Archive News - August 1998

  Chauncy.R.Fabulous vocalist/guitarist for N.Y’s outrageous Young & Fabulous! told Glitzine "We are still working on finishing our new CD-looks like August or September release. Gigs coming up at CBGB on July 11th and at Webster Hall on July 2nd... Check out our friends Bikini Contest on the Cool Girls Website-we're mentioned in there somewhere too."

Fans of old-fashioned glamrock inspired by the likes of Kiss, should watch out for Canada's The Loving Dead (reviewed this issue)

North California's Wicked Kin is still working on their second cd, the follow up "Born Killers". Their new drummer Sixx is great but they are still one guitarist short.

CMC has dropped Warrant.

Detox Darlings' Spyder Darling told Glitzine "The search is on, on barroom floors, behind dumpsters and around methadone clinics the world over! Raunchy replacements are now being sought, by top American glam/punk band Detox Darlings for the highly coveted spots of Guitar hero and BadAss Bassist! Slightly sad, but all too true! It is with a hangover head that guitar slinger/rock'n roll singer Spyder Darling reports the departure of Axe Grinding Bitch Magnet Ben Z'Drine Darling and Banzai Bassist Kandy Ken Darling. Within a week of each other, both mascara smeared madmen turned in their "pink slips", musical differences being Ben'z reason and Kandy Ken not citing any reason other than "feeling". Well, as Ozzy would say, Detox isn't for everyone!"

Detox Darlings will finish out the shows they have booked through the end of May with the current line-up and their new faces, possibly as early as June 11, at Coney Island High in New York CIty.

"We've always shined when faced with great challenges" Spyder says. "I'm confident we'll be back and badder than ever quicker than you can say Jack Daniels!"

Interested parties who can contact the band at or through
their website:

N.Y gothic glamrockers Krissten is finishing writing material for their second album. The Recording is scheduled to start this summer. They will perform at the N.Y release party for Delinquent Records' "Pink & Black" CD which features Krissteen's single "Pillow Trash".

Hollywood's cyberpunks Rebel Rebel will soon appear on the Jenny Jones Show. They are currently working on some new songs as well as showcasing for various record companies such as MCA, Metal Blade and Rattlesnake Venom. In case they’re signed, it will be the first glam/sleaze/punk band on MCA since Pretty Boy Floyd and the other glittergods from the late eighties.

Detroit's Illegal recently won "Best Male Lead Vocalist" and "Best Rock Band" awards at the Michigan Music Awards. They will also be performing in full make-up and costumes (Creatures of the Night era) at the 1998 Kiss Expo. Their acoustic song "Friends" will be on Jam Rag Magazine's best of Detroit Bands Compilation.

L.A. best glamband (according to The Rock City News awards) Guttersluts, have released a new demo featuring four songs; "Need to Know", "Kids are Here", "Devil on the Door" and "Overrated". It shows a slightly different sound than on their "Beg, Borrow and Steal" CD. A bit more mature and sleaze, less glam. The tape will be reviewed in the next issue of Glitzine.

Todd Wiltse of the Mistakes spoke to Glitzine "We'll be going into the studio in mid-may to begin recording the follow-up to "Angry Youth" (reviewed in this issue of Glitzine - Ed). It'll be called "Dressed for Suckcess" and will probably have 8 songs. Some of the titles are: "Hero", "American Dream", "Start A Riot" & "Let's Go". There will also be a couple of covers on it. The new songs are more in the Glam/Pop vein than some of the stuff on "Angry Youth". More like the style of the song "Freak". It should be out in July, our great debut CD "Angry Youth" is still available by sending $10.00 (U.S. Currency, Money Order Only payable to T. Wiltse) to:The Mistakes P.O. Box 370152, Reseda CA 91337. Overseas orders add $4.00 shipping."

Look out for new L.A. glam/sleaze bands such as Demolition Dolls and Miss Tress. They both played at a "All That Glitters" festival recently together with Spiders & Snakes, DeadGirl, Premonition and The Mistakes.

The "All That Glitters" compilation CD that all these shows are based on, is available from Sansei Records for $ 13.98 and can be purchased by sending a money order or cashier's check payable to Sansei Records; P.O Box 6245, Beverly Hills, CA 902 12, U.S.A. A CD well worth buying!

L.A.'s alternative bubblegumpunks The God Zoo, are in the studio working on their 12 song CD. They're hoping to release it by the end of June.

