Archive News - November 1998

Backyard Babies will release a new single on Bad Affro Records entitled "(Is it) Still alright to Smile". I Heard the Babies perform it live at a recent show and it sounded really good. Still alright to smile? Well, Backyard Babies haven't been that jolly themselves lately, almost every song on their latest album "Total 13" is pounding frustration and aggression. The B-side on the forthcoming single is a cover of Faster Pussycat's "Babylon" (from the pussies legendary debutalbum from 1987). It features Ginger (Wildhearts).

Rebel Rebel recently played with Romeo's Dead. The Rebels will enter the studio on the 17th of October. Teddy will go to Europe in November for promotion. Rebel Rebel will also do a track for a Motley Crue tribute.

Italian sleazerockers Skinny Vein will relocate to L.A. on October 20th. Drummer Dog has visit Tinseltown many times before and played with sleazepunks Slamhound and Shake the Faith.

Bret Michaels headlined The Roxy in L.A. on September 26th. Guess who opened the show? Bombs Over Broadway, C.C. Deville's band. All Poison members (C.C., Bobby and Rikki) were supposed to join Bret on stage. WoW, maybe the Poison reunion ain't a pipedream after all?

Some news regarding the Dogs D'amour tributeCD; Plan 9 has chosen "Wait until I'm dead" and Dizzy (from The Rejects) will record "Princess Valium" or "How come it never rains". Read more...

Guitarist Keri Kelli is about to leave Pretty Boy Floyd. His replacer is former Penny Lane guitarist, Billy Lane (Formerly known as Cristi Layne). Read more...

Mick Cripps (ex-L.A. Guns) has a new band called Burning Retna which also includes Sean Beaven, Charlie Clouser and Chris Bradshaw. Mick describes the music as being "Dark, industrial and moody"

Punky Glitter (The Voice of Beauty School Dropoutz and Darling Dead) has a new tape out - "PG - The Artist formerly known as Punky Glitter". Available for $ 05.00 from Punky Glitter, R4 PO Box 41A, Pine City, MN 55063, USA. Punky is also starting a Stryper tributeband

Delinquent Records' glam/goth compilation "The Pink and Black" has gotten plenty of unwanted publicity due to the dispute between Pretty Boy Floyd and songwriter Aeriel Stiles (former member of PBF and currently in Stratosphere) considering the copyright of "Saturday Night". Nancy of Delinquent Records told a glamrock maillist "... I do wish that it was settled. It's very tedious and just like "one more thing" some days. The problem has become much more of a headache than an asset like I thought Pretty Boy Floyd's presence would be in the first place.   Steve and Aeriel may have settled out of court but the settlement and transaction must go thru our legal department in Chicago and in that respect no, it is not settled. The advance money should go rightfully to Aeriel, and what more can I say but "it's just a mess" . The song is still remaining on The Pink And The Black, which is Aeriel's request, but future earnings can not be paid justly to Aerial and the Warner Bros. co-writer until the advance money is settled, which has not been returned from any of the members of Pretty Boy Floyd. I had no idea what I was getting into, trust me on that!!"

Gothic Willow Wisp will be re-releasing "The Building Up and Breaking Down of Matter" in Europe on Pandaimonium Records (Tess Records), with new artwork (16 pg booklet), new cover artwork, and remastering for better sound quality. They will start working on their really soon.

Vocalist Anthony Corder and bassist Patrick Francis (ex. Tora Tora) have a new band called HomeMade Flavor.

Spiders & Snakes were recently voted as best glamband on the annual Rock City News awards. Congrats! Read more in a forthcoming coverage in Glitzine.

Alice Cooper will release a box set "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper" on Rhino Records at his 50th anniversery (Feb 4th 1999)

Ashlyn Childz has left Suicide Alley due to musical differences. Childz didn't agree with the industry-oriented direction the band wanted to take. Mick "Sick" Wrolson has taken over the PR-duties for the band. I think this split will hurt the band a lot, I doubt they will get more fans with their new approach. So much for their speeches regarding sticking to your guns huh? Read the Review of Suicide Alley's "13" in this issue of Glitzine.

Detroit's Mister Manic recently played what was supposed to be a sleazefest but turned out to be a fiaskó. Drummer Lizzy declares "We drove all the way there, it turned out to be more like a rage against the machine fest. There where no glampeople in sight, more baseballhats then I have ever seen !!. What happened to having a good time ! People at the Sleaze Fest were staring at us like we were wierdo's, it was supposed to be a glam fest type thing". Anyway, Mister Manic will hit the studio in November.

Delinquent Records are doing a yet another compilation called "Theatre des Vampyres" - it''s for goth, glam, hard rock, street rock, industrial bands - but the songs have to be about vampires: either horror, erotic, romance, eternal life, the blood aspect, etc and can be about Anne Rice''s Vampires, the game/book Masquerade or Bram Stoker's original Dracula. Due to release in 99. Contact: Delinquent Records

Drew from the defunct Spiral Fetish, has a new project. It seems rather hush-hush at the moment, he hints that most fans of Spiral Fetish will be suprised. Glitzine will keep you posted.

The Mistakes recently played with Total Chaos and managed to get the punks moshing to Culture Club's "Karma Chamelion"! "Dressed for Suckcess" has been delayed due to difficulties in finding the right graphic artist.

Vampire Love Dolls are working on a new album. Vocalist J says to Glitzine "It's going to be a real exciting album not only for us and our fans, but for record buyers everywhere! We have never wanted to copy anyone so if anyone is looking for us to put out the next Marilyn Manson album or some old LA Glam won't find it here. The Best word to describe it would be 'Glitronic' I guess...." Bassist Kelly is no longer with the band. Glitzine will soon review a pre-view of the new CD.

