Archive News - April 1997

FOXY ROXX is in the studio recording their second album, "Mixed up world".

The new MOTLEY CRUE album "Generation swine" has been delayed 'til June 24th.

WARRANT will support SAGA this spring.

THE HORMONES are a new powerpop/punk band from UK, featuring Pat (ex. SOHO ROSES, WILDHEARTS)

  HOLLYWOOD TEASZE, the german glamsensation, will tour with CAPTAIN SENSATION in May and LOVE SIKK JUNKIEZ in June. The TEASZE boyz will also headline a glamfestival in Italy in July, more on that event later on. Make sure you'll be there!

Gilby Clark's new album, supposed to be influenced by 70's glitter/glam rock, is called "Hangover". Ryan Roxie (Electric angels, Dad's porno mag) is making a guestappearance!!

Tyla (ex. DOGS D'AMOUR) has a new album out on Revolver records. Many sources claim that it sounds just like his previous efforts.

This is an old one but well worth mentioning. Davy Vain (former lead vocalist of excellent glam/sleaze/hr/punk sensation VAIN) has a new band called DRAGONFLY.

Sebastian Bach on the current chemistry in SKID ROW "We don't hang out, I can tell you that. I can't lie, I think it sucks. It's not that we hate each other but we don't know each other. It's a bummer". Rumours are stating that SKID ROW will start the recording of their new album this summer.

CJ's (ex. WILDHEARTS) new band HONEYCRACK will soon have a cd ep available. It will show different sides to the band. He also has a sideproject with Stidi (WILDHEARTS drummer) called THE JELLYS.

GUNS N ROSES new album will be produced by technoproducer Moby. Is this a sign of a new direction of the band? Probably. GUNS N ROSES are surrounded by rumours right now, some say that ex. NINE INCH NAILS members have joined the band.

  DARLING DIED SUICIDE (formely DARLING DEAD) has once again changed their name, this time to SUICIDE ALLEY. The music has a sleazier approach.

ROMEOS are a new glampunk sensation outta UK.

Does anyone remember UK sleazeband FLAME TATTOO? Well, they're back as ELECTRIK. More on them later on.

All ENUFF ZNUFF fans should contact Znuffgirl ENUFF ZNUFF is, in case you didn't know, a great powerpopband with plenty of material out.

  I wrote last issue that GUTTERSLUTS had disbanded. Well, that was a modified truth - the original GUTTERSLUTS broke up. Lead vocalist Jonnie Mckayne is keeping the SLUTS alive with three new members. So GUTTERSLUTS is still alive.

PRETTY BOY FLOYD will reunite for a show at the Roxy this summer. All four original members! PRETTY BOY FLOYD was, as far as I'm concerned, the best glamband ever. Maybe this is the first step for a complete comeback? It would be to good to be true.

Eddie and Robbie (ex. ALLEYCAT SCRATCH) have a new band called CRUE, playin' MOTLEY CRUE covers.

SUICIDE KINGS has recently released their new cd. More on them next issue.

On a sad note, it seems like Atlantas finest bubblegum/glampunk band TAZBERRY BLUE has broken up. It's not confirmed yet but their hotline and e-mail is down.

Blackie Lawless is resurrecting his brainchild W.A.S.P. He has reunited with original guitarist Chris Holmes. Blackie is also involved in MARILYN MANSON's recording of the W.A.S.P. classic "Animal (fuck like a beast)"

Kenny Price (ex. BLACKBOARD JUNGLE - Oh what a great band that was!) is startin a new band with some ex. members of BANG TANGO.

LOVEMAKER is in the studio recording their cd "Splitting haires" on Poptown records. Rumours say that they're on a hiatus though, hope they work it out.