Archive News - 2001

Read these great interviews from ex. CANDYmembers Look out for "Name Your Poison" a poison tribute which soon will be available from Perris Records Quireboys will return in June with a new album called "This is Rock n Roll" IGGY POP will perform at Sweden's Hultfredsfestival and Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy will reunite for a show at a festival in Åbo GUNS N ROSES have cancelled their european tour due to guitarist Buckethead's illness BACKYARD BABIES and THE ARK will appear at the Hultsfredsfestival. Expect a huge report on the aforementioned plus plenty of more glam/punk rock BACKYARD BABIES new album  "Making Enemies is Good" was recently released in Sweden The release party was broadcasted through the Internet from Dregen's flat. Read a huge Backyard Babies special in Glitzine soon. RS Saidso and Incest from UNDERCOVER SLUT have joined forces in LETHAL INJECTION PLAN NINE have finally released second - but first full-length - album "Generation Action. It will hopefully be reviewed in the Glitzine TRAVOLTAS new album "Club Nouveau will hit the stores in Europe and Japan on May 18th THE QUEERS' new ep "Today" is out on Lookout Records. Their old and very rare re-recording of Ramones' "Rocket to Russia" is re-released by Liberation Records SCARECROWS have released a new demo - "Class A Rock n Roll" which will be reviewed in Glitzine soon JACKALS are recording their debutCD. Their new Website will hopefully be up soon DIE MY DARLING, featuring Sean Decker (ex. BABY DOLLS, SISTER SMACK) have a new CD out. Visit their website for more info Former TIGERTAILZ vocalist Steevi Jaimz has a new CD out called "Damned if I do, damned if I don't". More on that album later on in Glitzine.Visit STEEEVI JAIMZ's website  THE EROTICS have a scheduled date of February 2001 for the release of '21st Century SOB' on Fastlane Records X-Gloryhounds are undergoing talks with Fastlane Records in regards to their new project 'Needle Park' Fastlane Records are currently reviewing material for possible future signings to the label.  If you are interested send your press pack and material to Fastlane Records, 1029 Cambridge, Oklahoma City, OK 73160, USA DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (NYC, U.S.A.) need a bassist.  NYC dark glam band DropDeadGorgeous, seeks committed bassist. Influences must include: Motley Crue, Kiss, White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails etc. Call (212) 529-1523 to schedule an interview THE ROMEOS (UK) are looking for a bassist and drummer with 110% dedication ... interests in bands such as QBP, THE ZEROS, RAMONES.  Not looking for the greatest musicians in the world, all Andii is looking for are dedicated musicians, willing to add input and love what they do!  Contact Andii with info if interested Look out for the forthcoming tribute to the kings of glitter - SWEET. Bands who are interested in contributing to the tributealbum should mail  Check out JUKEBOX ANGELS Check out the new outrageous glamband DIRTY BARBY (soon to be reviewed in Glitzine) BACKYARD BABIES will open for ACDC Don't miss the new GlamCommunity GlitziNet. Come on in and play GUNS N ROSES (Axl Rose that is) will play Rock in Rio this January BUCKCHERRY's new, second, album will be out on March 13 Check out this brand new Keri Kelli Website made by Shari from Black Velvet Magazine Former TIGERTAILZ vocalist Steevi Jaimz has got a new website B.S. ROMEO is hunting for a drummer.  After several line-up changes, drummer L.A. Electra has left amicably to become the frontman of a new project.  (Could this be another case of Tommy Lee fever?  We'll keep you posted!)  Any drummers in the Winnipeg area, or who are willing to re-locate (that's in Canada, people) can contact the band at  ex-ATOMIC LOVETOYZ vocalist/mastermind and Glitzine co-conspirator Adolf Chri$t is holding a casting call for his new project under the working title "HOLLYWOOD TRASH".  