Archive News - June - December 2000

GLITZINE's back! Read editorial for more info. Sit back and enjoy the latest news. LA glamrockers FOXY ROXX will sell their second CD   "MIxed up World", recorded two-three years ago, as CD-R. Contact the band for more info etc. Leigh (SPIDERS & SNAKES) has passed away (R.I.P). He was a part of S&S for seven years and performed on "Oddities: The Glitter Years", “AstroPop” and “London Daze”.  Click here to watch S&S tribute to Leigh. Swedish glamrockers PLAN 9 has put out two songs from their forthcoming "Generation Action" CD on Click here for more info. Rumor has it that former PBF guitarist and founder - Aeriel Stiles - have a new band with a glamapproach The New BACKYARD BABIES CD  will be out around Christmas. A possible christmasgift to all glamsters? Karole Denning, who played bass on GUTTERSLUTS debutCD "Beg, Borrow & Steal", has a new band called ATTIC TOYS. They have released a demo. Ten years after the release of QUIREBOYS'   "Live Album (Recorded Around The World)", a new and supposedly better album has hit the stores - "Lost in Space".  Recorded during their Bitter, Sweet and Twisted tour. Slyder (formerly LAST GREAT DREAMERS) has a new band called TOY EYE. Visit their website. SUGAR SHOCK will soon release their new promoCD "Highschool Sweethearts". Click here to listen to it. They are also recording SWEET's "Teenage Rampage" for a forthcoming SWEETtribute. Finnish Sleazerockers SILVER CITY BANDITS have a new vocalist - J-cop - who also is the bassist of the band. You can hear his vocals on two recently recorded songs featured on the Finnish Freakshow compilation part two. RATT has recruited former SCREAM/MOTLEY CRUE and current UNION vocalist John Corabi for their US tour.  WARRANT has recruited former BIG BANG BABIES/PRETTY BOY FLOYD/RATT etc guitarist Kerri Kelli and drummer Mike Fasano.  BRITNY FOX has signed to Spitfire Records (same label as LA GUNS). SKID ROW will record their new album, first without vocalist Sebastian Bach, in September. John Solinger has some shoes to fill. Drummer Phil Varone (Formerly SAIGON KICK)is new as well. Meanwhile, Sebastian Bach is appearing in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde at Broadway NY. JOEY C JONES (SWEET SAVAGE, SHOCK TU, THE GLORY HOUNDS) has a new band called ORANGE HELICOPTER. LA GUNS will soon start the recording of their new album. They have left the RATT/WARRANT tour. Opener BAR7 is featuring ex. TESLA member Jeff Keith and Tommy Sceoch. POISON, whose "Power to the people" album is reviewed in GLITZINE, will not tour South America. They recently had to cancel gigs due to Brets Diabetes. PERRIS records is giving away a guitar signed by members from WARRANT/DANGEROUS TOYS among others. Click here for more info. Stephen Pearcy has re-released the VICIOUS DELETE CD with some bonustrack (some pre-RATT songs). COYOTE SHIVERS will play in the U.K in October BANG GANG's second album, recorded in the early nineties, will finally be released on Fastlane Records. The Album is very good though different and more 90's than their debut. Anyway, anything with Jet Silver rocks. ENUFF ZNUFF has released an new album - "Ten" on European melodic label Z-Records.  MERCYFUCK is a new band made up by former SLINGSHOT KITTY members. The band is influenced by IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES and LUNACHICKS.  SHAMELESS, featuring Steve Summers (PRETTY BOY FLOYD) on vocals, will tour Germany/Holland this fall. AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, whose "Postcards from Hell" is reviewed in GLITZINE; are from now on posting a livevideo from their most recent show on their website. They have also recorded covers of DEAD BOYS, ROLLING STONES and ANGEL CITY.  Fellow SFrockers ROMEO'S DEAD has a new guitarist and a new drummer called Mike Minority and Greg McEntee respectively. The band has also signed to Mans Ruin Records. The New stuff is a bit different from "It's all your fault", more moody and mature. The ROMEO's has also covered JOAN JETT's "Nag". Johhny Crypt has a new band called PLAZMAHOLIX. HOLLYWOOD TEASZE's FrankEEE has got an own website.