Archive News - October 1999

Mister Manics recently fired vocalist Wayne Malice and reformed as The Manics. Lizzy Mean explains why - more...

The Top 50 countdown has been postponed. Glitzine's editor has been too busy recording with teenidols Sugar Shock. The Countdown will however, start this week. We apologize :(

Download the brand new Guns n Roses song "Oh My God"

Plan 9's "Dead Inside" got KKK in Kerrang. They will soon start to record their new CD. The Band will tour Denmark in November.

Looking for old Twisted Sister and Enuff Znuff albums? Look no further as they soon will be rereleased.

Join the new New York Dolls fan club and receive photos via e-mail. The Price is $ 5.00. E-mail: for more information.

Guttersluts vocalist Jonni told Glitzine "We will be in New York November 15th to play some showcases an to promote the release of our CD in the stores here in the states. also we are currently looking for a bassplayer. Frank is no longer with the band. Anyone interested should send their stuff to Guttersluts PO BoX 131 LA CA 90078".

Mister Manic's CD has been delayed and three of the four members - Rik Havok (guitar), Doc Nasty (bass) & Lizzy Mean (drums) - recently let the band to form The Manics. Delinquent Records dropped the old band and signed the new. Glitzine will soon feature an article on the Manics.

It's been quiet on the Glitzine's front lately. Editor Starlet Glitter has been in the studio, recording a CD with his band SUGAR SHOCK.

Soon, we will finally be able to hear a new Guns n Roses song. It will appropriately be titled "Oh My God," will appear in both in the film and on the soundtrack CD of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "End of Days".

Check out the new Electric Angels website

According to some sources, Pretty Boy Floyd has announced they will be playing one final show and then they will be breaking up. That is obvious, everyone makes one last show before breaking up. The questions is when this show will take place. More on that later on.

Hollywood Teasze is currently touring Australia.

Lesli's (formerly Queeny Blast Pop and The Distractions, current bassist in Pretty Boy Floyd) new project City Girls Boys. The will soon release their first CD.

Stay tuned to check out the next Michael Monroe album, which is to be titled : "Life Gets You Dirty". No word of a track list (yet). Also, be sure to check out the letter to the fans at his website

Guitarist Mick Sweda (King Kobra, Bullet Boys) has put up some of his music on the website of his label, Monsters Making Music.

Jizzy Pearl (ex-Love/Hate and L.A. Guns) is in the process of releasing his new book "I Got More Crickets Than Friends". Book release info will be available at his website.

The Misfits recently released a new CD "Famous Monsters"

Poison's "Crack a Smile" has been postponed to February 2nd.

There is a new band called New American Shame, featuring ex. members of Talk Cheap/The Distractions/Queeny Blast Pop. More on them later on.