Archive News - June 1999

Glitzine will have NO more problem with the server - It's best viewed with Netscape 800 X 600 or 640 X 480. Glitzine will be updated in chunks during the summer.

Sweden's new sweet sensation Sugar Shock has got a new e-mail: Anyone interested in the revival of rebellion, should mail the teenage heart-throbbers.

"BulletProof Poems"  - The (Un)authorized Dogs D'Amour Tribute Album. Limited, numbered edition of 1,000 copies. Comes with a 16 pages booklet. Postpaid prices (airmail) are $ 12 Europe and $ 13 Rest of the world. For more info e-mail Desert Inn Records at The Tracklist will be: 1. Hundred Million Martians - How Do You Fall In Love Again 2. The Jackals - Gold 3. The Subterranean - How Come It Never Rains 4. The Skidmark Heroes - Saviour 5. Trash Mavericks - Comfort Of The Devil 6. Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - Debauchery 7. John Tonic - Last Bandit 8. Burin' Pipe Harmony - Baby Glass 9. Jeff Dahl - Errol Flynn 10. Neil Leighton - Hate Pain 11. The Black Halos - Mr. Barfly 12. Satellite Kids - Mad Bad Jack 13. American Heartbreak - Empty world 14. Black Rose Garden - Billy Two Rivers 15. Trash Brats - Firework Girl 16. Highschool Hellcats - No Gypsy Blood 17. Sofa Kings - Heroine 18. Plan 9 - Wait Until I'm Dead 19. Any James - Bullet Proof Poet 20. Bash Nasty - I Don't Want You To Go 21. Last Chance Saloon - In The Dynamite Jet Saloon / Swinging' The Bottle.

Kyle Vincent recently released his second soloalbum - "Wow & Flutter" (reviewed in Glitzine). The First run sold out but the second already being manufactured.

Gilby Clarke will soon release a livealbum called "Gilby '99 Live".

Poison is currently getting great response on the road and have been offered new major recorddeals. The Band has to decide whether to tour or to enter the studio.

Drew Blood of Vamp told Glitzine "We are currently deciding the future of the band, it seems as though Diggy may have quit and Diggy and Conway are doing alternative cover songs. Donny is currently working on my solo projects with me. I expect to release two albums by summers end".

Mister Manic had their release party for their new CD "Dressed for Excess" May 7th in Atlanta at The Whiskey Rock. The Band also opened for Motorhead at The "Expo of the Extreme" in Chicago @ The Vic Theatre May 21-22. The New Mister Manic e-mail is: Check out their new website.

A Message from All The Pretty Horses "We are looking for several people to help us make CD-Rs of a limited edition full-length CD. We'll supply the blanks. If you would like to help us, please contact Scott, our manager, at For your effort, you'll receive our eternal thanks plus a free copy of the CD-R and an autographed poster."

Spiders & Snakes will be appearing at The Troubadour with Toilet Boys on Saturday, July17.

KiKi Blast recently played with former bandmate in Promqueen Starz - Kari Mandy Lane's new band Fizzy Pop Bubblegum. Glitzine will soon feature reviews of both Kiki Blast and Fizzy Pop Bubblegum as well as an interview.

Lesli of Queeny Blast Pop has got a new band.

LA's Cherry Bang has got a new website

Backyard Babies' "Total 13" recently became gold in Sweden. Congrats! Guitarist Dregen and Nicke from Hellacopters appeared as special guests at The Nomads show at this years Hultsfredsfestival. Backyard Babies have also recorded three new songs with producer Tomas Skogsberg (Total 13).

The Peepshows recently released the 7 track miniCD "Right About Now" on Sidekicks records.

The Original line-up of Bullet Boys recently reunited and for a show. The Band will release a greatest hits compilation and then start the recording of a new album.

Glitzine has got a new domain and a URL. The new address is: The Front Cover has a got a new look and the headlines will not change as often. The Geocities server is history and will NOT be updated anymore. Things have been very hectic at the staff lately but it's all over now. Glitzine will feature lots of cool reviews and interviews in the near future; Rebel Rebel, Guttersluts, Jesse Camp, Sharpkid, Spiders & Snakes, Trash Brats, Mad Margitt, Frankenstein Drag queens fron Planet 13, Silver City Bandits, Kyle Vincent and lots of more!! Stay tuned to the RnR radio. Tell all your friends and look out for the NEW Glitzine banner.

Buzz buzz buzz. Bubblegum has got a brand new taste. Glitzine's editor and founder Andreas Persson has, under the incarnation of Sodapop Star, formed a glitterpunk/bubblepop project destined for superstar status. The Band is called Sugar Shock and also features well-known rockstars Christy Flame on guitars and Cherry Roze on drums. The Band are currently causing teardrops in every teenage girl's twinkling eyes. Sugar Shock is all about bubblegum, sugarplums, milkshakes, heartaches, backseat blues, arcade abuse, bananasplits, top 40 hits, candycane's, lovers lane, barbed wire, schreechin tires, downtown, merry-go round's, neon lights, summer nights, a beautiful outside and rollercoaster rides.

Sugar Shock is currently without a bassist. Anyone interested should mail: To be a part of the poseur-parade you'd better; have an attitude with a capital A, a fetish for flamboyance and flair, know how to mix a shock rock cocktail, blow bubbles that never burst... bla bla. By the way, you must also know how to play bass and it would be good if you are located somewhere in the Örebro-Göteborg area. Anyone interested should mail:

For those of you that do not live in the US of A, Jesse Camp - an MTV VJ - finally released his much-hyped debut album. The guy, who is only 19 yr old, is a HUGE glam/sleaze fan and sports a great look a la Glamour Punks. He has been claiming that Glam will hit the airwaves again soon and I am starting to believe him. His album is a fun, punk-ridden slice of sleaze metal and features every possible guest star. Stay tuned for a Glitzine review.

Buckcherry is enjoying great airplay on both KROQ & KLOS in LA, something extremely uncommon for a sleaze band. The guys just sold out two mid-week shows at the Viper Room and the Whiskey in LA.

Glitzine recommends a new Aussie punk/glam zine - Recognition. Issue #2 is out now and features Glampire, The Kowalskis, Hollywood Teasze and lots of others. Contact Recognition

Denimzine is a Swedish glam/punk zine featuring Plan 9, Hymans, Hellacopters, tons of reviews and lots of others shit. Visit their website ). No Rule - another Swedish zine - also has a new issue out. Visit No Rule website

Tuuli and Libertine are both featured on the up and coming Motley Crue tribute due to release this fall.

NY's Young & Fabulous! recently were voted pick of the day at

There is a new GlamShokking scene in NYC. Starr, Glampire, US Bandit, Toilet Boys, VHKB, Brickbrats, Detox Darlings & Co. are turning the Rotten Apple into a Glam/Goth hotbed.

Kari Mandy Lane's soloproject Freakshow Barbie has turned into a band called Fizzy Pop Bubblegum. They will soon have a CD out. They will soon have a website up.

Warrant & Revl'on Red "re-opened" the glorious Gazzarri's on the Strip nightclub on June 2nd.

Duff McKagan has a new ROCK band named Loaded, featuring ex Black Flag and RHH members.

Lillian Axe just released their 6th album "Fields of Yesterday" on Z-Records. The album contains 15 tracks that were recorded between "Love & War" and "Poetic Justice" and is rumored to be the ultimate Lillian fan's wet dream.

Poison - currently on the road - Poison is being inducted into Dich Clark's Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, June 7.

There's been talk that Kiss will add songs from the post-originals era to the set list on the next lef of the Psycho Circus tour. Does anyone really care? Yeah, obviously but I don't.