Archive News - September 1998

  The Mistakes' new EP, "Dressed for Suckcess",  is mastered. The Tracks are: Let's go, American Dream, Riot, Fight back, Hero, Knowledge , Freak (bonus track from "Angry Youth"), We're not gonna take it. Todd Wiltse is currently working on his record company's - Reject Records - Website. "Dressed For Suckcess" can be ordered now by sending $8.00 (u.s. funds only) to:

The Mistakes
P.O. Box 370152
Reseda, Ca 91337-0152
(overseas orders add $3. shipping)

Backyard Babies' guitarist Dregen is working on a project with Ginger (Wildhearts) called Super Shit 66. The colleboration started when Dregen played on Ginger's "If I Was You, I'd Kiss Me". Dregen recently left his former side-project - Hellacopters - due to lack of time, therefore this constellation comes as a surprise. Super Shit 66 seems more like a one-time thing though.

Darren of The Machine will add a special section to his website. It will have pics and realplayer tunes of his previous bands. Toxik Toyz (featuring Anddi Vamp and Simon Colliers), Ratpack (x-llent glam/sleaze), Electric Religion (Ratpack minus Dean), Trendkill and Lipgloss. Check out his page.

In related news, Anddi Vamp's The Romeo's have put up some realplayer song on their homepage. Take the opportunity to listen to some astonishing glampunk. If only Vamp could get his act together! The Romeo's website:

Joe Hutchinson told Glitzine "We're recording new songs, some with heavy Pop anglings, and others a bit experimental with drum loops and more "groove" than expected from the Hutchinsons. We will make a move away from the "bombastic" live sound, and focus more on new sounds, solid song structures and new textures, with sibling harmonies still intact! Imagine a Hip Hop version of the Beatles or if Beck was in the original Rolling Stones line-up!"

Deadgirl is currently busy auditioning new bass players. They're planning to enter the studio this summer with an early fall CD-release.

Bengal Tigers is currently working on their new website at: Their CD will be released as soon as the site is up. Meanwhile, visit their old website:(

John Tonic are trying out new drummers at the moment. They will start to record their first album in August.

Detroit's Mister Manic will enter Soundworks Studios in November/December to start working on their first full-length CD.

Spyder Darling reports on the current Dirt of Detox Darlings

"Replacements have been found for departed bassist and guitarist Kandy Ken and Ben Z'Drine, who checked out of Detox at the end of May under mysterious, unsolved circumstances. Checking in however, on bad to the bone bass is Roxy Darling, who played most recently with USA glamsters Black Rose Garden (check out their track "Porno Star" on Delinquent Records Pink & Black goth/glam compilation). The new superstar lead guitar in town is Nicky "Black Angel" Darling, who's former band, Black Angel, were mainstay's of the New York City rock'n roll scene for nearly 10 years. Nicky's shared stages with various members of the NY Dolls, Dead Boys and Misfits and we couldn't be happier to have both him and Roxy in our intoxicated little family unit!

"Pretty Little Junkie", Detox anthem to sleazy little girls everywhere has just been released on a second compilation. Earlier this year it came out on the Pink & Black double disk and can now be heard on "The Trendy Compilation" from Trend Is Dead Records. We recommend that copies be ordered through the band, 'cause we need the money more than they do!

Our biggest show, so far, of the summer is coming up Aug 3 when we open for RATT in Danbury CT."

I recently listened to Kiss forthcoming single - "Psycho Circus". I'm not a big fan of Kiss but I must admit that the new stuff actually was good. They've dropped their desires to follow every trend possible.

Psycho Gypsy is getting plenty of coverage at the moment. They recently played The "80's retro raunchy glam slam" with Guttersluts. Unfortunately the Sluts car broke and they had to wait two hours in the desert of Arizona. They played headline the following night instead.

Temptress is gearing up for another wild SEXtravaganza of shock rock, this time at The Point in Atlanta, GA on Fri. Aug. 7, as part of the Atlantis Music Fest, they'll be headlining. Their show is about midnight. This will be their second show featuring Joe Pet on drums, formerly of the Jo Perry Project.

