Archive News - November 1997

All-female uk punks Fluffy has disbanded.

Guttersluts are entering the studio this November. The Sluts are also nominated in five different categories at the annual Rock City News awards (read Glam & Glitzines report elsewehere)

Queeny blast pop's new demo is available for $6.00 (includes shipping & handling). Make check- or moneyorders payable to Lesli Sanders. Sent it to: Queeny blast pop, 1767 Orchid ave. # 107, Hollywood, Ca 90028, USA.

Eric Stevens has replaced Tommy Caradonna as bassplayer in Beat Angels. The Angles will tour with Gilby Clarke in November.

LA Guns will release a compilation called, "Hollywood rehearsals", in Japan

Danny has left Slingshot kitty, which future may be on a hiatus, due to creative, musical and image differences. "I am planning on relocating and getting something new together... Now that I'm out of Slingshot kitty, I'm looking to join/form a new band. I definitely plan on relocating out of Dallas. I may have a bassplayer too. I want to join/form a PsychoGlamBondageNoise band with enough balls to be different and NOT play it safe! Influences are Marylin MAnson, the Newlydeads, Shotgun Messiah (violent new breed), The Impotent sea snakes and Lords of acid. Male or female, anyone interested - Email me

NYC's Detox darlings just had one of their shows broadcasted on TV. Spyder Darlins also reports "We've been breaking in a new player... Mar"tay"ni Darling was mysteriously kidnapped by alien bartenders from another galaxy. In his place we now introduce Kandy Ken Darling on the Banzai bass. He's chinese, with a mohawk and platform boots. He also takes no prisoners when it comes to playing his intrument.". Detox Darlings are also negotiating with a couple of labels on some compilations that are due out in early 97.

Rumours place Pearl jam drummer Dave Abbruzzesi In Guns n' roses. Others claim that Chris Venna and Robert Finch, both from Nine inch Nails, have joined the former kings of sleaze. Well the soapdish seems to continue. In related news, ex. Guns n' roses guitarsist Gilby Clarke will tour the club throughout November, supporting his new excellent album - "The Hangover"

La Band Cutthroat has released a demo which is available for $5.00. They also have a homevideo for $12.00. The expect to have a full-length cd out by the end of this year. Fast workers!

Spitkiss began the mixdown on their new album "Violence is Golden" at the 7th November, the recors should be completed in late december with a release in january. They also recently signed a two album deal with ANTIMI records. Kelly Frost is currently touring Europe with a band called Tura Satana, he has however NOT left Spitkiss.

Bret Michaels' soloalbum has once again been postponed.

Foxy Roxx recently headlined a sold-out show atthe Troubador on Halloween with Spiders & Snakes and Rev'lon Red. The went onstage as M&M's! Their forthcoming second cd, "Mixed up world", is finished and will be out in mid-january. They have also recorded a song with Lan Mathias (Manowar, Kiss, Badlands) for an Ace Frehley tribute cd which should be out in january as well.

Kiss final album with Bruce and Eric was released on october 14th and is called "Carnival of Souls". I've had this album for over a year and it's very mediocre

Ex. Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick has together with ex. crue vocalist John Corabi, signed a record deal with Mayem records.

Young & Fabulous is about to relase a new hitsingle titled "I get more pussy than Frank Sinatra". It's a picture disc/collectors item and is available for $5.00 in the US and $8.00 everywhere else (prices includes postage)

Motley crue has recorded a song with 2 live crew called "crew 2 crue"

LA's legendary Tomorrow's child, unfortunately disbanded a couple of years ago, has a new cd postumt available. This was an excellent and unique band that got suckerpunched by the musicindustry and split up. Their recorded material have been unavailable due to legal rights but is finally released.

Timothy Jay (Spiders & Snakes) one of the organizers behind the "All that glitters" project recently told Glam & Glitzine "The next Glitter 'n glam Rockfest will be held at the Coconut Teaszer on Sunday, November 23rd and will feature Glamvestite Vampirez (their farewell show), Trash Brats (Detroit), Spiders & Snakes (Hollywood), Texas Terri (Hollywood), Rebel Rebel (Hollywood); ASM (San Bernadino) and Premonition (just moved here from Connecticut). The Halloween "All that glitters" show was a huge success at The Troubador in Hollywood... I'm looking into booking another "All that glitters"-show again at The Troubador in early January. I'll let you know as soon as I've booked it."

Sebastian Bach is out of Skid Row. Another great bands from the 80's that maybe should get their shit together.

Wicked Kin, a great LA glammetal band, is currently working on their 2nd album. Their looking for a drummer. Interested should call their hotline 8707) 762 - 3469

Canadian glampunks Sassy Scarlet has reformed.

Bluesy Great White will release a compilation cd called "Rock me"

Mother mercy played a show on halloween at Club 369. It was a KNAC rock event, an attempt at getting the fameous rockshow back on the air. Mother mercy is till waiting on the second pressing of their "Love at first bite". More on that later on.

Ratt has signed a majordeal with Columbia records. Eventhough Ratt have made some great albums over the years I do think that there are bands with a lot more potential these days.

The new D'molls album "Beyond d'valley of D'molls" is now available from Delinquent records. It contains left-overs from their Atlantic albums "D'molls" ad "Warped", plus some livetracks. Order it by phone (205) 353-2585 or write P.O box 2594, Decatur, AL 25602, USA Visit their homepage for more information.

