Archive News - 2007 (Part 1)

Wolfchild hit the road with their new singer Mika Siitonen from March 30th. The confirmed dates can be seen over at URL A small tribute video to Geoff Starr (front man of the Sonic Boom Boys and The Geoff Starr Rock`n Roll Band) is available to watch here Rockets to Ruin recently signed a distribution deal with Swedish based Alabama Records for an exclusive Scandinavian release of the CD "Love Drugs Rebellion". It will be released on April 9th. For more info and upcoming gigs you can go to URL or URL The Lillasyster debut album "Hjärndöd musik för en hjärndöd generation" will be released May 9th Blastzone Entertainment Group/Big Bang Records is proud to announce the signing of Australian Horror/Glam band The Dead things. The Deadthings are heading back into the studio to finalize their new full length CD due out October 2007. To give the fan base a taste of what's to come, The Deadthings are releasing a 4 song limited edition sampler CD available July 2007. As an added bonus, there will be an additional song found on the sampler only. Blastzone Entertainment Group/Big Bang Records will also be releasing an exclusive 7" vinyl to "Street Team" members only, which will be a limited to 500 color copies world wide. So come join the "Street Team here. Last but not least there are plans for a retrospect DVD about The Deadthings to be released early 2008 Get over to URL now and order the Devildolls Rock n Roll Street Gang's new release. The pressing of the Strummerville charity remake, I'm So Bored With The USA is very limited with the first 250 hand numbered and all on clear vinyl. Proceeds go to The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music In 2005, Neil Leyton fans facilitated the financing of the recording of The Betrayal of the Self album. They received supporters' packages including live concerts, demos, and live tour videos, and were the first to receive the finished album just prior to its official release. The second Neil Leyton supporters' program is now here, for what is being described as the "sequel" album to Betrayal of the Self. Also named after one of the influential works of Arno Gruen, The Insanity of Normality will be recorded in Sweden this spring, and will once again feature Leyton's Swedish backing unit, The Ghosts. The new supporter's package will include a live CDR, DVD, a sneek peek EP and other material. To order via Paypal visit URL
Check out the new Undercover Slut two page interview published in the UK's biggest selling monthly metal magazine Metal Hammer, April 2007 issue Hell City Glamours have a bunch of shows with friends Devil Rock Four coming up over the next two weeks in NSW and QLD, including a special one on Tuesday 20th March at the Annandale supporting The Answer (UK). Don't forget to check out the live footage and interviews they have up on YouTube The Klaxons are playing a support gig at Club Flex , Vienna on the 19th March - be there for 7.30. New band pix and further dates are on their website Trashlight Vision will feature in the latest issue of Metal Edge magazine and have several US and UK dates planned. Babylon Bombs video for 'Jaded Heart' is online. Check it out on the official site URL The Compulsions return to Fontana's with the Compulsionette go-go dancers Friday, March 30th 105 Eldridge St Starlet Suicide will be taking a break for a while. This means that all the gigs booked are now cancelled. Jennyfer will focus on a solo project, for more info about that, visit URL The boys will be doing a rough sleazy project on their own and they are seeking a singer/guitarist. If you are interested contact "We want to make sure that you know that there is no hard feelings within the band. We just want to try something new after 3 years together. We still have some t-shirts and CDs for sale, so if you want something, now is the time to order. Check the merch-section at URL Drugdealer Cheerleader have just posted their next single on their myspace site "The reason we've delayed the release of this single was basically due to us negotiating our album deal and sorting out some budget for promotion and plugging etc. Last time we managed to get to 87 in the UK singles charts due to all you lot buying the song. We'll also be putting the B side to the single up in the next couple of weeks so keep checking back" Overloaded has been nominated for two Detroit Music Awards. Best Hard Rock/Metal Band, and Chris Gillen for Best Vocalist. Please vote for Overloaded at URL Swedish rock & roll band the Love Injections are signing a recording contract with Italian independent label Nicotine who will