Some songtitles from their forthcoming CD; "Queen For a Day" and "Crack the Whip"

Queeny Blast Pop will be recording our album the first few weeks
of Aug.

L.A Guns' vocalist Ralph Saenz has quit. The Departure was unexpected as LA Guns soon will be off on tour supporting their brand new "Waysted" album. Steve Riley and Tracii Guns have asked Phil Lewis to join but he turned the offer down. He wrote to Electric Gypsy:

"...I'm not suprised that you think nothing of expecting me to drop everything and join a band with you and Steve called LA Guns. When we spoke about it six months ago I was a little interested in doing a live album, but you fucked me then and that's fine, Ralph deserved a break. But I've heard nothing but shit talked about me from you guys. I'd look pretty foolish jumping in now, don't you think? I have a band and a CD coming out soon and I have a great day gig that comes along once a lifetime. And knowing our chemistry the whole thing would last maybe a week. I'm not prepared to give that up. I honestly think you're a talented guitarist and capable of good  things but everything I've heard since I left has been really inferior  and I feel to get involved would be a step back. Come on, Tracii, it would never work. It's like getting back with an old girlfriend. It's never the same.  Give it up. Move on. You can rise above this. Do something new. It's hard, I know, but it's for the best. Bury LAG with a little dignity . I wish you well. "

Well, L.A. Guns continue looking for a new vocalist.

The confirmed dates for the tour of Pretty Boy Floyd/Enuff Znuff/Bang Tango/Bullet Boys (Gilby Clarke?)

18 Jul- Las Vegas
19 Jul-Tuscon
20 Jul-Phoenix
23 Jul-Albuquerque
24 Jul-Austin
25 Jul-Dallas
26 Jul-Houston
29 Jul-Kansas City
31 Jul-Jackson
1 Aug-Atlanta
5 Aug-Jacksonville
6 Aug-Tampa
7 Aug-FT Myers
8 Aug-FT Lauderdale
9 Aug-Orlando
10 Aug-Bradenton
13 Aug-Boston
14 Aug-Baltimore
15 Aug-Springfield, MA
16 Aug-Brookhaven
21 Aug-Springfield, VA
27 Aug-Danbury
28 Aug-New Britain
29 Aug-Old Bridge

Steven Adler (formerly Guns n Roses, Road Crew, Freaks in the Room) seemed to have joined Bullet Boys but in the end it didn't work out. They will continue with their former drummer Robbie Karras as they take off to tour with Enuff znuff and Pretty Boy Floyd this summer.

Dee Snider is preparing a new CD entitled "Still Twisted" featuring unreleased material from Twisted Sister, Desperado and Widowmaker.

Dokken has a new guitarist named John Levin.

Ratt signed with Sony on June 24th. Richie Zito will produce their next album which will be out in January

Vocalist Henrik Ostergaard's (formerly Dirty looks, Rumbledog) new band Burning Orange has an 8-song CD out called "TAAR" on Mirror Records.

Kyle Vincent continues collaborating with Tommy Dunbar and Parthenon Huxley, giving the pop fans special assurance of some fabulous tunes forthcoming. Vincent's "Wake Me Up" video is still scheduled to appear in the Garry Marshall movie "The Other Sister", slated for release in early '99.

The Sansei Records website is now up and running featuring:  Spiders & Snakes, Epoxy Glow, Revlon Red, Rebel Rebel, The Mistakes and more.

Jon Stevens (ex. Noiseworks), has been chosen as the new singer for Slash's Snakepit

CC DeVille (Poison) is playing on the soundtrack to "Bury Me In Kern County". The Poison reunion is on a hiatus as none of the members seem to be that interested

Pretty Boy Floyd has been taken off the "Pink and the Black" album due to the dispute considering the copyright on the song "Saturday Night". They will probably be replaced with Warrant. This will do neither the compilation nor Pretty Boy Floyd any good. It looks like they will be on a Motley Crue compilation CD though, together with Rattlin' Bones (Aeriel Stiles' and Vinnie Chas' band) and others. Visit the website:

The Reformed Heavens Edge's new album will be entitled "Some other place some other time". It'll be released on MTM in late August.