The Rejects have two new members - guitarist Katie Hatred and bassist Staci Chemikill (the later rejoined the band after he made a promise to drink more). The Band have also a homevideo out.

Rumors claim that Warrant is about to get signed by Sony. John Kalodner (the man responsable) wants the original line-up though, today only Jane Lani and Jerry Dixon are left from the days of "Downboys" and "Cherry Pie". I can't find any particular reason why Sony sign all those former heroes - Great White, Ratt, Heart, Whitesnake and now Warrant. Sure, melodic music is coming back but there are several NEW bands that are way better. None of the aforementioned bands will lead the new cycle of rock, they are flashes of the past, great ones though. Anyway, this is a b sign in the right direction.

Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars have been pairing off shows with The Toilet Boys from NYC. (A positive career move that has worked wonders for bands such as The Sinisters in the past)

Motley Crue will soon release a new "Greates Hits" compilation featuring two new songs - "Bitter Pill" and "Enslaved". How long can a band survive on the past? Motley Crue haven't had any hits during the last decade. Buy their old albums or "Decade od Decadence" instead.

Manic Street Preachers released their 5th album - "This is My Truth Tell Me Yours" on September 7th.

The Hellz Kitchen Show have evidently recieved some very positive attention from Polygram records. Vocalist Paul DiMello has been quoted as saying :"Our stage-show is just going to get more theatrical" and promises an update very soon.

Glitzine recently caught Dee of God Zoo "The recording is done we are just doing the cover art and stuff.I hope to have it to the printer by the 20th so we can have it back by the 10th or so, I will send you a copy as soon as I get it. Im not sure what songs we are going to use im going to listen to the final mixes today and we will pick the ones we want on the CD. But the sound is going to be an 80's electronica
or as I like to call it NEW new wave

Guttersluts just got off their first U.S. Tour. Lead Vocalist Jonnie Mckayne told Glitzine that the highlights were New York City and opening for Union in Chicago. The Sluts will hit the road again in March.

Ronnie of the Jones Gang (soon to be reviewed in Glitzine) informed that... "We just played in Cincinnati OH with a new glam band out there called Cherry Bang. It was a killer show. We are working on a new EP and still shopping material to labels."

Canada's finest glam/gothic band - The Loving Dead, is working on their second album, entitled "You Love Us". The First single will probably be "Do it Again"

Excessa Vain has quit Young & Fabulous so she can raise chinchillas in her basement! Y&F's new CD, "Hail to the Fabulous" will hopefully be out Oct 1st. They've also have new T-shirts available (picture). Check out their website for further information

Rumours claim the Lunatic Candy Kreep has broken up.

Virginia Hill is a new glamband worth watching. The Band consists of Karole Denning (ex. Guttersluts and Revlon Red), Kerri Kristen (ex. Darling Died Suicide and Demolition Dolls), Rene Rhine (ex. The Glamvestite Vampirez) and John Marshall. Contact: Virginia Hill or visit their website

Black Lurxx have moved from California to Finland. Their new adress is: Black Lurxx-Tytti Kotilainen Kansakoulukatu 5 A 10 Fin-00100 Helsinki Finland (from BNW)

Gen-O-Cide has called it quits. Ashley Majors has an acoustic project, Whirlwinds, with Matt Moss. Snailmail him at: Matt Moss PO Box 2404 Hollywood, CA 90078 (from BNW)

Heartattack Jack has broken up. Brett Kelly is now working as a soloartist.

The Beauty School Drop-outs now have a new guitar player, his name is Chaz Martini. Christy fashionz quit due to musical differences between him and his girlfriend (!?). The Beauties are currently working on their second album.

Ugly Kid Joe has just released "As Ugly as it Gets - the very Best Of".

Girl, the british glamband that once featured Phil Lewis and Phil Collen, has just had released "Killing Time",which contains tracks from their unreleased third album and other studio outtakes.

Mother Mercy will appear on the forthcoming Motley Crue tributeCD. This CD will be worth checking out!

DeadGirl has got a new bassist - Eric Becica - and will enter the studio soon.

Jizzy Pearl (ex. Love/Hate) is L.A. Guns' new lead vocalist.

Former Big Bang Babies guitarist and currently in Pretty Boy Floyd, Keri Kelli, recently burned his hand during PBF's "Rock 'n Roll is gonna set the night on fire" when he attempted to set his guitar on fire. Kelli seems to recover well though. In related news, Pretty Boy Floyd is off the Hard Tour. The reason is, according to their website; "The decision for Pretty Boy Floyd to leave the hard tour was due to problems with the Promoter and our own management company.... This will be rectified shortly and we are currently planning new shows.". Shame, since this would have been a great opportunity for the band.

Davinci's Cradle have been going through some hard times. Kevin told Glitzine "I'm still hoping that we can get the CD out some time soon! We're kinda stepping around some lineup changes but it's not clear yet!"

Spiders & Snakes are going into the recording studio with Dino Maddalone, the producer of the "2000 Retro" album, to start work on their sixth CD entitled "London Daze" which will feature a re-make of Lizzie's "Public Enemy #1", made famous by Motley Crue in their multi-platinum Elektra Record's debut "Too Fast For Love"

Stratosphere vocalist Jeff just had surgery six days ago to fix a deviated septum that was keeping him from singing due to constant sinus infections. He should be recovered fully in 3 weeks. The Band are beginning recording on the first 7 or so songs from their upcoming 2nd CD, which may be finished by October. The music is supposed to be a little heavier, influenced by the 60's.