release the band's full-length debut album "Trees on a Hill" later this year. For more info check out the official Love Injections website at URL On behalf of the Wildhearts: "We have been informed this morning by the American Embassy, and our American Representative who was acting on behalf of the Wildhearts Visa application in the US, that The Wildhearts Visas will not be ready in time for the tour. The Wildhearts are distraught at being forced to cancel these shows, but have been given no alternative as flying with out Visas would seriously jeopardise all future plans in the USA for the band. The Wildhearts will endeavour to make it up to every fan who has bought a ticket, and promise to release rescheduled US dates in 2007 as soon as possible." A spokesman added "We are absolutely gutted about this. SXSW was to be the perfect showcase for the new line-up, and we were incredibly excited to let the US fans see the new line-up with the shows added around the SXSW date. We are aware that this will not help our reputation for pulling shows in the US, but we tried everything within our power to acquire the correct work visas for this tour and we regret to inform you that they did not arrive in time. We cannot jeopardise our future visits in US by travelling without the correct legal documents needed. We will reschedule the dates in NY and honour the tickets already sold. Once again, we apologise for this cancellation. Please keep the faith. 2007 will be a great year for the band. This is just an unfortunate set back, albeit a severely disappointing one." The Wildhearts The Peppermint Creeps have been busy editing their new videos for "Turning Japanese", "Broken Dolls", "Heartbleed", "Let Your Voice Be Heard" and "Fu@* Off and Die". They've also been in the studio recording a cover album titled "Cover Up" and their long awaited 3rd full-length release title Enter Shikari have a new video for their single 'Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour' on Ambush Reality Records. Watch the video here London singer and guitarist Gerry Laffy has just released his 3rd solo album entitled 'The Icebox Studio Sessions 2006' on Die Laughing Records FastLane Records will start off the new year with a tribute to Rick Springfield titled "Working Class Dogs" which will cover the hits of this rock/pop icon over the last 30 plus years. All songs have been done modern with uptated takes on the classics. New artists signed include the Red Carpet Rats out of Nashville and the Meddling Kids from NYC. FLR have also revised their tribute to Cheap Trick "Tricked Out" which features liner notes from Creem magazine editor Brian J. Bowe as well as photos taken from the Trick's early days until recent. Tribute interested parties should contact with Cheap Trick Tribute in the subject line Formed In the summer of 2006, The Love Rockets perform hard hitting, dirty, party rock 'N' roll for hookers, strippers and grannies across the world and are influenced by outfits such as The New York Dolls and L.A. Guns. Right now catch them live at Riffs Bar Swindon March 16th, 12 Bar Swindon April 5th, the Rolleston Swindon 28th April and the Victoria Swindon 15th June. You can also check the band out at URL Acclaimed Swedish Burning Heart artists Sounds Like Violence are due to make a rare visit to the UK this month with a one-off show at The Borderline in London this coming Sunday March 11th. Sound Like Violence is Andreas Söderlund (vocals, guitar), Philip Hall (guitar), Daniel Teodorsson (bass, vocals) and Daniel Peterson (drums). With Blood On My Hands was recorded and produced by the band at Mission Hall Studio in Sebbarp, Sweden The Authentics have a new video for their album track "Burn What Remains" on their myspace page at URL. The band also has a host of Spring tour dates until the end of April throughout the UK so check out URL for your nearest show Starlet Suicide are planning a European tour in September 2007. If you wanna book them or know of interested venues, e-mail manager Rose Doss here. Visit the website for the latest news and tour dates As from April 2007, our very own Spice D. Warlock will be taking up the position of "Worldwide (excl. the USA ) Street Team President" for Fastlane Records. She will be recruiting Team Managers in every country, (excl. the USA) so if you would like to join her in this venture; keeping fans/forums advised of releases, new signings, tours etc, organising competitions and giveaways and helping out on band meet & greets, drop her an email (oh, and Team Managers will receive free merchandise). This will have no affect on Glitzine! Back in 