. This song helped Shotgun Messiah to get an own identity.

"Squeezin Teazin'" is great glam, provin' that Shotgun Messiah we're ready to take over where Motley Crue went wimpy. "The Explorer" is an instrumental song, a quite boring guitarbased trip. I still haven't figured out if the title hints at the Swedish Vodka with the same name (Explorer).

Side 2 hits off with "Nowhere Fast", making you wanna cruise down decadencia drive. The words "...much rather sorry than safe" pretty much sum up what this band stood for. "Dirt Talk" is the weakest song on the album, cool sleaze anyway. "I'm your love" was a personal early- teenage favourite of mine. It has an excellent melodic verse that make the mediocre refrain seem acceptable. Closer "Nervous" a great glam gem 'bout sexual tension on the first date. Ohh I love it!

Shotgun Messiah was a marvelous band and this CD is as high as they got. We all know what happened. Zinny left, their second CD was a disappointment, they went industry etc. It's shame because Shotgun Messiah deserved to be one of the biggest glambands.