Archive News - 2007 (Part 3)

Jesse Malin 'Love it to Life' - Limited Edition Live 'Bootleg' sold at Concerts and imported from Europe. Available only while supplies last @ URL
Girl In A Coma signed to Joan Jett's Blackheart Records label earlier this year, have won a 2007 Independent Music Award in the Song-Punk category for their song "Clumsy Sky." In tour news, Girl In A Coma will open several dates for Morrissey in France and the UK this winter The time has come to disclose the location of the Z Rock 08 venue. The all new venue "The Asylum " is in Hampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham and will open its doors during late March 08. Acts already confirmed for Z Rock 08 include Bonfire, Britny Fox, Von Groove, Shy, Stormzone and Redline with at least 3 more to be announced during early January for the two day event on May 16/17 2008 Tracy Gang Pussy are currently writing their new album. Available on 2008. Stay tuned, more news soon Nasty Pistolero has become the new bass player for Gypsy Pistoleros! Nasty hails from Finland and is moving to the UK from Sweden to join the band! His previous bands were Cherry Slutz & The Negatives (Sweden) Gemini Five put the last touches to their new album on 10th December, the album is now finished and will be will be mixed and mastered at the Hotentot Studio in Stockholm in January 2008 What better way for Gallows to end the year but to get so rowdy at a show that it had to be stopped after only 4 songs?! Well that's exactly what happened when the boys travelled up to Inverness and were faced with 300 people packed into a 100-person capacity venue with no barrier. Crazy crowds, in-your-face Security and a nutty skinhead with an eye for Lags and that sums up how the Watford punks finished off their 2007 Swedish sleaserockers Crazy Lixx second place on the sellingcharts for Sweden on 13.12.07. Crazy Lixx have also been invited as special guests to support Hardcore Superstar in UK With the recording at Deadline Studios gathering apace, The Authentics are preparing to launch with the help of new flyers and banners. Please visit their Myspace site to grab the html codes for adding to your own pages. Whilst in the middle of mixing the new CD, Mike from the band will be playing an acoustic charity show for Rainbows Children Hospice at The Musician in Leicester on Thursday January 10th 2008. All proceeds will be going to charity A large collection of 1970s-80s Glam and Melodic Rock memorabilia has surfaced on eBay. Included among the nearly 100 lots are signed, vintage promotional/concert posters, and CDs from mainstream artists like Van Halen, Poison, and Tesla, as well as fan favorite bands such as Warlock/Doro Pesch, Shotgun Messiah, Smashed Gladys, Dirty Looks, among others. Auction highlights include a 1974 Alice Cooper movie poster signed by the original band, master reels for Tora Tora's unreleased third album from 1994, several live Cheap Trick recordings, which once belonged to veteran music producer Tom Werman (Motley Crue/Krokus/Blue Oyster Cult), and a concert poster for the 1983 Texas Jam.You can view the auctions here Marky Ramone & Star Star LIVE in Athens, 11 Jan 2008 @ 8pm (location: Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece) Z Rock have decided that they are going to push the boat out for next years ZRock 08 show and go for a 2 day event, the dates will be May 16 and 17. They have already had the verbal ok for a major act to headline on May 16 and hope to have info for you ASAP re who it is and ticket details. They cannot stress how important advance ticket sales are, and appeal to everyone to make the effort to purchase their tickets well ahead of the show. If this show fails to break even it will be the last ever Z Rock, sorry but these are the facts. Confirmed line up so far: Bonfire, Britny Fox, Von Groove, Shy, Stormzone with more to follow, for further details visit URL Hardcore Superstar need your help! There's a lot of important Awards coming up in Sweden and they need all of you to vote! P3 Tracks (just for the Swedish fans): URL Rösta på Hardcore Superstar och vännerna i Lillasyster på Tracks! Ni kan rösta till och med nu på måndag kl.14.00. Swedish Grammy Award: This is the most important of them all. Please vote for Hardcore Superstar and their very close friends Lillasyster. It will start on Monday December 10th and close on December 24th. Radio Bandit Award: 1.Click on the red button on the right side called "Rosta har"; 2.Enter your name "Ditt namn" and age "Din alder"; 3. Chose Hardcore Superstar and Lillasyster at Artist, album, live act and breakthrough; 4. Then click on the red button "rosta" to complete your vote. P3 Rock: EMAIL Just write a simple mail with your 5 best metal albums of the year. Please also vote for their friends Lillasyster and Avatar. 1 Hardcore Superstar "Dreamin´ in a casket"; 2 Lillasyster "Hjärndöd musik för en hjärndöd generation"; 3 Avatar "Schlacht"; 4 Make your own choice; 5 Make your own choice. Swedish metal award: Vote for Hardcore Superstar for best Hardrock; Best new comer "Basta nykomling" choose Lillasyster or Avatar! Enter your first and last name (for och efternamn) Enter your mail address; Verify the numbers and letters in the blue box into the white field then press the black button "rosta!" Britny Fox are making a lot of changes as their reunion plans unfold, they have now left Artists Worldwide and signed with renowned agents Bigg Time Entertainment. US tour dates will be announced shortly, European fans are reminded that the band will be appearing at the Z Rock 08 Festival on May 17th 2008, further details can be found at URL or URL Black N Blue will play a one night only re-union show in their hometown of Portland Oregon on December 8th 2007. The show is in benefit of former Black N Blue road crew member Kenny Nordone who has cancer. The show will feature all 5 original members including Tommy Thayer of Kiss. Show details are... December 8th 2007 8:30pm, Berbati's Pan, Portland, Oregon USA, Advance Tickets $18/At The Door $20. In addition the band members [not incl Thayer] will meet on December 7th to plan the completion of the long awaited Hell Yeah! release for Z Rock Records Tattooed Millionaires have signed with Hunt Talent Management and will be personally represented by Tammy Hunt. This is the first time Tattooed Millionaires have signed any type of contract with any company and they didn't enter into this agreement lightly. The guys have also begun work on their 3rd album entitled "The Band That Knew Too Much". They are hoping to have it ready by January 17th 2008 - Johnny's birthday and the day they start their tour of the Southwestern U.S. with Riot Noise from the U.K. Butch Walker is going to be playing a little show in LA at the Hotel Cafe with a bunch of friends on Dec 17th at 8pm sharp. He's hoping to raise some money to pay for some of the things that his friends lost in the fire at his house "I want them to at least get back the things that they let me borrow, use, or just may have left over there when they were too drunk to remember to take it with them on the way home". Tickets are now on sale @ the Hotel Cafe website