2001, Hardcore Superstar and the band LOK did a single together called Staden Göteborg. They also performed together on stage a couple of times. LOK do not longer exist but singer Martin Westerstrand and bass player Daniel Cordero have now formed the new band Lillasyster (little sister in Swedish). The first single Berätta det för Lina was released this week and the album will be released in May in all the Nordic countries. Check them out at URL or buy the single at URL. Another band that has supported HCSS a couple of times in the last year is the metal band Avatar. This time they will support the Almighty In Flames on their Scandinavia tour in March. Check them out at URL Lizzy Borden has posted a trailer of their new CD/DVD re-release of Master of Disguise here Pre-order your copy here (release date-March 6th) Help John from SR-71's new project, Forty Aces get signed by voting for them here AntiProduct have a new EP featuring the long awaited release of Good Vibrations, Bungee Jumping People Die, and the newly mastered version of Best Day of Your Life Butch Walker and the Lets Go Out Tonites have a host of US dates lined up throughout March and April. Check here for details Italian glam-punk rockers Internal Disfunction have announced their next mini tour in the US starting from March 15th. Go to URL for full dates and venues Mike Wilkerson is opening a new record label called Blastzone Records in summer 2007. The label is looking to do a compilation CD first and a further studio releases of bands in 2008. They are searching for demos to listen to so if you're looking for an opportunity contact Blastzone Records c/o Mike Wilkerson 581 Glenn Ave, West Liberty, KY 41472 Eric Dover, former Jellyfish guitarist has a new project called Sextus. Eric said "Its a bit of an Alter-Ego if you will... My record is coming out later this year on Dramapants Records. We're shooting the first video next week!" Stay tuned for updates as we get them Spit Like This are booking gigs like crazy at the moment, check URL for further details and venues from March to August The Gods Of Metal 2007 Italian festival will take place on Saturday 2nd June and the line-up will be Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver, Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, White Lion, Tigertailz, Eldritch and Planet Hard. Doors Open 10.00. For tickets and prices go to URL Evil Boy Records have just released two albums by Gunfire Dance and Gypsy Pistoleros. For more details go to URL The Wildhearts have announced a handful of tour dates for this spring, in the US and UK Naked Beggars are currently recording in Nashville with Eric Brittingham (Cinderella) and Tommy Dorsey. A spring/summer tour is being lined up. All dates will be posted on URL Skeptic Eleptic are back from the studio having recorded 14 and are in the process of mixing. Check out URL for some studio pics. Check the band's site for tour dates Brain-munching Zombies Send More Paramedics have just released a new video which is available here The video is for the song Blood Fever which features on their latest album 'The Awakening' Brraaaiiinsss!!!!! You can now download Peter Blast's Pure Organic Junk CD here. Check out the brand new Peter Blast website Gypsy Pistoleros have announced dates for a tour of the UK, Italy, Spain and Norway The new Pussy Sisster song is on the "Hitpack New Rock 3" compilation from EMG-Music & Sparkassen Verlag. The EP Hot like Hell is also out now and you can hear 2 songs here Check the site for full tour dates of the UK, Germany and Italy Check out author Billy McCarthy's featured interview this month at URL Billy talks about hiring a publicist-what to look for and what to run from. Tattooed Millionaires are currently in the top ten of the ReverbNation SXSW contest and the band needs a real push from you in the coming days. Play the hell out of songs! Play them 'til your neighbors scream. Visit here and click on the SXSW banner to vote for the boys Gemini Five have announced a new manager Michael Sunden, the man behind Backyard Babies. The band will be supporting Finnish rockers Private Line on their Finland mini-tour on February 14th 'til the 18th 2007. The band have finished the recordings of 15 new demo tracks for a third as yet untitled album. It will be a return to their roots, in the same spirit as Babylon Rockets. Stay tuned for more info regarding the album recordings and the forthcoming release AntiProduct news, Dunkin' Donuts has licensed the band's song "Best Day of Your Life" for a US TV ad campaign. See the ad here.You can now buy Made In USA (5Ks Kerrang) for the low introductory