Sharon Middendorf-lead singer/guitarist from Motorbaby is featured along with Robin Zander, Enuff Z Nuff, Gilby Clarke, Glen Burtnick, Crown Jewels and many others on a double CD that pays tribute to one the greatest rock & roll bands ever. Sharon recorded the track "If You Want My Love" at Planet studios

Undercover Slut has got a new bassist -  Sikk. Visit the Undercover Slut site

Pretty Boy Floyd is about to release an EP featuring some new songs, almost ten years after their latest CD - the phenomenal "Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz"

Tommy Paris and Johnny Dee (ex. Britny Fox) have a new band called Uncle Edna.

Black n Blue has recently released a CD called "One Night Only Live" (only available from It contains liveversions of their best songs. A Complete tracklist would be: Rockin On Heavens Door, Autoblast, Hold On To 18, Does She Or Doesn't She, Heat It Up!Burn It Out!, Without Love, Miss Mystery, Violent Kid, I'll Be There For You, Wicked Bitch, School of Hard Knocks, I'm The King

There is a new New York Dolls CD out called "Dawn of the Dolls". It contains 11 songs from an early rehearsal session (10th Oct, 1971) with the line-up of Rivets, Kane, Thunders and Murcia. This was before vocalist David Johansen joined the band. The CD is available for $17 from George Fedorick, 22411 Manor Rd, Queens Village, NY 11427, USA.

Drag Queenies, Impotent Sea Snakes, will tour the U.S. this summer. If you're looking for an outrageous event, don't miss this tour that starts in Tampa on July 3rd. The Sea Snakes is also supposed to tour Europe this fall. More on that later on...

L.A. Guns' "Waysted" EP seemed to be on a hiatus as someone was making big bucks selling a bootleg of it. That problem is now solved however.

Sweet Pain's debut will soon be re-released. Sweet Pain was a glamband, featuring Kelly Nickels (L.A. Guns), that released their only album back in 1985. It's been a collectors item ever since.

Watch out for new bands such as Plan 9, Bang Toys 69 and The Jones Gang

Kevin of Davinci's Cradle told Glitzine "The design of the CD is being completed now and we should ship that of to press soon (3 weeks maybe) and then it should be a month after that when we get the CD."

Prom Queen Starz have disbanded. Their last show ever will be on July 17 1998 in NY. Guitarist Kiki Blast has revamped his eighties band, Penthouse. From now on, he'll use his real name - Dale Fennimore. Prom Queen Starz' last show ever will be on July 17 in N.Y. Dale will perform some new material acoustically before the show.

Rebel Rebel bassist Teddy will be on London this November doing press and meeting with labels. Any fanzines or interested parties can set up interviews at: 909-875-952, e-mail: or write: 7510 Sunset Blvd #174 Hollywood, C.A. 90046, U.S:A.

Bubble is a new LA band featuring Share Pedersen(Vixen, Contraband and MSG), Bam (Dogs D'Amour and The Wildhearts), Alex Kane (Life, Sex, & Death and Enuff Z'Nuff) and Brian Perry (Dirty Looks and the Jake E. Lee band). They are hard rock with a punk edge, order their CD "Picnic at the Asylum" from

Rejects has changed bassist.

Phil Lewis (e.x. L.A Guns) has hooked up with former Faster Pussycat guitarist Brent Muscat.

Spiral Fetish's bassist Drew on the decision to call it quits. "We all had a great time while it lasted but in the end it just wasn't as much fun anymore, and that's what cared about the fun! Tori has a new band called The Ramplings. They are a Beatlesque pop band, clean quitars, no distortion, very straight forward. Blair has been trying his luck on stage as an actor. He's had a few small parts in Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease, Tommy, Hair, etc.. I haven't been doing too much except writing a lot of songs and trying to find a new band or guy to start a band with. I think the reason been having such a hard time is because I know exactly what it is I looking for and I refuse to
compromise. "

Arizona's Psycho Gypsies will play with L.A.'s Guttersluts on Friday July 10th atThe Mason Jar, Phoenix AZ.