Anyone in the Toronto area who wants to be part of this can contact him on SWEET DADDY has broken up, but singer Tommy Dorion and drummer Karl Anderson have formed a new band called NEW ROCK IDOLS  with Shane Sunday on bass and Mike Monzon on guitar. An EP is in progress as well as a website.  Check out in a couple of weeks to get your first taste. WILLOW WISP are signed with Fullmoon Productions  Toronto theatrical rock nightmares The Hellz Kitchen Show are putting the finishing touches on their album "The Dark Of Oz".  The release is due for early in the new year along with the video for "Happy Face" Vic Wayne (a.k.a Wayne Malice) formerly of MISTER MANIC, has got a new band called CIRCUS. Wayne recently sang "Talk Dirty to Me" with C.C. Deville's SAMANTHA 7 GlitziNet, the first ever Glamcommunity, is now a fact. Click here to enter. Now it's up to you - readers - to make some major noise THE MISTAKES' new CD, out November 2000, will be entitled 'Straight Outta Reseda'  Reject Records to release 'Total Chaos CD - Punk Invasion' early November 2000 Rachel Stamp's release Live CD 'Stampex Live' only available through  Rumours of a reunion of the classic GUNS N ROSES lineup (W. Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen and Steven Adler) to re-record the upcoming album "Chinese Democracy" have been dismissed as false by Geffen Records - So maybe we'll actually see the new album sometime this decade. In further G 'n' R news, rumours still persist that Zakk Wylde is joining up on lead guitar.  (Here we go again...)   The second album by SLASH'S SNAKEPIT, entitled "Ain't Life Grand" has just been released and supposedly features ex-BIG BANG BABIES/RATT guitarist Kerri Kelli on 2nd guitar New in the Totally Unsubstantiated Rumour Department is the item that FASTER PUSSYCAT may be getting back together.  There may be absolutely nothing to this one, but we can all dream, can't we? POISON's C.C. DeVille has been doing some shows with his other band Samantha 7, though he assures us that "Poison will still be doing stuff inthe future".  We're working on getting a Samantha 7 concert review out to you as soon as possible ROBIN BLACK AND THE INTERGALACTIC ROCKSTARS are slated to tour Western Canada with Scratching Post in "Late October, early November", according to guitarist Stacey Straye in support of their release "Star Shaped Single". In the meantime, you can check what they're all about at In an interesting move, OPM has taken on C.J. Sleeze and the S.T.D.'s for a one album deal.  I say interesting because OPM usually specializes in re-releasing classic Punk albums along with the same artists current ventures Canadian power-pop semi-glamsters ROM AND THE BOMB are searching for a new drummer.  If you want the gig, and are in the Toronto area, check 'em out at Valentine Killers about to record 'Not Anymore' by The Dead Boys for the Reptilian Records Dead Boys tribute.  Also recording a song for Deadbeat Records 'Viva la Vinyl Camp'   BUBBLE's 'Sparklestar' will be in the upcoming movie - Dancing at the Blue Iguana - starring Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Tilly.  Dino Everett (STREETWALKIN' CHEETAH's) has replaced Eric Stacy as bassist in Bubble. Bubble will tour UK late 2000 - 2 Dates confirmed more to follow:-  December 7 - Kingston - The Peel Having signed to Z Records in August, ENUFF ZNUFF have been named headliners for the March Z2001 UK, to be held at The Ritz, Manchester. Tickets £20.00 Junkyard, featuring Jo Dog (from DOGS D'AMOUR) to tour Japan mid October after release of 'Tried and True' CD - 5 dates to be announced - 4 in Tokyo, 1 in OsakaDOGS D'AMOUR has got a new website - Their new album 'Happy Ever After' released in Japan on 21st September through Crown Records and features guest appearances by Dregen & Nicke from BACKYARD BABIES UK New Wave Pop band 'BLIND BEFORE DAWN' have been given the go ahead by Sean Decker to cover SISTER SMACKs' White Dove