Electric Religion has  got a 40 min set finished and will hit the road by the end of November together with american Strawman. Fans of the Cult, Love/hate or Shake the faith won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately I got the wrong adress to order Voodoo Lovecats' cd "Children shouldn't play with dead things" last issue. The correct one is:PLEASE SEND cheques/money orders in american dollars made payable to M.Beers, c/o Lovecat Promotions, P.O BOX 72767, Marietta, GA, 30007-2767 USA. Send $12 (includes postage within the USA) Add $2 anywhere else in the world

Traci Michaels' and Brandy Kates' Peppermint Creeps are playing their debut at the Roxy on November 13th.

Exit 21's 9 track demo "Straight from the mirror" has now been extended with another 8 tracks. The new tape price is 4/$6 cheques, postal orders payable to D.Edwards. The demo contains "Stars Moon Sunb" which has been released as a single; 2.50/$4 Cheques etc. payable to D.Edwards. For more information, check out their website.

Vamp is currently working on their second album entitled "A Tale of love and lovelessness".

Pretty boy Floyd will be opening for Dokken at The House of blues on December 7th. What a night!

The Rock City News annual awards were held on November 6th. Plenty of todays finest glam-/sleaze bands were represented. Read Glam& Glitzine's report.

Lipgloss, the glamproject of ex. Ratpack members Dean D.Foxx and Darren, has finished some songs called "Instigator", "Body Ride", Scarlet Woman" and "Unsaid". More on that project in next issue.

Forbidden Planet is rehearsing six new songs and playing a bunch of shows at the moment. As soon as they feel comfident with the new material, they'' start to record it. Expect a new cd by next summer.

Watch out for Prom Queen Starz. One of the best glambands I've ever heard. Catchy hooks and candy-coated vocals, too good to be true. Write 'em.

Kingsize has recorded a video for "Gravity's Bed", they've also played some out-of-town shows.

Davinci's Cradle is still working on their cd "Poor Beautiful You"

German glamdolls Hollywood Teasze has recorded a video for "I Don't wanna be alone". They have finally found a sponsor for the recording of their awaited second cd, expect a March/April release.

Delinquent Records is seeking bands for their "Pink & Black" compilation, featuring glam- and gothicbands. Interested should read the contract below:

Compilation 4: The Pink & The Black Goth 'n Glam '98 This contract details an agreement between Delinquent Records (LABEL) and the band/artist _______________________________ (ARTIST). The song to be featured is "_____________________________". This contract is only binding for the CD "Delinquent Compilation 4: The Pink & The Black: Goth 'n Glam '98"; no other agreements are implied. This compilation will be a double disk set featuring all the goth bands on one disk with black ondisk artwork and all of the glam bands on the other disk of the set, which will feature identical artwork illustrated in neon pink.

1. Artist agrees to pay Label the total of $250.00, in U.S. Currency, to cover printing and mailing expenses. The $250.00 is non refundable and should be paid in personal or business check (cheque), or international money order.

2. Artist will supply Label with a DAT tape (or CD/CD-R) of their material, with full writing/publishing credit documentation.

3. All publishing and copyrights is the responsibility of the songwriters; all ownership of songs remain those of the bands/artists including the sound recording and the underlying composition.

4. Label will press no fewer than 1500 CD's of the compilation. Each artist on the compilation will receive 30 copies of the double CD set for self promotion, direct sales and distribution. Label will distribute no fewer than 500 copies free of charge, at the Label's expense, to international magazines/fanzines/media publications, distributors, promoters, and radio stations for review, airplay, and consideration.

5. 200 copies will be furnished free of charge to U.S. retail stores such as Tower Records, MusicLand, Virgin MegaStores, Newbury Comics, etc. These initial copies will be intended for in- store play and marketing evaluation.

6. All additional copies will be made available for retail sale, direct mail order and purchase by international distributors. Each band will be paid the statutory rate of $.0695 to the owner of each song, as specified by the United States Copyright laws for Mechanical Royalties for releases dated after January 1, 1996. Rates are updated by The Harry Fox Agency of New York and can be found on the internet at

7. Mechanical Royalties are paid only on copies sold and monies collected from the distribution source. Royalties are paid quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Royalty checks for ___________________(band) will be made payable to the order of _____________________ (financial representative for the band). _________________ _________________ _________________ _______________ (label initials) (band initials)

8. All press reviews will be kept on file by the Label. Copies of press can photocopied and forwarded to each participating band or artist upon request. The copy quality will be suitable for reprint in promotional packages.

9. This contract shall not limit artist from entering into any other contracts or agreements with any other labels for distribution, publishing rights, re-recording or partial or total sale to the rights of the song "_______________________________ " to any corporate entity, company or individual at any time in the future.

10. Delinquent Records will not reproduce any band or artist's song for any other compilation without expressed written consent. Delinquent Records will not intentionally allow any outside party access to reproducing any of the songs or bands on the CD.

11. The Label does not seek any revenue from outside negotiations and contractual agreements, not involving the Label, arranged by the Band or their management.
Signed, DELINQUENT RECORDS ______________________________________ Date ___________________ ______________________________________ Signed, BAND/ARTIST ______________________________________ Date ___________________

Delinquent Records PO Box 2594 Decatur, Alabama 35602 Studio\Label Offices: 205.353.2582
fax 205.353.2830

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*Rockin' Hard into 2K* P.O. Box 2594 Decatur, AL 35602


Nightshade Little Rebel, D'Molls, Morphine Angel, Hollywood Teasze (Germany), Paraidse Alley (UK)