Guns 'n' Roses (Axl Rose that is) new line-up is Robin Finck (Nine inch Nails) on guitars, Tommy Stinson (Formerly Replacements) on bass and Josh Freese on drums.

In related news; Duff McKagan, Slash and Izzy Stradlin (all former Guns n Roses members) are all set to release soloalbums this year. Stradlin's is already out, featuring Mckagan and Slash. Slash's album will feature Ryan Roxie (Dad's Porno Mag, Electric Angels). McKagan's "Beautiful Disaster" will feature Mike Bordin (ex. Faith No More) on guitars.

Pretty Boy Floyd, Enuff Znuff, Bullet Boys and Bang Tango will tour together soon. here are no name of the tour as of yet. Sources disagree on whether Gilby Clark will take part in this tour.

  DeadGirl is very busy at the moment, still looking for a bassist before entering the studio to record their first CD. Nel-e Kel-e told Glitzine "The band did however managed to find time to book a show at the Dragonfly in Hollywood on May 14 with Spiders & Snakes, Demolition Dolls, and the Mistakes. This show is definitely gonna be one to remember! Discount admission for those on the guest list only so email us and we'll put you and all your friends on it so no excuses! Be there! The fan club is currently being reorganized so if you requested info and haven't got it yet, don't worry you will!

Detox Darlings will play the classic C.B.G.B.S at Bleeker Street on July 4th.

Hollywood-based, Sci-Fi Glitter-rockers Spiders & Snakes are currently in pre-production for their sixth and latest studio LP entitled "London Daze" which is scheduled to hit the stores this winter. This sixth album marks Lizzie Grey's return to his infamous roots as one of  Hollywood's best songwriters and to a style epitomized by the numerous glittery, arena hard-rock bands that evolved out of the city in the late '70s and early '80s. The album's sound will be closer to early W.A.S.P./Crue than anything that Spiders & Snakes have previously released, and will include bonus tracks, a CD-ROM music video and a special fold-out, full-color poster inside of the packaging.

For more information on Spiders & Snakes, check out their brand-new website

Willow Wisp will soon enter the studio to record their follow-up to last year's "The Building up and Breaking Down of Matter"

Popmetal mistress', Precious Metal, has reunited and have a new album out - "What You See is What You Get"

Jetboy will soon release an album of unreleased tracks called "A Day in the Glamorous Life". A Complete tracklist is: Feel so good, Cut me down, One night stand, Fire in my heart, Quick draw, Bad disease, Losin streak, Missing you, Rockin all over the world, In the alley, Boogie woogie girl, Prairie nights, Talkin, Shout it out, I wanna be a millionaire, Car sex, Don't mess with my hair. The album will son be reviewed in Glitzine.

The Things, formerly known as Swingin' Thing, will release a CD as Things. Tracks likely to appear: All that glitters, Underground, Trippin' the lights fantastic, Pump!, All shook up, Stamp out reality, Bleed, Precious, Generation, No one but myself to blame, I want your body

Hollywood Teasze has finally released their second CD and follow up to the successful "Glamdolls in Toyland". The album is entitled "No Flakes" and contains 13 catchy songs such as "Hangin' around", "Cheerio", "Big Red Tie", "You and Me" and a cover of Shampoo's "Girl Power". "No Flakes" shows a more mature HollyWood Teasze. It will very soon be reviewed in Glitzine.

"No Flakes" is available via mail-order. Please send $ 15 plus $ 4 for shipping. If we receive you're order before the 31st. of July the shipping is on Hollywood Teasze (just $ 15). To order simply send safely secured cash (sorry no MO's, cheques, etc) to: Hollywood Teasze, Webergasse 28, 87435 Kempten, Germany

For more details please check out the Hollywood Teasze website at:

Guitarist Oz Fox and bassist, Tim Gaines (formerly Stryper), have formed Sin Dizzy. Their debut album, "He's Not Dead" follows the same Christian path as their former band. In related news, Michael Sweet has recently finished his third soloalbum. Check out his website for more details.

Former shock rockers W.A.S.P. seems to be out of the Metal Mania bill. .