price of £9.99 and pick any one of these classic AntiProduct EPs free! The first 50 orders get a free Good Vibrations Jungle Rocket Vibrator (a $25.00 value) Order here now as this is a limited offer! Finally, click here to see genuine footage of the now legendary, mistimed stage dive where, Less Than Super A knocked himself unconscious in the middle of a show while headlining London's Mean Fiddler The Smears will have their debut single, Bring It On released on Org Records on March 19th. The Smears are Emma O'Neill (guitar/vox), Miss C (bass) & C-Doll (drums). The girls have the following shows line up now (with more to be announced very soon) 24 Feb Nottingham, Running Horse; 10 March Baslow (Derbyshire) Devonshire Arms. You can taste their demo recordings over at URL Request The Devildolls Rock n Roll Street Gang version of the 1977 Clash classic I'm So Bored With The USA on BBC1's Radio One Punk Rock Show here. Proceeds from the single will benefit Strummerville, The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music. Following Joe Strummer's untimely passing, his family and friends have launched Strummerville a charitable foundation for the production of new music. The main aim of Strummerville is to provide rehearsal space and studio time to individuals, groups and organizations to enable the production of music by creative young people who would otherwise be preventing from doing so simply because they lack the necessary funds. Pre-release Sales of the single will be available through Not On Your Radio as well as other major UK record retailers in a few weeks. For more information on Strummerville goto URL. Also for more information on the Devildolls Rock n Roll Street Gang goto URL After the success of their last UK tour, Lucien have decided to come back in '07 with an album under their sleeve. The band are looking for UK venues and will consider any shows or support slots towards the summer. Check out Lucien at URL or hear some tracks at URL The Devildolls Rock N Roll Street Gang recently landed a recording deal with UK indie label Not On Your Radio. The First release for the Devildolls will be a UK only single remake of the 1977 Clash song, I'm So Bored With The USA. A portion of the proceeds from the recording will be donated to Strummerville/The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. The single will be B-sided with the new song titled Radio London. Pre-sale of the single will be announced shortly and available through the Not On Your Radio website. It will also be available through other major music retail outlets throughout the UK Gypsy Pistoleros have a load of UK gigs lined up as follows with Kristy Majors, Bang Tango and Love/Hate: March 28th, Underworld, London; 2th The Point, Crewe; 30th Rios, Bradford; 31st Rescue Rooms, Nottingham; and April 1st JBs, Dudley Finnish hard-rockers Slipping Stitches will tour in Italy between 19th-26th February. The band will also do some radio interviews and a TV appearance in addition to five gigs. The bands debut album "Melody Cruise" got some nice reviews back in 2004 and will be followed by a EP release later this year. For more info Metalblade Records and Lizzy Borden are proud to announce the reissue of the 1989 original recording of Master of Disguise. Special features will include a re-master of the original disc, a bonus demo track "Vampires Kiss" never before released, a special DVD. The DVD will take you on a six month journey, starting with Lizzy Borden on stage performing Master of Disguise for the very first time in December 1988 at the Roxy theatre in Hollywood California, one month before recording began. The DVD will also include the two MTV videos shot for Master of Disguise, "We got the power" and "Love is a crime". A pre-order Link will be set up very soon on URL and URL release date-March 6th Gig news – London & Norwich, Sunday 28th Jan, Camden Underworld, London. Vice Squad, The Ruined and Skintight Jaguars. Tickets for this event are available through the Skintight Jaguars themselves if you happen to know where to find them, or alternatively you can buy them at the Worlds End Pub. Entry will set your wallet back about £8. Saturday 17th Feb, Cricketer’s Rest, Norwich. Skintight Jaguars, Stray Bullets, Visual Offence and the Flicks. The Jags now have axe-wielding maniac Ryan ‘Jean’ Simmonds on board. Those that ever saw the Fog play as Electrobitch at The Trowel & Hammer in Norwich will already know of his guitar chops Rock band Hollywood have signed their debut CD for use on the reality show "RockStartUp" The Cosmosonics have posted a couple of news tunes on