Ex. L.A. GUNS' bassist - Johnny Crypt - releases CD  (PLaZMaHoLiX - 'Virus') obtainable via his website for a $7 plus p&p LA glamrockers FOXY ROXX will sell their second CD   "MIxed up World", recorded two-three years ago, as CD-R. Contact the band for more info etc. Leigh (SPIDERS & SNAKES) has passed away (R.I.P). He was a part of S&S for seven years and performed on "Oddities: The Glitter Years", “AstroPop” and “London Daze”.  Click here to watch S&S tribute to Leigh Swedish glamrockers PLAN 9 has put out two songs from their forthcoming "Generation Action" CD on Click here for more info Rumour has it that former PBF guitarist and founder - Aeriel Stiles - has a new band with a glam approach The New BACKYARD BABIES CD  will be out around Christmas. A possible christmasgift to all glamsters? Karole Denning, who played bass on GUTTERSLUTS debut CD "Beg, Borrow & Steal", has a new band called ATTIC TOYS. They have released a demo Ten years after the release of QUIREBOYS'   "Live Album (Recorded Around The World)", a new and supposedly better album has hit the stores - "Lost in Space".  Recorded during their Bitter, Sweet and Twisted tour Slyder (formerly LAST GREAT DREAMERS) has a new band called TOY EYE. Visit their website SUGAR SHOCK will soon release their new promo CD "Highschool Sweethearts". Click here to listen to it. They are also recording SWEET's "Teenage Rampage" for a forthcoming SWEET tribute Finnish Sleazerockers SILVER CITY BANDITS have a new vocalist J-cop who also is the bassist of the band. You can hear his vocals on two recently recorded songs featured on the Finnish Freakshow compilation part two RATT has recruited former SCREAM/MOTLEY CRUE and current UNION vocalist John Corabi for their US tour  WARRANT has recruited former BIG BANG BABIES/PRETTY BOY FLOYD/RATT etc guitarist Kerri Kelli and drummer Mike Fasano  BRITNY FOX has signed to Spitfire Records (same label as L.A. GUNS). SKID ROW will record their new album, first without vocalist Sebastian Bach, in September. John Solinger has some shoes to fill. Drummer Phil Varone (Formerly SAIGON KICK)is new as well Meanwhile, Sebastian Bach is appearing in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde at Broadway NY JOEY C JONES (SWEET SAVAGE, SHOCK TU, THE GLORY HOUNDS) has a new band called ORANGE HELICOPTER L.A. GUNS will soon start the recording of their new album. They have left the RATT/WARRANT tour. Opener BAR7 is featuring ex. TESLA member Jeff Keith and Tommy Sceoch POISON, whose "Power to the people" album is pretty good, will not tour South America. They recently had to cancel gigs due to Brets Diabetes PERRIS records is giving away a guitar signed by members from WARRANT/DANGEROUS TOYS among others. Click here for more info Stephen Pearcy has re-released the VICIOUS DELETE CD with some bonustrack (some pre-RATT songs) COYOTE SHIVERS will play in the U.K in October BANG GANG's second album, recorded in the early nineties, will finally be released on Fastlane Records. The Album is very good though different and more 90's than their debut. Anyway, anything with Jet Silver rocks ENuFF ZNUFF have released a new album "Ten" on European melodic label Z-Records  MERCYFUCK is a new band made up by former SLINGSHOT KITTY MEMBERS. The band is influenced by IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES and LUNACHICKS  SHAMELESS, featuring Steve Summers (PRETTY BOY FLOYD) on vocals, will tour Germany/Holland this fall AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, whose "Postcards from Hell" soon will be reviewed in GLITZINE; are from now on posting a livevideo from their most recent show on their website. They have also recorded covers of DEAD BOYS, ROLLING STONES and ANGEL CITY  Fellow SF rockers ROMEO'S DEAD have a new guitarist and a new drummer called Mike Minority and Greg McEntee respectively. The band has also signed to Mans Ruin Records. The New stuff is a bit different from "It's all your fault", more moody and mature. The ROMEO's has also covered JOAN JETT's "Nag" Johhny Crypt has a new band called PLAZMAHOLIX HOLLYWOOD TEASZE's FrankEEE has got his own website