In this issue of G&G: Tazberry Blue; Fluffy; Spiral Fetish; Junebug; Wicked Kin; The Szuters; Raggity Anne & Spiders & Snakes

TAZBERRY BLUE "Short attention span"

TAZBERRY BLUE is one of the most colourful bands I've ever seen. Not a single member has kept his original haircolour, if their parents didn't work at Three mile island i.e.

This seven track ep (plus one "hidden" song) starts with !1-900" a song 'bout all those phonesexnumbers. This is colourful fun glampunk with quality songs and good production. All songs follows the same path. "Valentine's day" sticks out as the best song on the album, a catchy as hell hate-song with great backvocals.

If you keep your cd running after the last song "Cartoons" has faded , you'll find the "hidden" track "Runaround Sue" (a cover of Dions 60's hit). A great song given the Tazberry treatment. This cd is a bit old and TAZBERRY BLUE is probably up to other things now. GLITZINE will keep you up-dated. Read newssection for more information 'bout the current state of TAZBERRY BLUE.

FLUFFY "Black eye"

There's a big hype surrounding this band. First, all-girl punkbands are far and few between. Second, they've got signed by Tom Zutaut (GUNS N ROSES, MOTLEY CRUE, SALTY DOGS etc). Third, they've toured with legendary punks SEX PISTOLS.

So does FLUFFY live up to their reputation? Well, this is good punk with some popelements and the energylevel is high but there's something missing, really good songs that is. All songs sound pretty much the same and the concept isn't that good that you can duplicate it 13 times and get an outstanding product.

Now, don't get this wrong, this is good but hardly anything special. It's great that some females make it into the R+R circus though, I've missed them...

SPIRAL FETISH "Whatever happened to fun!?!?!"

SPIRAL FETISH finally release their debut cd. I remember lovin' this band four years ago, when they still were called SIKK SEXX. Well this cd was well worth waiting for, it's blast!!

Kickin' off with "Kids gone bad" a glampoppunk anthem that's better than I ever could imagine. "Sensation generation", "Do ya wanna", "Love on the radio" and "What she don't know" are all glampoppunk masterpieces with excellent melodies and great hooklines. "That kind of girl" should be a blockbuster and keeping the Billboard #1 position for several weeks!

"Nowhere fast" and "Spin me" show SPIRAL FETISH's punkier side, still x-llent though. "Strawberry" is a personal favourite of mine, featuring some great backing vocals.

This album deserves to sell plenty of million copies. It deserves to be a classic, one of the top-10 albums of all time! SPIRAL FETISH is certainly one of the best bands around and could be the ones who bring back GLAM majorly.

JUNEBUG "Ticket to hell"

This is maybe the first supergroup in the genre of GLAM, consisting of Peter Blastiosso (ex. DEGENERATION - not the NYC punkband of today), Desi Rexx (D'MOLLS), Eugene Strentz (ex. JETT, TORA TORA), TARA NICOLE (ex. THE RUNAWAYS) and Kenny Harck (ex. OFF BROADWAY and BAD FINGER)
This album was produced and co-written by the almighty Chip Z'nuff, that's quite obvious. JUNEBUG sounds pretty close to early ENUFF ZNUFF, not that lack-of-energy-but-still-good-popstuff they're into today.

"Russian roulette", "Ride her like a pony" and "Heaven only knows" are the best songs on the album, great R+R with touches of 70's tyle of glam and pop. Peter Blastiosso's excellent voice give JUNEBUG an extra dimension. He is, without doubt, one of the finest vocalists around. Satisfaction guaranteed for all fans of R+R.

 WICKED KIN "Born killers"

This is WICKED KIN's debut cd and a good one it is. WICKED KIN play glammetal ala mid 80's bands, without sounding outdated though.

"H.O.T.", "Dangerous", "Women & money" are as powerful as GLAM can be. Heavy guitars and blasting drums. WICKED KIN has other sides too though, "One step away" and "Let love be mine" are excellent ballads. WICKED KIN is for those who like your GLAM served with plenty of power.


Do you remember OUTTA THE BLUE? Well, the mainmen have returned as THE SZUTERS, lead by brothers and guitarits Mike and CJ Szuter (guess that's where they've got their name from, uhh!).

THE SZUTERS sound like a hardrock band on a ENUFF ZNUFF/BEATLES diet. Great melodies and harmonies, well produced by Paul Gilbert (MR BIG, RACER X). This is a promising debut from a very interesting band. The sound is their own and it's very 1997. No rockband can survive without great songs, don't worry SZUTERS' got plenty of them. Overall a very impressive debut.


This demo contains 16 songs, an impressive number. RAGGITY ANNE play punkpop. It's unusual that a punkpop band can play 16 songs without getting the listener bored by hearing the same stuff over and over again. RAGGITY ANNE accomplish that though which makes them a very interesting band.

All songs are good so there's no need in pickin' out any song in particular. All will make you happy with catchy melodies, lots of oohhh's and ahhh's playin with the attitude taht charectirez' punk. Comin' from the UK, theyhave the usual problem with gettin a good production, this tape is quite raw. I'm waiting for the full length cd.

  "Astro Pop"

”Astro pop” is SPIDERS & SNAKES' fifth studioalbum, establishing them as one of the oldest glambands around. Used to be dou of Lizzie Grey and Timothy Jay, SPIDERS & SNAKES are now a fourpiece. They've also adopted a new sci-fiction/glitter image which reminds me of early 70's british glam/glitter rock bands.

”Astro pop” contains re-recordings of older ULTRAPOP/SPIDERS & SNAKES songs and some new ones. The re-recordings are great, I especially like ”Rollercoaster ride” which was almost too poppy in it's orginal form (can a song be too poppy?)

”The way with some girls”, ”Can't buy love” and ”Siamese twins” are great new songs which I haven't heard before., making this a record all glamfans should buy.

”Astro pop” together with SPIDERS & SNAKES' outrageous glitterimage should guarantee success.