their myspace site here E-Z Sounds and Mikey Jones invite all you budding reviewers to review selected tracks from Mikey Jones' debut solo album, The Light Of Day. For all of those who take part, you reviews will be read by Mikey and the team at E-Z Sounds with the best reviews/reviewers winning a signed copy of Mikey's CD. To enter, please go to URL and review the tracks on offer and send your reviews to EMAIL, with your name, age, email address & postal address. The competition will run until Sunday 4th February and the winner(s) will be announced on Monday 19th February with the CDs being sent out during this time The Authentics New Year tour dates: January 24th Old Nicks Lincolnshire; 25th SUMO Leicester; February 3rd the Vic Bikers Pub Coalville; 18th The Shed Leicester, 27th the Loaded Dog Leicester; March 2nd the Mill Mansfield; 22nd the Pendant Club Loughborough A Terrorvision DVD 'For One Night Only' will be released on February 5th. This DVD captures the band reunited live in London and features all the band’s hits including ‘Perseverance’, ‘Bad Actress’ and the phenomenally successful ‘Tequila’, the DVD also includes an exclusive interview, 5.1 Surround Sound Digitally Filmed & Recorded. For further information and to order please click URL The Gypsy Pistoleros album 'Wild, Beautiful, Damned' is finished at last. The full worldwide release date is May 2007 with UK and Spanish tour supports in March. You can checkout sample album tracks at URL Welcome to the first Glitzine news update of 2007. As you may have seen, the previous Glitzinet Board has had problems so we have now moved to here. We hope to see all our friends there soon. Also, there is a new Glitzinet Banner competition so get those entries in! Gemini Five will be supporting Finnish rockers Private Line on their Finland mini-tour on February 14th 'til the 18th. The band have just finished recording 15 new demo tracks for the forthcoming, yet untitled third album. The album is gonna be produced by the band and will be a return to their roots in the same spirit as "Babylon Rockets". Stay tuned for more info regarding the album recordings and release The latest issue of TrashPit magazine is now out. Issue 10 features the following interviews - Patchwork Grace, Warrant, Trashlight Vision, Wednesday 13, Weird Al Yankovic, 3MileHigh and a whole host of CD and live reviews. To order your copy simply send £1.50 / $4 cash (inc postage) or cheque payable to R. Lane to TrashPit, 95 Flamstead Ave, Derbyshire DE75 7RP England or send Paypal to Wolfchild and singer Kim Högberg have decided to go their separate ways due to long-term personal and musical differences. Högberg has agreed to do the gigs that have already been confirmed and to be a member of the band until a replacement is found. However, the gigs in Lahti and Toijala have been cancelled. Wolfchild has already started auditions in order to find a new vocalist. If you think you could be the person Wolfchild is looking for, contact EMAIL The Devildolls' Street Gang has announced the addition of another member, former Yo-Yo's/Lurkers/Dog D'Amour, and current Loyalties guitarist Tom Spencer. Tom is currently playing full time in his outfit the Loyalties, but he's also going to lend a hand to the Devildolls both in and out of the studio. The band is hoping to bring Tom Stateside sometime after the new year to cut some tracks on the new record currently slated for a March release date. More news to follow The Peppermint Creeps we will be shooting a video for "Just Another Day" and need lots of extras... For more details and new merchandise go to URL Zooparty's full length album is now ready and will be released during January/February. As a taster of what will come, Ordinary Mortels Records will release another single Give It Up. It's a three song EP that is free to download from URL or URL You can now order Peter Blast's Pure Organic Junk through Pop Town Records Babylon Bombs' Doin' You Nasty will be released in Japan 24th of January through JVC Victor. Jaded Heart will be released as a single in March. The single contains an unreleased outtake from Doin' You Nasty. Very soon you'll be able do pre-order it from URL The band are booking gigs for 2007 be sure to check their site for updates Hell City Glamours have a massive run of shows in January with Mink and assorted others then they'll hit the road again come March with Devil Rock Four launch their new album, for the dates just go to URL This will be the last Glitzine news update for 2006 - from all of the staff to all of our friends we wish you a very happy Christmas and continued success in whatever