Hollywwod Teasze new album will be entitled "No Flakes" and will be out in three weeks. Chriz Lakriz told Glitzine "Hollywood Teasze will be on tour this year with the Trash brats again in October - November. Right now we're lookin for locations in Germany/Austria/Italy/France/Netherlands. If anybody can help us out please get in touch ASAP. If we can'T find enough gigs to cover all the costs (especially the flights) we have to cancel it. So all your help and power is totally importand.

Foxy Roxx are playing with Sebastian Bach on June 9th in San Diego at "The Pink and Black" release party. The Ace Frehley tribute CD has been put on hold due to legal problems with Kiss. Their own long awaited second CD "Mixed Up World" is finished but the band has got no money to press it at the moment. I'm convinced that this CD will be out-of-this-world!

Arizona's most wanted glamband Psycho Gypsy (read an article in this issue of Glitzine) recently played played with Pretty Boy Floyd. They will also play with Foxy Roxx and Spiders and Snakes in Las Vegas on July 18th. This band is growing fast, better beware...

Kristy Kaos and Dee Zazter (formerly The Noize Boyz) are in a new band with former members of Tragedy (a glamband that once featured Tracy Michaels on drums). The band is called The H.O.H. Mobb and is supposed to be a cross between hardcore and rap. The Band is currently selling out shows in Las Vegas.

Late eighties/early nineties sleaze/hr band, Babylon A.D., has reformed. They released two critically acclaimed albums of which the first is a favourite of mine. Babylon A.D. was formed 1987 in San Francisco as The Persuaders. They changed the name to Babylon A.D. as they signed a major deal with Arista (an unusual label for hard rock bands). Their debutalbum was produced by British born producent Simon Hanhart and featured some songs written by Jack Ponti. Their second album failed to establish them as one major sleaze/hr band and they disbanded. Many years later, they're back! Pay Babylon a visit!

Former punkQueen, Wendy.O.Williams, recently committed suicide. Williams was best known for her outrageous performances on stage as well as being a member of The Plasmatics. R.I.P.

Awesome powerpop legends, Cheap Trick, will celebrate their 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album "Live at Budokan" with a recreation of the show at Central Park in New York.

The Hutchinsons are currently auditioning for management, record labels and music publishers. Joe Huthcinson says "Our plan is to secure management and finalize a deal with a major label. In the interim, we will place a few songs in films and possibly with other artist".

L.A.'s Peppermint Creeps have a 3 track demo out. More on that later on. I’ve been waiting on Tracy Michaelz project for years, it’ll be cool to finally hear it.

Beauty School Drop-Outs are on a west coast mini tour with Thee Undesirables. Their CD "Cocktails Tramps" has sold out but will be re-released on Pirate Luv Records. E-mail:

Little Gods, consisting of Danny (ex. Wildhearts and The Yo Yo's) and Tyla (ex. Dogs D'amour), seem to be on a hiatus.

N.Y.C's prime poseurs, Prom Queen Starz, updated Glitzine on their forthcoming tape "We have finished the recording end of our new tape, we are currently mixing it and hope to have it out and available by July 1. We are heading out to do some shows around the NY area and along the east coast, details to follow, we are getting claustrophobia from being in the studio so long!" Stop-press. Prom Queen Starz just broke up :(

The original members of Poison are currently writing songs for a new album to be released in early 1999, says frontman Bret Michaels. The reunited band, which includes guitarist C.C. DeVille, bassist Bobby Dall, and drummer Rikki Rocket, is also hoping to hit the road towards the end of summer.

Though nothing has been confirmed as far as the tour goes, the group is looking to travel with Whitesnake and Dokken for about a month's worth of U.S. dates, according to Michaels. Meanwhile, Michaels is also expected to tour as a solo act sometime in July in support of his forthcoming soundtrack album A Letter from Death Row, due July 28.

As for the upcoming Poison album, Michaels says, "We just got together about two months ago [to write]. The stuff sounds amazing, but I didn't want to be back in Poison, in that situation, without C.C. [DeVille]. To me, that's the band. So it feels kind of weird when you get a Richie Kotzen or a Blues [Saraceno], who are both great players, but it doesn't feel the same."

