In this issue of G&G: Hollywood Teasze; Vamp; The Loveless; Push; More; Christeen's Wet Dreams; Bangkok Shock; Poison & Guttersluts

HOLLYWOOD TEASZE "Glamdolls in toyland" cd

Germanys finest glamband finally release their debut. The expectations were high after two fine demos, "They might suck... but they suck real hard" and "The Wonder years". After one listen my expectations and dreams were fulfilled, this is a helluva album! HOLLYWOOD TEASZE play their glam with touches of powerpop and punk.

"4 my parents" is catchy as hell, a perfect single. So are "All over now" and "All because of you". It's nice to once again get acquinted with "Nasty girl", "Love doll" and "Go sometimes", theyr're old demofaves of mine. They sound much slicker with a professional production. I must mention "La diddy" which sticks in your head, you can't help but sing along. Simple but brilliant, the way it used to be.

This is a great album, actually one of the best ever in the genre of glam/powerpop/punk. My only complains are that the album sometimes lacks the attitude and raw garagepower that characterized their demos. Anyway, this is a great band with a promising future.

VAMP selftitled cd

VAMP consits of Conway (vocals), Diggy Star (Bass), Drew Blood (guitars) and Donny Decandence (Drums): They sum up their music in three words: Attitude, Punk and Pop. I'd add glam, not that it matters.

VAMP's debutalbum is filled with superb glampunk songs with a popflavour. "All out of tears" and "Fools" are pobably the best songs ever written but they don't rise as lonely peaks. "Lonely girl", "You don't know", "Someday, someway" and "People, people, people" all make it into my playlist and that's hard competition!

VAMP is higly recommended, a must for punkpop fans. Hey, this band can even write powerballads!

THE LOVELESS "A Tale of Gin and salvation"

I must admit that I'm probably JOnathan Daniel's biggest fan. His previous bands, CANDY and ELECTRIC ANGELS, are both among my favourites. You can have the highest expectations, JD and THE LOVELESS won't dissapoint you.

LOVELESS are poppier than ELETRIC ANGELS but you'll recognize the familiar sound. The album has got a magnificient "bleeding heart and a bottle of gin at the end of the bar" kind of approach which reminds me of DOGS D'AMOUR, THE LOVELESS are much more sophisticated though. It wouldn't be fair to pick out any song in particular as they all are essential pieces.

Finally, Jonathan Daniel's lyrics have always been extraordinarie but on "A Tale of gin and salvation" it's out of this world! Every line is an aphorism! If you're one album away from dyin' you should choose the LOVELESS.

PUSH advance tape of forthcoming abum

Does anyone remember the danish sleazeband SATERIA? Well they're back as PUSH. This is an advance tape of a forthcoming album and it's promising. Unfortunately I haven't got any songtitles but this is great sleazerock. PUSH doesn't lose their melodies in attempts to be sleazy and raw as possible, as many other bands. The songs have got a melodic character which reminds me of some AOR-bands. This is a great tape and I'm waiting for the album.

MORE 6 song demotape

THE THROBS released their "The Language of thieves and vagabonds" in 1990. It contained plenty of good sleaze/trash rock with some gothic influences, but failed to gain any success. Ronnie Sweatheart (Vocals) is back after spending some years away from the musicscene, with his new band MORE. Actually I'm not to impressed with this. It's ok and it's great to have another 80's hero back but he needs stroger material. MORE sounds like THE THROBS probably would today, so all THROBS fans should check out MORE.


This band is awful. Their flirt with pervert sexuality aren't a bit appealing. IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES have the same dragimage but with a different attitude which makes them outrageous instead of pathetic. Not any track stands out as any good. "Sexy slut" isn't as bad as the other though but it fails to change the overall impression. Don't buy this crap.

BANGKOK SHOCK "Back on the streets" cd

BANGKOK SHOCK is back with their second cd, the first was "Arrested for success" released in 95. BANGKOK SHOCK's probably the sleaziest thing to ever come out of Vegas and "Back on the streets" is the proof. They sound like a cross between pre-Appetite for destruction-GUNS N ROSES and RAMONES in a teenbop package which remins me of 70's glitter/bubblegum rock.

"Hot rod" is a perfect opener, a fast and sleazy piece of rock. "Punk rock girl" has a punkpop verse, similiar to the almight GLAMOUR PUNKS (R.I.P. All street/sleaze/punk fans must check 'em out!), the refrain though is pure shout-it-out-loud. "Got to hell" is a great anti-love song, excellent therapy! "Too much for Jane", "She's in love", "White trash girl" and "Problem child" are all great Sleaze/punk/pop tunes while "Dead n gone" is as close to a powerballad these punks probably get (and it's a good one too!).

The album also contains liveversions of "Dead n gone" and "Rock n roll highschool". This is an astonishing album froma hungry band with 110% attitude. BANGKOK SHOCK is without a doubt, one of the best bands around. Every sleaze/punk fan will get an erection from "Back on the streets".

POISON "Crack a smile" bootleg

POISON's fifth studioalbum will, as it seems today, never be released. It's a pity cus this it's really good, a lot better than "Native tounge" which sounded mediocre to my ears.

POISON has returned to their roots, this is pure partyrock eventhough the touches of blues and funk still remains from the "Native tounge" era. Anyway, "Crack a smile" is convincing stuff and toghter with the return of original guitarist, C.C Deville, it sets high hopes for the next album

POISON is maybe the only glamband from the eighties that's still intact. Eventhough they have developed into an ordinary party/honky tonk band, it's great to hear that they're still capable of producing real r + r.

Two of the tracks from "Crack a smile" are featured on POISON's "Greatest hits" compilation ("Sexual thing" and "Lay your body down on me"). I don't understand that selection cus they're probably the weakest songs on the album! Maybe POISON is saving the other stuff for next album?

As I said, "Crack a smile" won't be released but all POISON fans should get a copy cus it's really good

GUTTERSLUTS "Beg, borrow & steal" cd

This is the first, and unfortunately the last, cd from LA's best gutterband. GUTTERSLUTS deliver their glam/gutter rock with plenty of streetpower, reminding me of early MOTLET CRUE and now defunct ALLEYCAT SCRATCH.

"Get in the game", "Love.45" and "Lock up your daughters" are fine examples of glam in it's rawest and heaviest form. Admittely the album drags a bit in the middle but "I hate you" and "So many girls - so little time" resurrect the guttermania.

"Beg, borrow & steal" is a good album, a pity they broke up.