Archive News - May 1997

It's now official, LOVEMAKER has disbanded. Their full-lenght debut will  never be released. A shame.

L.A. GUNS will tour with W.A.S.P. and MOTORHEAD.

More on that fantastic PRETTY BOY FLOYD reunion. They will play the Roxy July 12 opening for SUICIDE ALLEY (formely DARLING DEAD). Unfortunately it won't be all four original members, just Steve (vocals), Kristy (guitar) and Kari (drums). Anyway, this is so exciting! GUTTERSLUTS, AMBUSH and FOXY ROXX will also play the same night so be there!!! It'll probably be a night worth remembering.

THE DROPOUTZ (formely BEAUTYSCHOOL DROPOUTS) will soon release their 14 song debutcd.

CINDERELLA released their greates hits compilation "Looking back", at the 14th of May .

HONEYCRACK, featuring CJ and Stidi (ex. WILDHEARTS) has broken up due to legal problems.

CHERRY St. Will have a new album out on Nightmare records soon. More on that later on.

NY Punks TURBO A.C's has released their cd "Damnation overdrive". Reviewed this issue. They will tour europe this summer.

Rachel Bolan (SKID ROW) and Chris Mclernon's (SAIGON KICK) PRUNELLA SCALES release their "Dressing up the idiot" May 14th.

Considering SKID ROW, plenty of rumours surrounds the band right now. Some say Sebastian Bach is out, others claim that the band actually has broken up. What's is certainly true however is that the bandmembers are busy with other projects right now. Scott Hill is with CROME DADDY, Rob Affuso with SOUL SYSTEM, Snake is working in his own studio, Sebastian has his LAST HARD MEN and Rachel Bolan recently released an album with his new effort PRUNELLA SCALES.

PROM QUEEN STARZ is a new existing glamband from NYC.

Former CANDY vocalist Kyle Vincent, has released a soloalbum which is excellent. Filled with catchy popsongs.

Bret Michael's (POISON) soloalbum has been postponed 'til September 23.

SLAUGHTER has a new album titled "Revolution" on CMC

RATT is back, original members Robbin Crosby and Juan Croucier is not involved. RATT will release their "Collage" album on Top fuel records, the album contains new songs, outtakes and livesongs.

The new MOTLEY CRUE album will feature an industrial version of "Shout at the devil". John Corabi is currently working with Bruce Kulick, both suckerpunched by their greedy previous bands which reformed with the original line-up's just to make money. Pathetic!

Sources claim that PEARL JAM (I don't want to mention them in this magazine but...) drummer Dave Abbruzzese is now in GUNS n ROSES.

ROXX GANG will tour europe this summer.

SCRAGGELY JANE is a new interesting band which sounds like DIRTY LOOKS and TESLA. The have a cd out, "The Effects of Mary Jane"

On a sad note, it seems like Atlantas finest bubblegum/glampunk band TAZBERRY BLUE has broken up. It's not confirmed yet but their hotline and e-mail is down.

Blackie Lawless is resurrecting his brainchild W.A.S.P. He has reunited with original guitarist Chris Holmes. Blackie is also involved in MARILYN MANSON's recording of the W.A.S.P. classic "Animal (fuck like a beast)"

Kenny Price (ex. BLACKBOARD JUNGLE - Oh what a great band that was!) is startin a new band with some ex. members of BANG TANGO.