you do in 2007 - All the best, Grant Some of you may have noticed that GlitziNet (not to be confused with has been down a bit recently. This is beyond our control but it is being looked into - keep checking back here for updates Dan Nash (Musoswire founder) is on a crusade to change the way breaking and unsigned bands sell their music. Musoswire a small UK-based Internet CD distribution company - an online music store designed to handle individual one-off sales of CDs from a variety of artists to their fans - worldwide! Potential customers can listen to complete albums prior to purchase. Equally, the size of the operation means a more personal service can be maintained throughout the duration of the relationship with the artist or band. For more information please visit URL Vanity Ink from Helsinki Finland are releasing theie debut full-lenght album On Your Skin in February 2007. The album is being released by Olennainen Välittyy and it is distributed by Playground Music Scandinavia. It features 11 tracks. 8 brand new songs, 2 familiar hits from the Vanity is a Full-time Job EP and 1 surprise cover version. You can listen to 2 new songs Someone Else and Inside at URL Starlet Suicide are looking for acts to support them. Interested? More info at URL Hardcore Superstar have now started to write the first songs for the new upcoming album. Meanwhile they will be playing live as usual in 2007. Don't miss the big 2006 finally at Trädgårn' in their home town Gothenburg. The tickets are on sale right now. For more tickets info, visit URL Spit Like This have a new guitar player, Cyndi Rott and to celebrate, they are releasing 4 four length downloads here from the Scary Tales compilation CD D'Molls have cancelled their scheduled 16-year reunion show, which was to take place on January 22, 2007 at the Keyclub in West Hollywood, Ca. opening for Metal Skool. The band has no further comment at this time Trashed Management are looking to work with Promoters, Bands, Tour Management companies on the Love Hate & Bang Tango UK tour of March 2007. So if you're a promoter and you're interested in buying one or more shows get in touch. If you're a band that's interested in touring with the bands on the whole tour or you're interested in being one of the locals then get in touch again here Unfortunately B*Movie Heroes have decided to call it a day. "This isn't a decision we take lightly - and it is one we can't believe we've had to but we find it our option left. After 5 years of putting our hearts, souls, wallets and lifes into a band we love, and having some life changing experiences and meeting some of the coolest people in the country, the general indifference we recieve from the press and the "mainstream" has made it harder and harder to keep going and function in an industry where money dictates success. We have played well over 300 gigs, made friends from Aberdeen to Devon and, in our opinion, become a very good band ! Firstly we wanna thank every single one of you who has supported us over the years - you truly are amazing. Secondly we will be making our gig at Worcester Mars Bar 21st December our farewell gig. So it would be amazing to see as many of you there as possible - we wanna sell the place out and make it a night to remember. Take care and have fun. B*Movie Heroes" With the end of the year in sight, the Authentics have been promoting the album and the tour has finished. The Authentics' "Blondes Make the Best Victims?" tracks can be found on Pulse Rated's "The A-List" which can be listened to at URL The first shows of 2007 have been added to the band's New Year diary so please catch The Authentics at Jan 17th The Charlotte, Leicester; 24th Old Nicks, Lincolnshire; Fed 3rd The Vic, Coalville; 18th The Shed, Leicester Talking Metal is the #1 downloaded metal podcast in the world. Talking Metal is a weekly podcast covering all topics of interest in the metal world. If you are not familiar with it, do yourself a favor and check out their website Bowling for Soup are super busy these days with the new album being out. Lots of touring to come...check URL for all the dates For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, a brand new download-only Zombina & The Skeletones EP is now available... "A Chainsaw For Christmas" comes complete with B-sides and artwork, and you can get it right now - for free! The band have a whole load of UK dates lined up in December - too many to list here so check out URL for further details Trashed Management are pleased to announce the LA Guns 20th Anniversary tour of the UK with original founders Tracii Guns and Paul Black. January 