Archive News - May 2000

Tommy Lee was released from Jail today (31st of May) after four days behind bars for violoating his probihition by drinking.

Ex Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi has been recorded vocals for a cover of Alice Cooper's "Elected" to be featured on Rikki Rockett's forthcoming, rather pointless "Glitter For your soul" album.

Kenny Price (formerly lead vocalist in Blackboard Junge) and Eddie Robinson (formerly guitarist and vocalist in Resurrection Mary and Alleycat Scratch) have a new band called Jet68.

Sugar Shock's new promoCD "Highschool Sweethearts" is available at their website - Dowoad it for free.

Shane of the great Electric Angels, has got a new band called Blue Movie.

Glamrock project Shameless will soon release a second album. The Album will, as the first did, feature plenty of well known glamstars.

Stephen Pearcy, who left Ratt during their tour, has a new band called Nitronic.

80's rockers King Kobra are considering a reunion. That will not include former lead vocalist Mark Free who now is Marcy Free (he changed sex awhile ago). Former Baton Rouge vocaist Kelly Keeling will take his/her place. 

Motley Crue's upcoming "New Tatoo" album will sound like old Crue, the Generation Swine era are long forgotten. Bandwagoners!

Does anyone remember Tesla? The members can now be found in two bands Soulmotor and bar 7. Both will release album sin June/July

Sweden's Backyard Babies has got a brand new website.

Brent Muscat och Eric Stacy (formerly Faster Pussycat) has joined Bubble which already features ex. members from Dogs D'amour and Vixen.