Archive News - September 1997

REBEL REBEL will tour with IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES in October. Expect an out-of-the-ordinary outrageous show!

NEWLYDEADS' Kyle Kyle (ex. BANG TANGO) has been involved in a car accident, resulting in a punctured lung and a broken colorbone.

THE DROPOUTZ (formely BEAUTYSCHOOL DROPOUTS) have disbanded. It's uncertain whether their recorded cd ever will see the light of day. What a waste! T.Smash has a new band called STRANGE DAZE. More on them later on.

FOXY ROXX's second cd "Mixed up world" has been postponed 'til January. They have however recorded a song, "Talk to me" (from KISS' "Unmasked" album), for an Ace Frehley tribute album. A double cd which will be released at two different occasions, first part in October and the second in January. Others appearing are LA GUNS, PANTERA, ANTHRAX, SEBASTIAN BACH, FOE FIGHTERS, JOHN CORABI, SMASHED GLADYS and MARILYN MANSON.

UGLY KID JOE, the band that scored a huge hit with "Everything about you" a couple of years ago, have broken up.


Gilby Clarke (ex. CANDY, KILL FOR THRILLS and GUNS n ROSES) will soon release his second soloalbum "The Hangover" in the states. The title is referring to his state of mind after the departure with GUNS N ROSES. My opinion is that he was the most talented of the bunch but I guess others think differently. Anyway I had the opportunity to listen to the album a couple of days ago and I can tell you it's really good! Sounds a lot like his previous album 94 "Pawnshop Guitars" but with more obvious touches of his roots. "The Hangover" sounds like a glitteralbum from the early seventies. Ryan Roxie (DAD'S PORNO MAG, ex. ELECTRIC ANGELS) is guestappearing and Gilby's got plenty of help from C.J. DeVillan (ex. DEAR MR. PRESIDENT and STEVIE SALAS' COLORCODE). The Result is a quite impressive album!

YOUNG & FABULOUS! is in the studio working on their second cd. Expect a soundfile on some new song really soon.

SUICIDE ALLEY is protesting against the pay-to-play policy by giving away their tickets for the PRETTY BOY FLOYD show at Sept. 27th.

THE ROMEOS' new demo "Bubblegum Cabaret" will soon be available. More information as I get it.

The New RATT album "Collage" is, according to some reviews, a disappointment. A pity because I had high hopes on their 3/5 reunion (Robbin Crosby and Juan Croucier are missing)

QUEENY BLAST POP will play the Coconut Teaszer at September 12th. Be there!

Johnny Favorite (ex. DARLING DEAD bassist) is now with GUTTERSLUTS.

Rumours have it that Kip Winger is the new basstard for WHITESNAKE.

SPIRAL FETISH are currently working on their second cd, the follow-up album to "Whatever happened to fun?!?!?"

Staci (CONSCIENCE PILOTS) and Robin Black (BALLROOM ZOMBIES) are forming a sideproject. No name as of yet.

In related news, CONSCIENCE PILOTS Canada's finest glitterband are on a hiatus. Neil has recently put out his solotape and several members has left the band.

CONSCIENCE PILOTS are, by the way, featured in the "Orange Alert" cd a compilation cd on the Toronto glamscene

SPIDERS & SNAKES will record their sixth cd at the Whiskey-a-go-go with EPOXY GLOW, REBEL REBEL, FOXY ROXX, SAMMY SERIOUS and REVLON RED. This show is the first in a serie based on the "All that glitters..." compilation cd. The Next show is on October 31 and features BLACK LURXX, FOXY ROXX, REVLON RED, SPIDERS & SNAKES and THE MISTAKES.

PRETTY BOY FLOYD is currently negotiating with Delinquent records.

HOLLYWOOD TEAZSE has recently recorded their third video, "I Don't wanna be alone"