2007, 16th London, the Underworld, 17th Milton Keynes, the Woughton Centre, 18th Cardiff, the Point, 19th Dudley, JB's, 20th Nottingham, Rock City; 21st Bradford, Rio, 22nd Crewe, Limelight GlitziNet is down at the moment, we have no control over this as it is not on our server, however, it is being looked into. We are looking to move server soon - watch this space for details Drugdealer Cheerleader are looking for a new axe man/woman to fill the boots of Mr. Richie Hudson. If you think you have what it takes, or know someone else who does then there is more information on their latest Myspace site here.The band have two pre Christmas gigs lined up at the Purple Turtle in Camden on 5th December with Jack Viper, Teenage Casket Company, New Generation Superstars and Rollin Thunder and at Xmas Glam Slam at the Underworld in Camden on 19th December with Headrush, Firestorm, Rollin Thunder, The Pseudo Philosophers, and Vytl Synes Spit Like This finally have a new guitar player – Cyndi Rott. There are no official images as yet the band are too busy rehearsing for gigs and albums so you will have to guess what he looks like. Yes, Cyndi is a he, not a she. The band have a string of dates lined up for December, January and February and are also thinking about adding a keyboard player. If you play keyboards/synth and live in the Surrey/Sussex area and think you would fit right or want further info on tour dates go to URL Voting is open for "The Rockies" awards 2006. Visit URL for more information or to Reserve tickets or a table Tattooed Millionaires are out on the road, waging war against the mundane all over Europe! The new CD is coming along and pre-orders come with a TM logo guitar pick necklace but there are only a very limited number of those available so grab it here. Remember to check out URL for details of the dates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK throughout November and December Zombina and the Skeletones will have a brand new 4-track EP will be available for download sometime in the next couple of weeks, featuring two brand new songs Chainsaw For Christmas and Evil Science, as well as new versions of Come On! and Dead Alive. The EP is completely free for everybody so you don't have to pay for it, and it even comes complete with downloadable artwork. The band is on tour on the following dates throughout December 4th Rockstarz at The Ghetto, London; 5th TJ's, Newport; 6th Raynor Lounge, Sheffield; 8th Mixing Tin, Leeds; 9th - Roadkill, Liverpool; 10th Satan's Hollow, Manchester; 11th Hustle, Lancaster; 12th The Other Rooms, Newcastle; 15th West Coast Rock Cafe, Blackpool The B*Movie Heroes December tour with Trashlight Vision has been cancelled. Is it just me or are a lot of gigs being cancelled this weather? Must be the time of year. Anyway B*Movie Heroes still have a Christmas gig in Worcester scheduled for December 21st Hell City Glamours have added a new December date to their current tour. For details check out URL Undercover Slut hit UK shores once again on Saturday, December 23rd from 8pm. Glammed Out @ Bar Monsta, 18 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London. Admission: £5 with flyer/£7 without. With a new line up of Scars (guitars), Drag (bass), Fake (drums) and of course 'O' on vocals, the band also has a new CD out entitled "the White Whore era E.P." and its available for £10/$15/15 euros (including international shipping & handling) to: Undercover Slut, 34 Champs-Elysees Avenue, Suite 999, F-75008 Paris or myspace AntiProduct recently played 3 shows (all to capacity crowds) covering over 10,000 miles to accomplish the feat: from the stage in London's Electrowerks onto the plane to Toledo, Ohio playing with the ruthlessly brilliant Mindless Self Indulgence, back on the plane to London to head up to AP's spiritual home, Newcastle. Talk about poorly routed tours! For the full diary of the events in the band's words, go to myspace There's still some AntiProduct UK dates left throughout November so go check them out Do you fit this description? Hull band looking for a fucking outstanding rock n roll guitarist. With the looks, licks n tricks of Joe Perry, Slash, Andy McCoy, Thunders and Mick Ronson. Songs written, tours happening now all we need is you!! The band is a blend or rock n roll, power pop, melody, huge choruses and killer attitude. Please apply to 07985621914 Gemini Five have cancelled their UK tour. "Unfortunately the United Kingdom promotor WhiteNoize Productions failed to provide the standards/arrangments agreed to the contract with the result of therefor WhiteNoize chosed to cancel the whole tour! We