Archive News - November 1999

The Countdown of the Top 45 best glam/sleaze albums of all-time has begun! The #1 album will be announced in the beginning of Jan. Check it out. It will feature the best these genres have to offer!  

Sugar Shock's website is finally official. The Teen idols have been described as a streetfight between Bay City Rollers and Ramones with Poison as the referee. Download the hits from;

Forbidden Planet has changed their name back to Beautyqueen Killers.

Do you remember Blackboard Jungle? They sounded like a gothic version of Faster Pussycat. Their demos were actually produced by Brent Muscat. Anyway, former Blackboard Jungle vocalist - Kenny Price - has a new band called Jet 68's (formerly called Crave).

Former Alleycat Scratch vocalist - Eddie Robinson - has joined a new band as a guitarist.

No Rule #9 will be out in late November.

Foxy Roxx has got a new website.

Tommy Lee will NOT play drums on Methods of Mayhem's upcoming tour. He has hired Stephen Perkins (Jan'es Addiction) to take his place. Lee will probably play guitar.

Plasma Blast's video for Kola has been getting steady airplay on MuchMusic's indie spotlight.. It was done for free (the best way!) by a Ryerson university student and is very reminiscent of the STP vid for Big Bang Baby.

Former GnR guitarist Izzy Stradlin, will release a new soloalbum - "Ride On" - on December 16th.

Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock stars are about to film a video later this month. The single still hasn't been announced but its a good bet that it'll be for Plastic Fantastic. And just in time! Muchmusic has decayed into a sticky mess of bubble gum boy bands.. As Robin often says.."We're here to save you from all that garbage" :-) Their appearance Oct 29 at the Alleycat Scramble with Black Diamond (a KISS tribute band with 2 members of the Loving Dead) was spectacular as always.

Drew Blood of Vamp told Glitzine "It looks as though we aren't officially broken up, not just working together at the present time. To fill this void Donny and myself are releasing an album featuring songs that would have been on the long delayed Vamp album. The Album is being done as a three piece with vocalist and bassist Windy. After the release of this material there will be a new album featuring all new material from the three of us, name has not been determined, any ideas? You can expect much of the Vamp sound to remain intact. Thanks to all the Vamp fans for remaining loyal and patient, the time has now arrived for us to take on the world!"

Junkyard will soon release a livealbum called "Shut Up! We're trying to practice!"

As for Halloween, the Sinisters put on a great party and the who's who of the TO glam/punk/sleaze scene were buzzing about. Tchort put on a great set
that night too.

The original Alice Cooper band made a surprise appearance at Alice's very own Coopers'town Rock n Roll Sports Bar in Phoenix, Arizona. The short set was played to eulogize the band's late guitarist Glen Buxton on the second anniversary of his death. There were no dismembered baby dolls, guillotines, or serpents. Alice appeared without makeup, singing to a less-than-packed crowd wearing jeans and a tie-dyed t-shirt. Show review to follow...

A new glam rock club has opened in San Diego, CA. It's called "Life on Mars," presumably a tribute to David Bowie???

If you've been watching the music channel VH1, you may be familiar with a show called THE LIST which has been hosted by pro basketball star Charles Barkley. The topic of last week's episode was "Underrated musicians/bands." The celebrity panel consisted of rocker Sammy Hagar, comedian Bobcat Goldwait, pop guitarist/producer Nile Rodgers, and rapper MC Hammer. Iggy Pop was nominated by both Goldwait and Rodgers for his contributions to glam rock and punk with a certain band called the Stooges. Besides having no charisma as a show host, Barkley doesn't know shit about rock n roll either. When Iggy's name was mentioned two times, he responded "What? Is that his real name?" The show finally committed the ultimate insult when Iggy lost to Duran Duran. WHAT??