Archive News - May 1999

Dogs D'amour will soon reunite with the original line-up except for Steve James who probably will be replaced by Share Pedersen (Vixen, Contraband, Bubble).

Cherry Bang   are currently finishing their debutCD "GENERATION seXXX". Interested mail Cherry Bang

Rebel Rebel has a new CD out.

Lesli (formerly Queeny Blast Pop) has a new, yet untitled, old school glamband signed for Apollo Records.

Arizona's Psycho Gypsy will open for Posion/Ratt/Great White/LA Guns on June 15th

Thee Trash Brats nine song demotape has been released on CD along with two demotrack - "My Suicide dedication" and "Nothin for Christmas".

Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars apparently made a pretty good showing in NYC. Continuing the "glam exchange" motif, they're bringing NYC's Glampire up to Toronto. Both bands have been raving about each other since april.

KAI and the War Milk Boys have evidently split with manager David Matheson over a charge of "breach of contract". Details are unclear as of yet Mr. Matheson's comment being a simple :"It's up to the courts now". Memebers of the band were not available for comment.

Anyone wishing to get updated L.A. Guns' news can sign up for their new mailing list at <> and adding your e-mail.

TOTALLY UNCONFIRMED RUMOR ALERT! Don't quote us on this but Sebastian Bach has implied (I repeat IMPLIED) that me might consider selling the EP he recorded with Andy McCoy (which was axed by Atlantic Records) on his site <>. Harrassment on this issue can be performed at <>

Dangerous Toys have released a new album entitled "The Artists Formerly Known As Dangerous Toys".

Hair of the Dog has completed their second CD "Rise".

Guttersluts will soon release their new CD "Screaming for Deaf Ears". You can download the first single from their website. The Sluts will also record GnR's "Welcome to the Jungle" for a compilation.

Keri Kelli (ex. Big Bang Babies, Rubber and Pretty Boy Floyd) has joined Ratt for the upcoming tour.

Listen to a liveconcert with danish sleazerockers Push on Konsertnet

Tommy Lee has departed from Motley Crue.

Plan 9's new MCD "Dead Inside" can be ordered from their website

Check out the new Vain website