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Hollywood's finest still-existing but illfated glampunkband will make every glm/punk/pop fn go nuts with this demo. Opener "Please don't go" is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. glampop7rock in the same vein as early poison/Penny lane and Juicy miss Lucy, juat to name a few.

The rest of the songs are punkier but still very good. I especially like "Darling died suicide", an outstanding glampunk anthem.

DARLING DIED SUICIDE's previous demo (as DARLING DEAD) was also a masterpiece so this is a very promising band. They recently changed their name to SUICIDE ALLEY.

THE TURBO AC's "damnation overdrive"

This NYC trio has caused quite a stir with their powerful punk. Their sound sometimes remind me of a punkier D.A.D., eventhough I don't think that the danish cowboypunks are an influence of theirs, especially on songs like "Live to win" ans "Same ol' drag"

"Be fast", "Live to win" and "Righteous ruler" are the best songs, combining adrenilized punk with plenty of melody. They have the potential to make TURBO AC's a major band, at least among punkfans. Overall, a really good album. See them LIVE in europe this summer. Make sure to download a version of their "Live to Win"

YOUNG & FABULOUS! "The Greatest alubm in the history of music"

This is the first cd from NYC most outrageous band YOUNG & FABULOUS, with an unpretentiously title. Y&F have an unusual line-up with two female vocalists, lovely Splendora and Excessa. Add an humorous twinkle attitude and You'll get one of the most entertaining bands around, Y&F!

"Your 15 minutes are over", "We're going shopping" and "Salad bar" are my favourites, excellent glampop/punk. "Pick me", "Daddy's money" and "Young & fabulous!" will make you laugh big time!

Check out the bands section and make sure to download a version of their "Your 15 minutes are over". It's fabulous!
If you like your GLAM served with humour and an outrageous image, you shouls check out Check out Y&F´s fabulous site! YOUNG & FABULOUS!

THE ORPHAN PUNKS "Running with scissors"

My favourite Chicago punks finally release their debutcd. I've been waiting for this moment for a very long time, ever since their first rawrecorded demo.

"New years resolution" is an old demo fave, a great glam/punk song with funny lyrics. "Johnny Joysticks day will come", and "I've got a bomb" are new songs to these ears and they're reveshing! The album reaches it's peak with "I want my Beatles records back" bubblegumpunk at it's best.

"Why don't you just...", "18 minutes without sunshine", "Kick rocks at the rich girl" and "Ronnie is an idiot" are all fine examples of great glampunk with a humourous edge. I could mention every song but there's no need, I think you've got the point by now. Buy or die!


This is SUICIDE KINGS' (Formely HOOLIGAN STEW) debut cd. SUICIDE KINGS are a trio of Vince Meehan (bass/vocals), Chris Solberg (Guitars/vocals) and Angelo Paramonte (drums), playing high energy rock.

The cd starts off with "Freak out you're dead" a great opener eventhough I think the backing vocals are a bit to mellow on the refrain. "No tomorrow" has a slow melodic verse but don't let that fool you, the song soon takes on a heavier direction.

"You" is my favourite, a very beautiful song with touching lyrics. "Mr Jones" is the heaviest song on the cd, it'll satisfy all headbangers. SUICIDE KINGS experiment a bit on "Human wasteland" which has almost industrial influences. "Don't worry about me" is the closer, a ballad which manages to stay away from all cliches.

SUICIDE KINGS is recommended for those who like high-energy-hard rock with doses of originality.
Make sure to download a version of their "Freak out your´re dead"


I recently received a package from this canadian band. KFC has a colourful cartoonimage which implies that the bandmembers are LSD addicts.

They describe their music as tribe-mental-psychotic rock, I think that's pretty close. KFC often reminds me of less polished JANE'S ADDICTION or TRIBE AFTER TRIBE. The whole cd is like a journey into a very mental dimension. This is some of the most original stuff I've ever heard. I'm kind of open minded but sometimes it's pretty hard to pinpoint if this is very good or just bad. I like it but it's not my thing, fans of aforementioned bands and genres should check 'em out though. KFC c/o Friar John, 9-3427, Derry RPE Box 158, Malton, Ontario, L4T-4H7 Canada

CHEERLEADER "s/t" 4 song ep

I know very little 'bout this band. I just received this vinylep from their record company, endearing records. CHEERLEADER play excellent powerpop/punk. "Why don't you and I smooth things over" is as catchy as a week old bubblegum. "On my side" follows the same path. "Bass solo" isn't a bass solo but an ultracool song. "Truckin'" closes the show, it's more moody than the previous stuff.

CHEERLEADER is recommended for all powerpop/punk fans.
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Live at Club Loewen

From Leather Boyz Fanzine!

I guess we could not name ourselves the Gang$ter$ of Glam had we missed a double bill like this, featuring two of the best live bands around : Detroit's own Trash Brats and Germany's GlamDolls Hollywood Tea$ze. Driving north for seven hours to Lauben, a small German town near Kempten, had almost drained our energies that were anyway promptly regained the very second "Why Do Girls Always" exploded from the small club's P.A. The Tea$ze boyz, with new drummer Andy Hill behind the kit, were in top form and ready to rock ; second song in and already a surprise : a cover of Queeny Blast Gods' (sorry, I meant Pop) "I Know What You're Thinkin'", dedicated by the band to yours truly, set the home crowd on fire and opened the Glitter rock attack. We were bombarded with almost every song from the boys' excellent debut album, from the huge "R'n'R Pretty Bad Boys" to "L.A. Diddy "thru' the amazing "Lovedoll"......the audience rocked, danced, screamed and sung while the two frontmen (Chris Lakriz and Frank E. Guitar) ran around on stage like men possessed. If you think "GlamDolls In Toyland" is too bubblegum for your metal heart, wait till you see Hollywood Tea$ze live : they're faster, angrier, punkier and a lot heavier and above all a helluva F-U-N to watch ! ! !

During the break Chris said to us :"...if you thought we were good just wait and see the Trash Brats. They're the best live act I've ever seen : they're crazy up there on stage...".....Well, saying that the Trash Brats were great would be a fucking understatement : from the moment they took the stage, in the most shocking attire I've ever seen in my Glam life, they had the Loewen in the palm of their hands. Opening with "Bar Star", the Motor City punks shot four anthems in a row without even pausing for breath. Brian, in his fishnet stockings and mini-skirt, sang every word like his life depended on it, while Craig and Toni, both wearing little girl dresses, made your chest go boom with their drum'n'bass attack and Ricky riffed like mad.....They played old favorites like "Gas Boy", album trax like "Li'l Childhood Dream" and newies like the great "Fuck It Up" with a sheer intensity that only mega bands have. They took the time to thank us from the stage (we should thank you, guys, for a great night out) and interact a lot with the whole audience. After playing "Downtown Nowhere" with a special set of back-up singers (Chris, Pet from Vampire magazine and the Gang$ter$), they were ready to leave but the crowd wouldn't let them......they were forced to play three more cuts plus a killer cover of "Search & Destroy" that left both us and them breathless.

To put it simply, this was one of the best gigs I've ever seen together with Swingin' Thing - Big Bang Babies at the Roxy in '91 and Alleycat Scratch at the Troubadour in '93....but this was not the Sunset Strip in L.A., it was just a small town club lost in the German country : GLAM/PUNK rock is everywhere now, the revolution is closer and closer, miss it and forever be a loser ! !