Archive News - August 1997

U.K. glamrockers RATPACK have disbanded. Darren Lee has a new glamproject called LIPGLOSS featuring ex. RATPACK vocalist Dean Foxx. They will soon release their first tape. More on them later on.

THE WILDHEARTS are back together! They will release a new single, called "Anthem", on July 7th.

THE NEWLYDEADS, featuring Taime Downe (ex. FASTER PUSSYCAT) and Kyle Kyle (ex. BANG TANGO), will soon play their first liveshow. NEWLYDEADS are an industry-oriented band, for those who didn't know.

LOVEMAKER is history. Mainman Kriss Teen has a new gothic/glam band called, KRISSTEEN (reviewed this issue, listen to the them at the reviewsection)

CHERRY ST. will soon have an album out on Nightmare records. E-mail

Watch out for a tributealbum on IGGY POP, featuring D-GENERATION among others.

FOXY ROXX sets for a Aug/Sep release of their "Mixed up world" which is rawer than their last album "Shake the foundation". "Mixed up world" features 11 self-penned songs and 1 Brady Bunch cover. I have the highest expectations on this album, can barely wait!

WARRANT will release a livealbum on CMC/BMG. Jani Lane (Frontman and main songwriter) recently declared on AOC that he'd like to take WARRANT back to their early days of more glam and partystyle of rock.

GUNS 'N ROSES are currently working with technoproducer MOBY. Rumours say that NINE INCH NAILS are involved. Slash (guitar) claims that the reason for his departure was that he wanted to go back to their roots (Appetite for destruction era). Sounds good, doesn't it?

MOTHER MERCY finally releases their longawaited debutalbum "Love at first bite" (read an article on MOTHER MERCY in the archive-section, issue #1). Order it for $ 12.25 from SS records. 322 Magdalena drive, Oceanside, California, USA 92057. Check out their website.

MOTLEY CRUE released their reunion album, "Generation swine", on June 24th. It debuted on #4 on Billboard with 80000 copies. So they're finally back together with the original line-up, I guess money talks... John Corabi (ex. MOTLEY CRUE vocalist) has, by the way, suied his ex. bandmates.

L.A. GUNS has replaced Chris van Dahl with Ralph Saenez (ex. ATOMIC PUNKS). The Guns have declared that they will cut the 90's crap and get back to their 80's roots. God bless 'em!

PRETTY BOY FLOYD is back together! They recently played The ROXY. Kerri Kelli (ex. BIG BANG BABIES and RUBBER) is with the band. They have also released a demo which will be reviewed in a forthcoming issue of Glam & Glitzine. I have been waiting for 8 years for this to come true!

RATT will release their comeback-album, "Collage", on July 22.

It's now official, TAZBERRY BLUE has broken up. They changed their name to SCRATCH VINYL before calling it quits.

QUEENIE BLAST POP, one of the coolest and best glampunks of all time, is resurrected, Lesli, Pepper and two new members.According to certain sorces, they're GLAM. I'm so exited 'bout this. E-mail

ROXX GANG will tour europe this summer.


U.K. glampoppunks THE ROMEOS have recorded a selfproduced promovideo. They have also signed a publishing deal for their "First fuck" tape with Babylon entertainment. Check out their new website