In this issue of G&G: The Wildhearts; D'Molls; The Hutchinsons; Lipgloss; Hollywood Teasze; Texas Vampires; Bengal Tigers; Powerslide & Tigertailz

The Wildhearts
   "Endless, Nameless" 97 cd
The Wildhearts are back! Or more correctly, were back because the recently broke up again, Ginger seems to have a major problem keeping his gang together. Wildhearts are well known for consistent production of great songs. One of very few bands that can't miss the target. "Endless, nameless" is their first release in a long time. It's their heaviest and most punching album to date but it's also their weakest.

"Junkenstein" sets the direction for the rest of the album with it's melodic industry metal, very noisy, sounding like a commercial version of Shotgun Messiah's "Violent new breed". "Nurse maximum" has got hitpotential eventhough "Anthem" is the first single. "Urge" is a personal favourite while "Sounding Babylon" probably stand out as the albums best song.

The Wildhearts are getting further and further away from what they once were, the poppunk is exchanged for industry and distortion. It's a terrible developement but the Wildhearts get away with it cause they do everything with class. "Endless, nameless" is, eventhough I'm disappointed, a really enjoyable trip.


D'molls   "Beyond d'valley of d'molls" 97 cd
D'molls were among my favourite glambands during the eighties, they really got my feet moving. Therefore I've been looking forward to this release of previous unreleased material. D'molls were an original strollin' piece which stood out in the conglomeration of glam/sleaze actz in the late eighties. Hailing from Chicago but later relocated to L.A., they released their debutalbum in 1988. This cd contains older material, recorded before the release of their debut. The Aerosmith comparisons are even more significant on this stuff than their official releases.

"Beyond the d'valley of D'molls" contains previosly unreleased versions of "Action", All I Want", "Hi n Low", "Crimes of Fashion" and "D'stroll". They are all characterized by a rawness that demorecordings et.c. often suffers from. This is pretty exiciting because the songs contains parts that didn't make it into the final versions. Eventhough I prefer the official versions and the intensity they breathes, this is stuff worth buying. At least for fans of glamrock. This cd also contains three livesongs and five new songs. "Shadows" is a slow beautiful bluesy song, Desi Rexx sings as good as ever. He's, without doubt, one of the best vocalists in the galax. "Sweet Cherry" is a good aucoustic ballad. "Blue tyme picture" lies more towards the D'Molls we know and love eventhough it's a lot more blues than glam. "Highway Man" is, as the title hints, a bluesy ballad 'bout disillusionism. "Ladies Stall" is similiar to "Blue tyme picture".

D'molls were, imagewise, a pretty boy/drag -band but this material is more raw sleazy blues, good though. A huge "thank you" to Delinquent Records who bought the rights to this songs.


The Hutchinson's "Plastic fruits & Popcorn" 97 cd
The expectations were high on The Hutchinson's first full-length cd, their demos and 6 track ep really raised my eyebrows. "Plastic fruit and popcorn" is a powerpop package of 11 songs.

The Hutschinsons are a trio of Joe Hutchinson (vocals & guitars), Jimmy Hutchinson (drums &vocals) and Glenn Hayes (bass). Joe and Jimmy are brothers and were previously well-known among glamfans as Joe Normal and Mr Insane in The Zeros, a legendary glam/powerpop band from Los Angeles. Joe and Jimmy are far better off as The Hutchinsons though.

This album is a grower, it gets better for every time you listen to it. The Hutchinson's don't imitate or try to rewrite The Beatles, as many of todays powerpopbands do. This is just pure pop served with plenty of effort, The Hutchinsons have got the potential and tools to make a huge impact on the musicscene. "Nobody's perfect", "Gardenia", "She's got me flying", "Don't say goodbye" and "Elisabeth town" (an old demofavourite of mine) are peaks and brilliant popsongs which could score as hits. If powerpop's your thing, you should change to a plastic fruit and pocorn diet right away...


Lipgloss - 97 5 track promotape
Lipgloss is the project of ex. Ratpack vocalist Dean D. Foxx and guitarist Darren Lee. Lee is involved in several projects at the moment but this duo has some interesting material. The sound is very different to your ordinary glam/sleaze band, refreshing however.

"Riding your shotgun" opens the tape and suprises me with it's almost gothic pop tones. I'm smiling though, unpredictable material gives me a thrill. "Instigator" leans more towards the usual territory of glam, this song does actually reminds me of Loud 21. It's my favourite song on this tape. "Body ride" funks it up a little bit, this track has some fine backvocals. "Scarlet Woman" is glam/gothic pop but not gloomy as it often is. Lipgloss is a hybrid of many genres, they are breakin some new ground. I like it and can't wait to hear new material.


Hollywood Teasze  Demo recordings 97
My favourite glamdolls is back with some new material. "Glamdolls in Toyland" was no fluke, if that thought has popped up in your brain without cause. This is great glamstuff which will make you smile, dance and finally freak out in a very pleasant way.