The original members of the group, who are famous for such hits as "Nothin' But a Good Time," "Talk Dirty to Me," and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," have not performed together since 1991. "It was weird [playing together again]," says the singer. "We spent four days, wrote and rehearsed all day and night, and probably roughly recorded about 15 songs. There were so many ideas that they were poppin'. We were like, 'Boom! Well, I got this. No wait, I got this,' and it just flew. And the magic of me and C.C. writing together again -- it felt good

When asked about whether or not his legal traumas with the Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) (allstar, April 27), would inspire any material on the album, he replied, "They don't need any more notoriety than they've already got," and jokingly added, "That right there is a double album, on that subject alone."
Poison news taken from: Rocktropolis allstar News at

Bret Michaels will, by the way, release his soloalbum on July 25th on Poorboy records (owned by Michaels)

J, vocalist of Vampire Love Dolls, spoke to Glitzine "We plan to go back into the studio soon (July) and record a CD for Fall. We also plan to tour this summer and fall as well. There is a bonus track to the CD available to anyone who sends a blank tape to our PO Box. We did it this way so it will be for the diehard VLD fans only! We may also do a cover of Hanoi Rocks' "Dead by X-mas " for a benefit album."

The Moon with Andrew Elt and Don Van Spall, formerly of Dutch sleazeband Sleeze Beez, recently released their debutalbum.

Willow Wisp has updated their webpage: It contains songs off their CD plus plenty of liveshots on their firebreathing, chestcutting and trash can murder.

Glittergod Coyote Shivers is currently playing the west coast but will rock on Max Kansas City in N.Y on June 6th.

Glitzine hook up with Plymouth punks Vamp. Drew Blood said "Vamp has finished tracking on all songs except two, they will be finished this week. The mixing will begin next week and take 2-3 weeks, then it's off to be mastered and duplicated, so hopefully you will see the album the first week of June. Vamp fans can get a preview of a new song that is on the Garage compilation send $10.00 to cover shipping and handling to P0 BOX 58, Plymouth, PA 18651 USA."

Diggy Star continued "The songs are absolutely amazing. We're throwing around the idea of possibly make it an interactive CD also. Our style has changed, but definitely still Vamp!! here's a little of every thing for everybody on it, there will most likely be 15 songs but we're not done picking yet."

The Songlist of the forthcoming Suicide Kings' CD will be: Supersonic, Medication, Blessed, Way too fast, Deja Vu, Toxic Generation and Bury that clown. They're in pre-production mode and will hopefully work with Greg Fields (ex. Rhino Bucket). Guitarist Chris Solberg is getting married on the 26th of May. Live long and prosper!

PopPunks The Kowalskis will soon released their debut CD on the revived record company, Engine. I just heard four songs from the forthcoming album, "All hopped Up on Goofballs". They rock! Bubbepunk of the finest order. Be sure to get a copy as soon as it's out.

It seems like the Pretty Boy Floyd scandal is about to get solved. Dave on Delinquent Records told Glitzine "The issue regarding PBF and the song ‘Saturday Night’ is being worked out, and everyone involved is working together to make things right. So far, we plan on keeping the song on the sampler, but we are making changes to the credits on the inside jacket, and the original songwriters will get the royalties from sales. I think it was all an accident, but this is a good example of why bands and artists should ALWAYS get their material published, or at least copywrited."

Suicide Alley will soon release their debut CD. The release party will take place at the famous Whiskey A-Go Go. Contact Delinquent Records for advance tickets. Others performing will be Ambush, Cutthroat, French Lace, Little Rebel and Eve.

Detroit's Mister Manic (read the review this issue) has got a new guitarist, Rik Havok. They will play on the 2nd release party for Delinquent records' "The Pink and the Black" album on the 24th of May. They are also working on some songs which should be published on a compilation in Detroit as well as on their own forthcoming CD.

Little Rebel recently had their releaseparty for the new CD "Full Rebel Jacket".

Darren Lee confirmed "Pre-production has been started on the next EXiT21 release "The Machine", expected release date is somewhere in the middle of July. Look out for a revamped music section of the site, with some exclusive demo versions of tracks from "The Machine" closer to the release date.

"The Machine" will be definitely showcased live this time, after copies of it have gone out to the A&R depts. Anyone interested in joining EXiT21 for the showcases Email Here.

Desert Island has been chosen to feature in Firewall Records Global Internet Chart, and possibly on their new compilation CD. To vote for Desert Island and make it top of the charts go to: Firewall Records ( find the 'CHART' link there. Desert Island will appear there from April 14th, if it's not there, then email them to find out why! There's also another label interested and an American distribution company, but nothing's been signed yet, so I can't tell you too much about it. Further information on the compilation album will be here as soon as I get it.

On May 3rd. The new EXiT21 single entered Firewall's Global Internet
Chart at Number 29

Visit his website: EXIT 21:

U.K. glamband Paradise Alley will soon tour Scandinavia.

Former Tuff vocalist Stevie Rachelle, has released his soloalbum "Who the Hell am I?". It will be reviewed in a forthcoming issue of Glitzine.