promise our UK fans to be back on British soil as soon as possible. Our deepest and most sincere aplogies to our loving and caring UK fans." Starlet Suicide have a load of tour dates for Sweden, Germany and Italy coming up so for further detail on a show near you go to URL The Tattooed Millionaires have been recording material for their new album and are about to start a major tour. For full dates of gigs in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK check out their myspace or URL Adeline Records recording artist, The Living End are coming to the Ventura theater on December 11th, Fresh off the heels of their amazing new album, 'State Of Emergency'. This is the boys 1st U.S. tour in several years and is sure to be an amazing evening as local L.A. band Silver Needle will be opening for them In between launching the new single, you can catch Hell City Glamours supporting Airbourne in November: 24th Candys Apartment, Kings Cross (Sydney), 25th Spectrum, Darlinghurst (Sydney), 26th Northern Star Hotel (Newcastle), and December 16th BMA Canberra Christmas party (Riffage '06) at the Transit Bar. Hey Man was released on 14 October 2006 through MGM The brand new Bowling for Soup album The Great Burrito Extortion Case will be available on Tuesday, November 7th featuring all new songs like "High School Never Ends," "When We Die," and more. Get an exclusive pre-order offer now here and go get the album in stores on Tuesday or download it from your favorite digital music store If your band is interested in playing the 7th Annual CrueFest Hollywood July 28th, 2007 Whisky a Go-Go, Hollywood, EMAIL All band submissions will be considered! All bands must be able to perform at least one complete Motley Crue song! It is never a dull moment in Spit Like This land! No sooner do they finalise the deal to get the debut studio album recorded, they lose a band member. So far, the studio has been hit by a flood, then the guitarist left and, the icing on the cake was the drummer ended up in prison. So are you a guitar player? Spit Like This have gigs lined up and are about to start work on an album. You should be ideally aged 22-30 with some experience, gear, transport, image and loocated near Gatwick in Surrey. If you fit the bill, click here for details on how to apply. So what happened to Stevie then? Well, simple really, he no longer wanted to be in a band and decided to concentrate on establishing himself as a solo six-stringer. There’s a whole bunch of shows coming up between November and February so for more details go to URL Gemini Five have a new single on-line that you can order here will no longer be updated and a new site with a new designer and URL is planned. If you have myspace, the best way to stay current with the band and their shows / happenings would be to look up "Robin Black" there is a band profile and Robin has a personal profile on there as well. Pussy Sisster will be supporting US-Band Vixen in Walldorf/Germany on their tour and the new DVD Live in Durlach will be out shortly. For more info check out URL Overloaded have written 7 of the 10 songs for their upcoming full length CD due out early 2007. The new CD will be a departure from the first two with the new songs being significantly less 80's. Now for the bad news. Erik fractured his wrist during what can only be described as a drunken softball accident. This does cause delays in the writing process and many gigs have been cancelled. Overloaded is hoping that Erik's wrist will be better in time for the Indiana and Cincinnatti shows scheduled for early November. Also official Overloaded t-shirts are marked down for October. T-shirts are $15 post paid for USA and $20 for rest of world The response AntiProduct have been getting to "Project Ohio: Daring and Stupid" has been exciting to say the least. The condensed version plays like this: AntiProduct, play London Electrowerks at the Texas Chainsaw Traveling Horror Picture Show on 27 October, climb on board the first flight out of London on the 28th to go crush the Mainstage with the mighty Mindless Self Indulgence at the All Freaks Halloween Ball in Toledo, Ohio, leaving immediately after the carnage to rapturous applause and head back to the UK, commencing the remainder of the Halloween Tour (check website for details). This will be AP's official US debut! To raise the funds (£2000), much like the recent sell-out MASTER EP, they are suggesting selling you some 20 unreleased AntiProduct demos on a five disc series selling for £5.00 each in LIMITED EDITIONS OF ONLY 100 PER DISC, or £20.00 for the whole collection up front. Email Brian with your thoughts