Unfortunately I've got no songtitles but the material are quite similiar to that on their debutalbum but Hollywood teasze has progressed in some parts. It's a little more serious this time around, don't get the wrong idea now, it's still fun with a capital F. If one should criticize something as excellent as "Glamdolls in Toyland" one should aim at the fact that its sometimes was too poppy and simple, it was genious but this progression is giving the Teasze boyz a new dimension to their music. This will make them more attractive to the masses, after all people don't know the meaning of having too fun these days. The Lyrics are muc more mature on the new material.

I loved their first album and I can garantuee all their fans that their second album will be just as good or even better. This tape is the proof! Isn't it great when your favourite bands don't let you down after the first taste or lack -of success but stick to their guns with some developements. Be sure to buy a copy when the album come out in March/April!


Texas Vampires "Texas Vampires" 96 cd
Texas Vampires is a five piece out of Nashville Tennesse, the name is inspired by an old Mexican legend of texan zombies which got their revenge on mexican soilders after the Alamo incident.

So what about the music? Well, Texas Vampires is a very competent band. Crossing southern sleazerock with alternative and grunge. The mix reminds me of a less gothic The Cult or a sleazier Alice in chains. "Salvation" is one of the most commercial songs on the cd, it has some very thoughtful lyrics about Tv preachers selling absolution, I thought that ended with Martin Luther. "Ante' Jane" is a bit more aggressive while "TN-X" is typical rollin sleazavaganza. "Sink Hole" is very similiar to The Cult, no imitations or anything like that, just similiar. "Gutter" is the best song on the cd with b folk music influences, quite original and very good.

This is a good album, fans of the aforementioned bands should check 'em out.


Bengal Tigers "In one Ear" 97  cd
Bengal tigers is an interesting hard rock band out of Australia. This 3 track promo ep is taken from their debutalbum "In the blood". First song, "Pain" has a special sound which attracts me, no ordinary throw away riffs. "In one ear" is more mainstream and, in fact, is even better. Closer "Leather", is based on a huge refrain but isn't actually a "real" song. Anyway, Bengal Tigers is capable of some good hard rock with touches of originality. Check 'em out!


Powerslide "Peel" 96 cd
Powerslide is a L.A. trio, consisting of Marc Danzeisen (vocals/drums), Christopher Skane (guitars/vocals) and Mark Comstock (bass). Their debut cd "Peel" impressed me with some of the crunchiest pop I've ever heard. Some parts sound like the mighty Posies but it's their Cheap Trick influences that grab me by the balls. "Prima Donna" and "Reunion Time" aren't songs, they are hits! "Enough about you", "Treehouse" and "'68 Chevelle" almost reaches the same levels. Gosh, why aren't these guys on Mtv all the time?

"Once in a Bluemoon" and "Velvet Ego" is the perfect remedy for a temporary shattred soul, they will make you spin around with your arms out, reach the sky and land on a bed of roses.

Powerslide are, together with Tubetop and The Hutchinson's, the front of american powerpop. Don't let this one pass you by...


Tigertailz "Young & Crazy" 87 cd
Let's do a time warp back to 1987 when Cardiff glamrockers TigerTailz bursted into the sleeping U.K scene with their debutalbum "Young & Crazy". The Package were all over glam, shockcolours and pretty-boy looks. The music though, was harder and more aggressive than their american counterparts (Poison etc)

The band consisted of Jay Pepper (guitarz), Pepsi Tate (bazz), Ace Finchum (drumz) and Steevi Jaimz (vocals). You can't be a prophet in your hometown (quoting the bible) and that was pretty much the case with Tigertailz debutalbum which some silly nonbelievers called "The new Wave of gay metal". Anyway, you couldn't ignore these shock boys.

"Young & Crazy" is a very raw album recorded on a low budget but it shakes quality. One can't help but wonder what would have happened if Tigertailz got a major record company to support them with a proffesional production. My opinion is that "Young & Crazy" then would have been a classic among glamfans. "Star Attraction" is a great opener, a typical 80's song that oozes sleaze. "Hollywood Killer" is a bit harder. The album hits it peaks with "Livin' without you" and "Shameless", two basic but bombastic glamsongs. The First was later re-recorded and released as a single.

"City Kidz", "Shoot to kill" and "Turn me on" take on a fast pace, as aggressive as glam can be. "She's too hot" a Pepsi Tate penned song, is probably one of TigerTailz' best songs, nice glampop. The titletrack is the weakest on the album but the closer "Fall in love again" is a pretty good album.

This album didn't make that much of an impact which it should have. Great songs, great looks and every trick in the book. Steevi Jaimz vocals is a bit different and can be hard to swallow at first but you can't doubt that his heart beats glam. He later left (or was fired, depends on who you ask) to form St.Jaimz, a very good glamband. If you're into glam you should get this one. If not, don't bother.