Archive News - August/September 1999

Glitzine has got a Message Board. Raise your fist and yell! Talk dirty, talk cheap and talk trash at GLITZINE*s message board - the ultimate forum
for glitter/trash/glam/punk. Make yourself heard all around the GlitterGlobe. Sleaze, booze and bad news. Anything goes...

Some of the former members of Tylenol 5 have reformed under the name Sweet Daddy. It will be interesting seeing what they sound like - will they
retain their semi-glammy punk rock edge since the loss of bass player Sam Micdaimaid?

Ex-Tylenol 5 bass player Sam Micdairmaid has moved to Brantford Ont. and is looking to form a new band out there. Anyone in the area, look him up.

Plasma Blast will he holding their CD release party on September 16th at
the B-Side club in Toronto.

Forbidden Planet is back as Beautyqueen Killers. More on that later on.

Glitzine is back with an expanded staff. During this fall, Glitzine will publish more material than ever. As the end of the century approaches, Glitzine's staff have put together a list of the 50 best/most important  glam/sleaze albums! The top 25 albums will be reviewed and revealed one by one. The top album will be official on 31st December of 1999! Bowie or Bolan? Poison or Motley Crue? It will be stiff competition. Send your own top-lists to Glitzine will publish your lists.

Keep breathing, help is on the way! GLITZINE MAIL ORDER is the answer to most of today's questions. Much of the material featured in Glitzine is pretty hard to find. Soon you will be able to order the best of it from Glitzine and at the same time support your favourite mag! Bands interested in distribution through Glitzine should mail The Prices will be as cheap as our talking.

You can order Cherry Bang's debutCD "Generation seXXX" at their website

Motley Crue will soon release their first ever livealbum. More on that later on...

Motorcycle Boy has reformed! They were a Dolls inspired trash rock combo from the late 1980s. Sylvain Sylvain produced their classic "Popsicle" album for Triple X Records. Ratboy has not joined the reunited band. He relocated to New York City and is now a solo artist as well as the guitar player for Sour Jazz. (I will find the url for you!)

Hollywood Teasze bassist Chris Lakriz has joined Gutter Queens (soon to be reviewed in Glitzine) as a sideproject.

Coyote Shivers has released "1/2 a Rock and Roll Record.". Two songs from the EP are available for download at The songs are called "Plus One" and "Secretly Jealous." Coyote is a legend in some circles, having worked with Jayne County as well as ex-members of Television and Teenage Head.

Kai and the War Milk Boys have changed their name to King Kai.

Nikki Sixx got arrested on Wednesday 25 of August. Sixx hit a securityguard in the head with his bass. The Guard was waving his flashlight in the fans' faces.

Visit the new Mad Margitt website.

Neil Leyton's solo CD is out - its called "Down Secret Avenue with the Last Lovers". His video for "Fires of the Heart" is also getting some airplay in Canada.

Danish label Bad Afro - has changed their website and URL. The new one is

Check out the new improved Sansei records' website. Sansei Records features artists such as The Mistakes, Sammy Serious, Spiders &Snakes, Rebel Rebel, Cutthroat, Mother Mercy, The Hutchinsons among others.

Here's the tracklist for the forthcoming Aerosmith tribute, due to release on 9/7 : 1. Chip Away The Stone - Vince Neil/Ricky Phillips/Paul Taylor 2. Sweet Emotion - Jack Blades/Tommy Shaw/Mike Inez/Randy Castillo 3. Same Old Song And Dance - Jack Russell/Jeff "Skunk" Baxter/Bob Kulick/Edgar Winter/David Glen Eisley 4. Walk This Way - Fee Waybill/Steve Lekather/Tim Bogert/Tommy Aldridge 5. Rag Doll - Ted Nugent/Bob Kulick/Tony Franklin/Vinnie Colaiuta 6. Toys In The Attic - Stephen Pearcy/Tracii Guns/Phil Soussan/Aynsley Dunbar 7. Dream On - James Dio/Yngwie Malmsteen/Bruce Bouillet/Bob Kulick/Stu Hamm/Gregg Bissonette/Paul Taylor 8. Back In The Saddle - Mark Slaughter/Albert Lee/Bruce Bouillet/Bob Kulick/Rudy Sarzo/Frankie Banali 9. No Surprize - Jani Lane/Chris Holmes/Bob Kulick/Adrian Perry/Stephen Riley 10. Draw The Line - Jeff Keith/Tommy Skeoch/Tony Levin/Eric Singer 11. Last Child - Earl Slick/Nathan East/Stephen Ferrone

Former Prom Queen Starz guitarist - Kiki Blast - recently died in a caraccident (R.I.P.). There will be a concert in his memory at Confetti's NYC.

Glam Rock Mania is sweeping through Los Angeles. Ryan Roxie, guitarist for Alice Cooper and Slash's Snakepit, has started promoting a glam rock night called "Club American Style" that happens weekly at The Gig in Hollywood. His band is called Glamnation and they rock out to covers of Sweet, T-Rex, Gary Glitter and Alice Cooper. Also in Hollywood, "Club Makeup" happens the first Saturday night of every month at El Rey Theater. It's a dance party with lots of camp, drag, and glam rock classics spinning in the deejay booth. Rodney's English Disco is back! Rodney's was a famous club back in the 70s heydey of David Bowie and T-Rex. The recent demand for glam rock has brought back this legendary roost.

L.A. Guns have just announced that, as we at Glitzine expected, they have just re-united the classic line-up. Yes, that's right, all you pretty girls & glitter boys : Philip Lewis on vocals, Tracii Guns on lead guitar, Mick Cripps on rhythm guitar, Kelly Nickels on bass and Steve Reilly on drums. With all due respect to Jizzy Pearl, who was easily the best vocalist since Phil, we have to say : "About Fucking Time!"

Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rockstars are also set to release their debut EP. As for a release date, bass player Ky Anto would only say : "You'll have to talk to EMI about that.

Romeo's Dead has shot a video for "So Far" . You can listen at them at and Riffage

Sugar Shock - the stickiest thing since Juicy Fruit - will enter the studio in September to record five or six of the following hits: "Promqueen Daydream", "Goodnight Kisses", "Baby Doll", "First Date", "CoconutCreme Catastrophe", "Leather, Latex and Low-level Libido" and "If You Only Knew".  Interested bassists (gothenburg area) should mail

The New American Heartbreak CD "Postcards From Hell" is expected to see an early September release on Coldfront Records. You can listen at some of the songs at  The First single is already released and is called "Please Kill Me" and "I Wish You Were (D.E.A.D.)"

Guns n Roses (Axl Rose that is) will probably release their new album soon with a following tour. The Guns will also contribute a song to the soundtrack of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "End of Days".

The New Babylon AD CD will be called "American Blitzkrieg"

  "Second Coming" is a forthcoming CD featuring unsigned American bands, doing glam/sleaze hits from the 1980's. It will be released on Versailles Records

The Frankenstein Dragqueens have signed a distributiondeal with Cargo Records in the UK. Their "Night of the Living Dragqueens" will therefore soon be available in the British record stores. The Queenies also working on a video and a book. They will also release a new single "Gravrobbing USA" in September.

The xModels have a new website 

Thee Trash Brats' official site has a a new look and URL. The Brats' US tour with Jeff Dahl will take off in early September. They will soon release a new 7" - "Must be the cocaine" and "Civilization's Dying" - limited to 1000 copies.

Former New York Dolls' guitarist Sylvain Sylvain, will soon release a new album titled "Sleep Baby Doll".

Sebastian Bach's "Bring 'em Bach alive" will be released on Atlantic Records in Europe on the 27th of September.

  "Detroit Rock City" - the new Kiss movie - hasn't turned out to be that success some had presumed. It is not the first time Kiss can't match the hype.

  According to guitarist Jerry Vayne, will Foxy Roxx's new album - "Mixed up World" FINALLY be released soon.

The Loving Dead will soon release their second album. Glitzine's heard a preview and guarantee that it is much better than their first.

The Jones Gang have changed their name to the Jones. They also got a new bassist - Mike Howard.

Kai & the War Milk Boys have parted ways with management and are now operating under the name King Kai. Their debut CD "The Ballad of Johny Christ" is evidently doing well and apparently there is lable interest.

Tylenol 5 is no longer. Bass Player Sam Micdaimid has left to persue other interests and await the birth of his first child. The remaining members of the band are continuing on, searching for a new name. They've also fired one of their guitarists - the less said, the better.

SMT  will distribute Bubble, Jeff Dahl, Ginger, Highschool Hellcats and Neil Leyton in Sweden.

There will be an exhibition of original photographs by celebrated Glam Rock photographer Mick Rock at Great Modern Pictures, New York, September 16 - November 7, 1999. The Exhibition will include David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and others. Visit Great Modern Music for more info.

The Mystery Addicts have broken up.

Roxx Gang finally are on-line - visit their website

Taime Downe blames the delay of The Newlydead's new album on Bubble/mutiny Records which "have tried to put out a unfinished product ( unmixed and not complete) without our approval we will be dealing with it legally very soon". The Newlydead's have also recruited ex. Throbs/NY Loose bassist Danny Nordahl.

Brett Kelly's new demo - "Burn" - has been delayed. He is currently completing his new movie - "Night Songs".

Voodoo Lovecats have broken up. Guitarist Ricky Ruin and drummer Creep E have a new EP out. More on that in a forthcoming Glitzine.

REUINION MANIA ALERT! REUINION MANIA ALERT! The latest reuinion to hit the news is Platinum Blonde. We'd been wondering why the Orange Alert and Vertigo front had been so quiet of late. Now we know. The big question is this - Will Mark Holmes be able to grow his hair back in time? We're right behind you on this one, Mark...

Atomic LoveToyz (formerly White Sluts) debuted July 24th in St. Catherines and July 31st in Toronto, headlining the Opera House. These two shows have won them the cover of an upcoming issue of Pulse Niagara and are discussing a management deal as well as the possible inclusion of a song on an upcoming film soundtrack. But as vocalist Adolf Chri$t puts it : "Nothings on paper yet". The band also welcomes new guitarist Tasha Teaze.

German Glamdolls Hollywood Teasze will tour Australia from Sep, 20th to Oct, 5th.

Sweden's Noise of Reality has got a new website   and their label Bootleg Booze Records

Poison is coming off of a very successful road trip with returning guitarist C.C. DeVille, but don't expect a new album anytime soon, says drummer Rikki Rockett. The group first announced in 1997 that DeVille had rejoined Poison and that the original foursome intended to record together. But Rockett, responding to a series of posts on a "Metal Edge" magazine bulletin board, wrote that "C.C. and Bret must mend a few minor, but possible major, details on how to work together."

Even things went well on the road, that hasn't necessarily been the case with songwriting, according to Rockett. But he added "C.C. likes being in Poison and this is not an indication that Poison is over by any means". Meanwhile, a live album is scheduled for later this year. Poison has yet to solidify its label status since a falling-out with Capitol Records over the stalled, and eventually cancelled, release of its last album, "Crack A Smile." A recent report in "Metal Edge" indicated that the band is negotiating with both Sony's Portrait label under the auspices of metal guru John Kalodner, and that it may also mend fences with its old label, Capitol.

Toronto based Plasma Blast are set to (finally) release their debut.