Archive News - October 1998

  The Mistakes' new EP, "Dressed for Suckcess",  is mastered. The Tracks are: Let's go, American Dream, Riot, Fight back, Hero, Knowledge , Freak (bonus track from "Angry Youth"), We're not gonna take it. Todd Wiltse is currently working on his record company's - Reject Records - Website. "Dressed For Suckcess" can be ordered now by sending $8.00 (u.s. funds only) to:

The Mistakes
P.O. Box 370152
Reseda, Ca 91337-0152
(overseas orders add $3. shipping)

U.K glamrockers Paradise Alley will be starting their American tour in New York this November.

Morphine Angel will soon release their new album - "Age of Man".

Nancy Chandler, president of Delinquent Records, and rhythm guitarist for Little Rebel, reports that she is currently negotiating corporate sponsorship. If everything works out according to plan, this will open the door for Delinquent bands to start touring Japan, The Philippines, and Australia. Little Rebel (soon to be reviewed in Glitzine) will be the first to make the journey to Japan to kick off their "Full Rebel Jacket" tour.

Undercover Slut has got a 'zine available - "Lipstikk Whores". It features interviews, reviews, song lyrics and heaps of pix! It's available for US$4 through the band @ 29 Rue Boussingault, Suite C5, 75013, Paris - France. The current track list for the bands upcoming 6 track CD includes; "Killing For Kulture", "Bleed Baby Bleed", "Oral F*kk Pt 2", "Possession ('98 Version)", "Humiliation" and "Lipstikk Whore #666".

Prom Queen Starz are back! The Astonishing response to what was meant to be their last show convinced the band to go on. The Band will have a more 80's oriented image though, with lots of leather and make-up. They also have a new bassist, Peter Stanton.

Mister Manic has signed to Delinquent Records and will start to record their debutCD in October. Probably the sleaziest release since Pussycat's debut. They will also playing the Sleaze Fest 98 in Buffalo New York on September 6th

The Mistakes have got a new  website on

The Sinisters are rumored to be on hiatus as of now. I have guitarist Scarlet's word that they will not be playing a Toronto date until Halloween. In the meantime he has formed the side project Plasma Blast with vocalist Markus (last name unknown as of now), with Tylenol 5 members SaM on bass and T-5 singer Tom on drums. They have released the all acoustic EP "The Suicide Sessions", but Sam and Tom do not appear on this release. (This is a good thing as the latest word is that Sam has just left.) Sinisters bass player Troy Sinister is having way too much fun at the Bovine Sex Club.

Former Ballroom Zombies vocalist Robin Black was apparently forming a band with Morpheus Blak (no relation), owner of the upscale goth boutique SIREN, on Guitar but has since left. He has joined other ex-Ballroom Zombie Stacy Straye (who's played with just about every other glam project in Toronto) and D.J. Starboy, also from the Bovine Sex Club and Club Shanghai to form (Drum roll please...) Robin Black and his Intergalactic Rock Stars! Lauded within the Glam/Punk community and panned by Eye magazine, they are considered to be one of the front runners in the city.

Kai and the War Milk Boys have been making waves of late, with Kai being refered to as :"Our new favorite Rock Star" by Eye Magazine after making an impressive showing at the NXNE festival. They have been firmly embraced by Orange Alert, run by Mark Holmes of Vertigo (ex-Platinum Blonde).

White Sluts are currently in pre-production with Vocalist/Guitarist/Megalomaniac Adolf Chri$t doing the majority of recording himself while Drummer/ Lunatic-king-of-the- monkey-people Kjaer James recuperates from a fractured rib after a particularly drunken night at CREAM (Glam night every Monday at Club Phoenix). Songs in the can include "2 Months in a Bottle", "Dead & Gone", "The Last Time" and "Somewhere Between Heaven & Hollywood" A 2nd guitarist is unconfirmed as of now but front runners include metal-bastard Jamie Gibson and rave-king Martin "liquid" Premont. Adolf is also rumored to be talking to a bass player named Page, recommended to him by Bryan Thomas, of Die Blind fame.

David Bowie has announced that there is a "Ziggy Stardust" film in development, which will feature songs from his classic album as well as new ones, all to be released on a new double CD.

Guitarist Eesh (ex-David Lee Roth Band) has joined Marilyn Manson,   replacing Zum Zum.

Motley Crue will release a greatest hits compilation October. It'll be mixed by Bob Rock and feature two new songs. Well, I guess they need the old songs to gain some interest.

The forthcoming Black Crowes album, "By Your Side" has been postponed to a Nov. 17 release date. In the meantime, the Crowes will release a box - "Sho'Nuff" - with all their previous albums as well as some bonustracks and a liveEP.

Several rumors claim that Poison has broken up. Bret Michaels' perpetually postponed soloalbum and C.C. Deville's lack of interest, is mentioned as the cause. I haven't heard anything from one single reliable source as of yet, I guess the amount of truth isn't that huge. Rikki Rockett seems to be the only bandmember interested in a  Poison-reunion though.

Honeycrack will release their unreleased demos on CD in August 1998. The  CD contains seven new songs and three live tracks recorded on their final tour. "The Unreleased Demos" is only available by Mail Order from 369 Records.

Ratt will tour with Steve Whiteman's (ex. Kix) Funny Money in September. The Recording of the new album starts in October, there is supposed to be about 20 new songs to choose from.

It's been twenty years since Kiss produced their first movie - Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. One of the worst films I've ever seen but lacking the humor of other low-budget movies which make it quite a bore to watch. Well, the reunited Kiss are planing to return to the screen with "Detroit Rock City". Described as a coming-of-age story about four Kiss fans who aim to get into a sold-out KISS concert in 1978.

Twisted Sister will reunite for a song on Dee Sniders forthcoming movie - Strangeland. Maybe this is the first step to a complete reunion of one of the best glitterbands of the 80's.