Former Skid Row vocalist, Sebastian Bach, has started his own record label - Get Off My Bach Records (Sony Music). Bach has recorded five songs for an upcoming solo album. The line-up is Jimmy Flemion, guitarist Richie Scarlet, bassist "Larry" and drummer Mark "Bambam" McConnell.

Producer Howard Benson (Tuff, Bang Tango, Pretty Boy Floyd, Child's Play) is currently producing Sepultura's new album. Maybe he'll teach them a thing or two about rock n roll!

The Glam/Goth compilation on Delinquent Records - "The Pink and the Black" is finally out. It contains 18 glam and 18 goth songs. The Release Party at the Dragonfly on July 12th, will feature: Mister Manic, Little Rebel, Spiders & Snakes, Sammy Serious, Industry Eleven, Foxy Roxx and Sleepy Hollow. http//

There are serious plans on Faster Pussycat tribute album due on Terminator Records for release at the end of this year. Bands likely to appear include Plan 9, Undercover Slut, Groove Fiction Sex Ceremony and Black Rose Garden.

London After Midnight is currently working on some new material. http//

Gilby Clarke is working on his new CD - "Rubber" - with bassist Phil Soussan (ex, Beggars & Thieves among others), drummer Eric Singer. Hopefully it will follow the same successful path as "The Hangover". Clarke is producing the album himself.

"Psycho Circus", the new Kiss album, has been postponed.

Former Tesla vocalist Jeff Keith, has formed a band with Tommy Skeoch, Ray Hinckley, Denis Bostok and Steve "Vegas" Smith.

Watch out for a forthcoming CD with unreleased demos of Honeycrack.

Enuff Znuff, will release their new record through Pony Canyon in July 1998 called "Paraphenelia".

Bomb of the month?! Big Bang Babies have reunited. They played the Roxy on May 2nd with Revlon Red and Fizzy Bangers, their first show in four years. Big Bang Babies was maybe the best band during the dry years of glamrock in the early nineties. Both their CD's, especially the second "Black Market", is essential for all fans of rock 'n roll. "Stop the clock! It's time to rock. We've been waiting all week long. Five long days of teenage rage in the hearts of the young.!"

Baby Dolls is another great L.A. band from the late eighties/early nineties about to reform. They consisted of Sean Gypsy Doll (vocals), Surfer Dan (guitar), Brandi Vogue (Bass), Eyajo Gypsy (keyboards) and Brian Elle (drums). Their music was labeled as gypsy glam which is gothic glampop to these ears. Eyajo Gypsy and Surfer Dan later formed gothic group Astro Vamps. Interested should mail vocalist Sean on More on them in the next issue of Glitzine.

Skid Row will release a best-off compilation later this year. It will feature some rare versions of previously released songs as well as one new, "Forever", from their early days of sleazy rock 'n roll. That CD would be something worth buying! The Band will also start to record an album with new vocalist Sean McCabe in a more modern pop vein.

On a sad note, Spiral Fetish has broken up. I really recommend everyone to get a copy of their "Whatever Happened to fun?!?!?!" CD which is full of poisonous glamrock.

Guns 'n Roses original line-up, except Axl (lead vocals), is working on some new sleazeoriented material. Their former lead vocalist seems to be way under the ice, working on his modern technorock combo.

Glitterpunks Romeo's Dead (read the interview this issue) are planning a summertour to support their Davy Vain-produced vinyl single which will be released in early June.

Doug Sex has quit Revlón Red to join L.A. glamband DeadGirl on permanent basis.

Guy Baily (of Quireboys fame) has got a new band called Dog Kennel Hill.

The Rejects are a new glampunk band out to put Iowa on the map. Check out their website:

L.A. Guns will soon release their new 6-track EP, "Wasted". It'll contain 4 new songs as well as a new version of "The Ballad of Jane" and a cover on Kiss' "Cold Gin".

Other related releases is Boneyard "Sonic Therapy" (with Johnny Crypt and Chris Van Dahl, pre- L.A. Guns). Filthy Lucre "Popsmear" (featuring Phil Lewis) and Killing Machine's new album (featuring Tracii Guns). You can order Boneyard from:, Filthy Lucre from: and Killing Machine's and L.A. Guns' CD's from:

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